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It was probably more than a little foolish to set out on his own, especially since he was still favoring one paw. It wasn't a horribly serious injury or anything, but it slowed him down. He knew that Faolin had already offered to accompany him if he wanted to visit and maybe even Gabriel would have consented to tagging along if he had asked, but the greyish pup did not feel like having an adult watching over him this time, even if he always felt more secure with one around. Besides, Rachias had made the journey on her own, hadn't she? So there was no reason he couldn't do the same.

Arkham didn't think he liked the snow much. The beach had been free of the substance for the most part, but the further away he got from Inferni, the more of it there was until he could see no more of the rocky shore and all there was was an infinite stretch of white. How was he supposed to find anything like this? He had decided to avoid the city this time -- he doubted that all of the strange ledges and buildings and uneven surfaces would have been good. The snow covered too much and he wouldn't be able to see what he was standing on; if he fell again, he would be in big trouble. So he had gone around it, deciding he would take his chances with the low mountain ranges and hoping to eventually find the river because he'd been told Clouded Tears had a lake in the middle and that had to flow from a river, right?

He sneezed and decided rather suddenly that it was time for a break. He was tired and a little hungry and was starting to feel less than great about his prospects out there. Sitting down, he waved his left foreleg around a little just to see how it was doing. It still ached a little where it had probably been bruised underneath the fur, but it wasn't as bad as it had been the day before. There were some scattered trees in the distance and he thought he could finally hear rushing water, but however close he was to the river, he didn't feel like getting up again just yet.

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indent It was the first time that Melisande had ventured out of Clouded Tears since she had returned, and she had to force herself to do it. As a pup, she'd wandered everywhere, whether it was obviously dangerous, far away, what have you. She liked adventure, seeing the world, and always returning to the lake. But now, it was as though if she left again, the world might slip away from her. Her home might disappear, with her father, her family, and everyone she knew. She had taken a deep breath, and stepped away from the lands. It felt good once she was finally out, because it wasn't leaving, it was just... wandering about for a bit. She wandered all day, actually, all the way down the river's side, for a long time. It was as though the river was her guide.
indent She had wandered for a while before seeing another soul, and when she did, she realized that she had ventured even farther than she had thought. It was a coyote, which of course didn't guarantee that she was near inferni, but she figured it was more than probable that she was close to their packlands. Melisande had, despite the rumors she'd heard, never run into one of those infamous evil coyotes, and this one was just a pup, anyhow. He held out a paw, and wiggled it somewhat comically. The paw and the whole animal looked tired. "Hey there!" Melisande called, when she saw him. She stood near the river, its rushing waters at her side. "You look like you've traveled a bit. Come have a drink!"

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He tensed immediately the sound of her voice. Of course he knew it was always a possibility that he ran into someone on his travels and usually he welcomed the company more than anything else, but the further he found himself away from home, the more anxious he became at a completely stranger coming up to him. He knew that he would eventually be able to take care of himself in the event that a situation turn sour, but he didn't know exactly when that would be and until then... well, he didn't like not having an adult within calling distance. Whether or not that had him a wimp didn't really concern him -- he was more interested in staying alive than in keeping his pride. Regardless of that though, he had decided to come out alone, injured no less, and now there was a pallid femme on the horizon, calling towards him.

She seemed friendly enough, but he had been warned about wolves so many times by now that even though he knew he had met kind ones in the past, he couldn't help but be a little paranoid. Besides, he really didn't want Gabriel to lose another brother to them. But when the wind shifted slightly, he caught the smell of his destination pack on her and relaxed just a little. Hullo, he greeted politely, getting slowly to his feet again. It took only a few limping steps towards her before he could see the river but he didn't take his eyes off of her. You're from Clouded Tears, he observed out loud, That's where I'm goin'.

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indent Melisande nodded. He was a smart pup, most of them just outright asked things, instead of figuring it out for themselves. She found herself smiling despite herself. She smiled a lot, generally, but lately she had been feeling lost, down, trapped, and a large mix of other emotions that she didn't like. She gave a wag of her tail, glad to have a youthful, innocent creature at hand to talk to. He was probably in no condition to play, but she didn't need games... just that light, happy feeling that you got from talking to someone who has not yet experienced the harshest truths of the world. It seemed in order to intruduce herself, she thought as she nodded.
indent "Indeed I am - Melisande Sadira at your service." She made sure to give a silly little bow, lightening the mood even more, and making herself appear as friendly as possible. The feelings between the coyotes and wolves would always be tense, and she wondered if he had been told the same things about wolves that she had been told as a pup about coyotes. She responded further when he elaborated. Ah, may I accompany you then? I was about to head back myself." Melisande came a little closer, curiously. "What lures you to Clouded Tears?"

