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cakeMind if this is set on the 15th?
i have come curiously close to the end.
cakeIt was snowing outside. Again. Lighter this time, the snow took longer to reach the ground, and, lost in her head, Talitha had spent some time watching it. Sometimes she found it impossible to leave behind her thoughts, and they chained her down and forced her focus to work against her. The thoughts clouded her blood-red eyes, until they filled her consciousness with things to leave behind. Yet when the silence got too much, she would always find a way to break it. Standing abruptly, the girl left the window, guitar strap slung over her shoulder. Her walk was casual, her eyes curious but not wary; she seemed to be alone. Alone was good. Alone was something she was used to, and the familiarity made her comfortable.
cakeSubconsciously, she knew what she was looking for, and found it fairly quickly. First impressions aside, Talitha wasn't lazy; her languid movements and laid-back speech might have given evidence to the contrary, but she wasn't afraid of hard work. Earlier in the day, predicting her own future, the girl had (with some difficulty) chopped some wood and brought it inside. She was sure there was some already there, but this fact was an irrelevant thing. She could take care of herself. It was this wood she found, next to the old fireplace. Temporarily abandoning her instrument on the sofa, she set to work.
cakeSome time later, before a slowly growing fire, the girl sat with the guitar in her lap. Her wavy hair, reddish in the firelight, hid her face from the world, and idly she fingered the various chords the books had taught her. It was peaceful, but she knew with the certainty of a survivor that it wouldn't last forever.

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     The guitar chords had drawn him in from the study. Ezekiel had been spending more time pouring over books on medicine, studying the things he did not understand. He had fallen asleep there earlier in the day, and been woken by the sound of music. Curious, the golden-gray male made his way down the hallway and towards a slowly warming space. It was his sister’s scent that betrayed her presence, and he entered the room without any pause or need for introductions.
     Grinning and pushing a handful of dreadlocks out of his face, the boy paused near his sister and watched her with growing interest. “I didn’t know you could play the guitar, Tal.”

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i have come curiously close to the end.

cakeHis words didn't startle her. Tal could smell him from a mile away; his scent was something that was burned into her subconscious, and always would be. She knew it well enough, even if she didn't know him as well as she would've liked. She was feeling calm, as she looked up at him, a smile on her face. It was gentle and quiet, different than it would have been had he been anyone else in the world. She joked and laughed and hid, when she tried to be social. That wasn't necessary, here. Every so often, it was nice to not be afraid.
cake"You didn't know? I'm a rock star, Zekie. I'm the greatest." She almost laughed at herself as the words came out. She knew a few chords, and she could play a few of the tunes that rolled around like loose pebbles in her head. Nothing serious. She didn't read music, probably never would -- focusing on things wasn't exactly her forte. Lazily, she plucked at a string as she looked up at her brother, hair in her eyes, firelight on her face. "Are you busy? Come sit with me."

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    All siblings shared that common strain, that indistinct yet overwhelming sense of who they were in regards to one another. Perhaps the night that horrible thing had happened to her he had tossed in his slept and had nightmares. Perhaps she had once dreamed of the things he had been doing (though these were not half so horrible). Ezekiel was not quite the same as the rest of his family; though he hated, and he hated with enough fury that on some nights he sat awake and could do nothing.
     A crooked grin and a wink, a-typical of his stance, responded to her words first. He moved, came to her side, and settled. The dreadlocks, long and hanging low, obscured his face for only a moment before they were shoved aside. “Play me something,” he requested, boyish smile and boyish eyes focused on her and her alone.

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cakeThough the hybrid girl would have been loath to admit it, she was needy. She hadn't been, once upon a time, but fairy tales died every day and hers had been murdered in the most brutal way possible. She hid and claimed she didn't want to see anyone, but when someone did come along, she begged for attention in any way possible. Somewhere inside, Tal knew this of herself, and knew where it could lead in the future, but the future was a thing the rebel girl rarely thought about. Zeke sat down with her, and his words and his eyes gave her what she needed: she was happy for the moment, and would be until he left her.
cakeThis happiness reflected in her own eyes as she looked at him, smiling back easily, almost showing her teeth. She was earnest, she was passionate, she was scared, and she was, most of all, easy to read. He could probably see right through her -- but then, most probably could. "'Kay," she replied, glancing down at her guitar for a moment. "But I don't sing. Or read music," the girl added abruptly. She didn't read music because it was too much work and she didn't sing around others because she found it embarrassing. It was illogical, but unavoidable. She adjusted her fingers higher on the fretboard and strummed a few notes before abruptly turning the sound into something sensical; it was playful tune she was currently working on, something easy and light and clear. It wasn't until she was partway through before she actually screwed up. Pausing, she leaned in closer and peered at the strings, as if it were the guitar's fault. "I always mess that part up," she muttered, almost to herself.