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Arkham could not help but smile a little when she made her bow; it reminded him somewhat of his sister -- that uninhibited cheerful enthusiasum that he had been missing around the beach since she'd left. Once upon a time, he thought that it was a little annoying, but as soon as he compared it to his other littermate, it immediately became more appreciated. And besides, he had had lots of time now to miss it. Arkham Lykoi, he introduced in response. Taking a few more steps forward, he looked down towards the river. He could see the other side, so it wasn't nearly as infinite as the ocean seemed (sometimes, he still didn't believe that it eventually ended), but the current looked strong and the water looked cold and he realized rather suddenly that Clouded Tears was on the other side.

M'gonna visit m'sister, he told Melisande, not seeing a reason for lying. She seemed nice enough and besides, he didn't see how that information could end up hurting him in the end. Besides, she really did smell like his father's pack. 'N maybe my dad, but sometimes he's suppose t'be dangerous. The grey pup would not quickly forget Gabriel's warning and how serious he looked at the time; if he came across a grinning hybrid, he would run. How do you cross the river? His voice came off a little anxious, but he remembered all of his lessons clearly and almost drowning in the ocean had taught him a lesson.

POSTED: Thu Dec 13, 2007 3:33 am

indentMelisande nodded as he spoke, beginning to walk towards home with the pup at her side. She held back laughter as he spoke of his father, who was supposed to be dangerous. She hadn't met all the members of Clouded Tears, but she was pretty sure that none of them were 'dangerous'. Then he asked, a little skittishly, about crossing the river. She smiled, a comforting smile that had assured many a troubled soul that 'everything will be alright'.
indent "Ah, I'll take you to the calm place, and we can swim across. Its easy as pie." Never having had pie before, or made it, she wasn't sure exactly how easy that was. But hopefully the pup got the idea. They were quiet for a moment, and then Melisande inquired further, hoping she wasn't being too nosy. "So... who are your father and sister?" She wondered if she would even know them.

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A calm place. There were calm places in the water? By the ocean, there were shallow tide pools that were only filled for part of the day, but then they were still bodies -- the river was always flowing, was there really a place where it slowed enough and was tame enough for them to cross safely? Or at least, for him to cross safely? She was much older, but Arkham was not particularly confident in his swimming abilities, especially with a bruised leg. Besides, her choice of words contained an expression he wasn't familiar with, even when he was working hard to learn to read and absorb every new word people threw at him. What's pie?

The coyote pup followed her though, eyeing the river beside them now and again with a wary expression. M'dad s'the leader of t'pack, he said simply, His name is Laruku. Pause. My sister's name is Rachias. Do you know them? At the very least, he figured she had to know his father -- perhaps she could elaborate more on him then?

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indent Of course, he wouldn't know what pie was. She knew the expression better than the food itself, she thought now, which, of course, came from being able to read and having done so. She shrugged. "Human food. Its usually fruit, and they put it in crusty stuff, and bake it until it is hot and melty." She wasn't sure he would understand what baking was, either, but she figured he'd get the idea. She wondered if they ever made pies out of meat, but decided not to bring it up.
indent Laruku... had kids? She had to stop her jaw from falling open, and simply cocked her head at the little fellow. Of course, he didn't look too different from the coyote-like male. At first she was surprised that he hadn't told her, but then, she had probably created a very awkward situation last time they'd met. She had randomly proclaimed her love for him, the male she used to think of as a brother. No more and no less. Truthfully, she had no idea what that proclamation had truly meant. Platonic love? Wishful? Childish? Sibling love? She wasn't sure which sort it was, and didn't think she would be sure for a long time.
indentMelisande thought about what he'd said. His father was supposed to be dangerous. She shook her head at this thought, and laughed a little. She knew, in her heart, that he'd done horrible things. It wasn't hard to see when you looked in his eyes. But he wasn't dangerous. Dangerous, crazy people... they weren't hurt even more than their victims, and he was. "I know Laruku well. I used to think he was my brother... he taught me how to hunt. He's certainly not too dangerous, so don't worry about that." Rachais... she'd have to make sure to meet the sister too. "I don't know your sister though."

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Naturally, Arkham could not know that virtually no one within Clouded Tears knew about the existance of his litter and that the information carried a lot of potential political damage to his father, considering the pack's previous relations with Inferni and current events involving Storm. Politics of any sort continued to escape the child's realm of understanding anyway; the fact was that his father was the leader and as far as he knew, leaders were not subjected to any sort of external pressure because everything they said and did was law -- they were the lords of their lands and no one would challenge them. At least, that was the position he had come to understand his mother and now his brother held; he couldn't imagine that either of them had ever been put through any sort of political strife and that there were other things they had to worry about aside from border invasion and trespassing.