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     Ezekiel knew the world outside of this room was terrible. He knew there were monsters and devils. He also knew there were angels, and that God had a plan. All things that happened were His Will. Finding Siobhan had been destined to happen. He believed that as thoroughly as he believed that his father was infallible. A day-dreaming, bemused smile remained on his face as he listened to her play. The faults she commented on he caught, but found them less remarkable then she.
     “I like it,” he said earnestly, pulling his feet up to sit Indian-style. The boy leaned back and propped his cheek against his palm, and offered his sister a sly smile. “I’ll sing if you want. I’m not embarrassed about anything.” He grinned, waiting to get a rise out of her.

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cakeThe girl opened her mouth to reply, but his words came out first and hers morphed into something else: "Embarrassed?" She replied shortly, raising her brows at him in an incredulous manner. Tal? Embarrassed? If word got out that he'd said that about her, it might ruin her reputation! She just didn't think she had a very good singing voice, that was all. Whether reality actually reflected her insecurities was another thing altogether, but either way, she couldn't be accused of such things. She wouldn't. Stuff like that was for the peasants. Her face changed suddenly, that brief flicker of disbelief went away.
cake"I never said I was embarrassed. I just don't like to sing, that's all. Anyway, there aren't any lyrics." She didn't write either. Waste of time. She hoped he wouldn't take her up on her statement and try to get her to sing something: she might have to fight him or something to make him shut up.

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I can totally see Zeke playing the drums. I think this needs to happen. They can have a super awesome band.
     Her reaction was perfect, and what he had been aiming for. Reclining and stretching his arms above his head, he extended his toes as far as they could go and then shrunk back into his body. “Yeah, sure. Well I can’t sing either, so it’s okay.” Winking and sticking his tongue out at her, he began to tap his right foot idly against the floor. “You got any another instruments hanging around here? We could get a get-up here, you and me.” Not that Ezekiel had ever played anything, but still.

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That would be pretty epic. They'd still need a singer, though XD


Couldn't sing either? Talitha mirthfully stuck her tongue out at her brother as he finished speaking. He'd said it just to piss her off; it was too bad she was so easy. Moving the guitar aside, she placed it gently on the ground next to her, looking back at him as he continued. "Just a piano, but that's boring, you don't wanna do that. You should play bass or the drums or something." The last part she spoke with a grin, as what he had said sunk in: a get-up, like a group or something? Now there was an idea. "But I know a few places in Halifax where I get my strings, there's a bunch of stuff there, we could find somethin' for you." It was just a question of when he wanted to go, and whether he'd actually bother to learn.

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     Despite the fact they had spent so much time apart, the two worked in conjunction quite well. They were nearly identical in personalities—each carrying that same shadow, though Ezekiel’s was perhaps (for the time being) more malevolent. Still, he had not yet let that darkness show. He tempered himself through the devil-grass and his discipline. “Well let’s make a day of it then. We’ll roll back some drums and grab a bass. And you know, find some more members.”

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"Sweet." If they were to manage that, she really could be a rock star like she claimed she was already. Of course, she also claimed to be a superhero. Her enthusiasm showed in her voice; lately, she had given up hiding and showed herself to the world with more ease. This wasn't necessarily a good sign, it was simply her natural course of development from a girl-child to a woman. "Know anyone who plays anything? 'Cause I don't." Friends were virtually nonexistent. It was something the girl had brought on herself, and for that reason she refused to regret it. It wasn't a big deal anyway, she had her Zekie, and despite the distance forced between the two as they'd aged from children, in her mind that was still good enough.

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Have I mentioned how awesome that table is? I don't think I have. I love your sets, for serious.
     Isolation was something that was not uncommon for the wayward children of Inferni, as it stood. Both Ezekiel and Talitha had been forced into isolation, and that explained perhaps why they had turned out the way they were. The only friends Ezekiel had were the children he had brought in from the cold, and his family. “No,” he said, scratching absent-mindedly at his ear. “We’ll find someone. Until then we’ll just have fun.” It would keep them busy, which they both needed. Otherwise the absence of structure would drive them mad.

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Thanks, but I didn't actually make this particular one, Giggle did XD


Tal nodded slightly when he replied, and lapsed into a moment of silence, gazing quietly at the crackling fire. She made a distinct effort not to succumb to self-pity, but as with anyone, she was far from perfect. Hell, she was probably less perfect than most. There were days when she could almost forget, but others when she could still feel it on her, the taint, the filth. But she was lucky, she reminded herself, and the prospect of finding some friends to play with gave her something to look forward to. She had missed this, having someone, if she'd ever even had it in the first place.

The hybrid girl's tail flicked behind her as she turned to her brother, and in a single sudden movement she wrapped her arms around his waist and stuck her nose in his dreads, hugging him. "I missed you, Zekie," she told him truthfully. Their family was almost complete again, which was more than she'd ever dared to ask for.

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     All too suddenly the girl had her arms around him and he was enveloped in her scent. It was familiar and reminded him of the things that had once been; their family, their mother, the nights when the four of them slept in the same room and nothing was wrong with the world. Both of his arms went around her body and he leaned his head against hers. “I missed you too, Tal.”

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