Gabriel says he can be dangerous, he said, cocking his head slightly at the femme, But only when he grins a lot. Otherwise, he's just sad but I d'no why. The river continued to flow at about the same pace beside them and again he wondered if it could really ever slow down. Does that make you my aunt? he wondered, looking at the woman again. She did say "used to think," but he wasn't sure what that really meant. How did you used to think someone was your brother? Was he not really?

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indent Melisande thought about what he said for a moment. Only when he smiles a lot? What was that supposed to mean, and who was Gabriel? She began to wonder if Laruku had some sort of personality disorder or something. She'd never known him to hurt a fly, and had figured that someone must have done something to provoke him, and make him do whatever horrible things he had done. Now she wasn't so sure she wanted to learn more about his history, although that just made her even more curious. However, this was just a pup, and she didn't want to bother the little fellow about it too much. She dropped the subject.
indent She smiled at the thought of being considered an aunt. Looking down at him, she simply shrugged. "If you want me to be." The river wound on for a while, going slower and slower beside the pair of walking wolves, and getting fairly shallow in some places. Finally they got to a place where the water went so slowly, that there were actually a few water plants growing near the sides of the river. She stopped, going over to the edge. It would still be possible for the pup to be swept away, but a lot less likely. She gave him a nod. "Now, this is a safe place to cross. You must go first, so I can keep an eye on you if I need to, but don't worry. I bet you'll make it without needing me at all."

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From his brother and his mate's testimonies, the grey pup thought he had a fairly basic understanding of his father's "issues," but he knew he would never know the complete story until he finally met the man for himself. It puzzled him somewhat that while neither Gabriel nor Faolin thought he would hurt his own children, they still considered him "dangerous" (well, Gabriel moreso than Faolin). What confused him the most was that... if Laruku cared at all, wouldn't be come around more often? If he was willing to accept Rachias into his pack, then why not come around and visit the rest of his children more often? Arkham figured he was probably a busy guy, especially now that he knew his father was a leader also, but he had had time to drop by when they were younger, right? He had been there to help provide food and to take his mother out on some evenings, but even then, he had never stopped to spend any time with his children? Did he really care at all?

Melisande seemed like a nice person though and the longer they walked, the more at ease he became. Maybe it was because she knew he was her brother's child now, but he didn't mind. I have a big family, the coyote child said, smiling a little, One more won't matter. He wagged his tail a little bit, vaguely wondering if Andre realized just how many wolves he was probably related to (oh, if only he could imagine that the Sadira line probably extended further than the Lykois). Not that it mattered considering he hated them all anyway.

The river had indeed slowed and for a moment, he simply stared at it stupidly. It was still the same width as before, but the current seemed lazy and subdued, like it was about to fall asleep. It was shallower too and he could see the riverbed covered with rocks and drifting plants. All the same, Arkham was wary of the line that divided land and water and approached it slowly. He also didn't like having the femme behind him even if he liked her okay -- he had just met her; anything could happen. Or something. He didn't know yet where the line was between caution and paranoia. Why doesn't someone build a bridge? he wondered out loud, finally wetting his feet a little and taking two steps into rumbling river.

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indentMelisande could certainly understand having a big family. After a while, it seemed like there were fewer people who weren't related to you than were. She watched him timidly dip his toes into the water, seeming quite unsure of himself, and followed, staying close behind. Of course, she didn't doubt that he would be alright swimming, but he did have a slightly lame paw, and being nervous wouldn't help the situation at all.
indent She laughed as he made the bridge comment. As a pup, she had loved water. But then again, she grew up by the lake, calm and welcoming. He lived by the deep, wild ocean. If you got swept away there, you never came back. She could certainly understand his caution. "I don't know. Maybe you should build one sometime." Actually, it didn't sound like a bad idea, when she thought about it.

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Arkham was aware that the kind were split oddly between living like their ancestors and living like the humans; after all, his mother had resided in a dug out den while his brother and his mate lived in the house claimed from Syemv, but a sleeping place was all a matter of personal preference, right? A bridge was simply practical and there was no "old school" equivilant, unless swimming actually counted. Maybe I will, he muttered and then made at face at the river, as if acting condescending towards it would make crossing it any easier. But then again, his sister had to have crossed this river to get to their father and if she could do it, then certainly he could as well, right? Taking a deep breath, he charged into the freezing waters.

The current tugged at him, but only gently; his feet just barely scraped the riverbed every few kicks, but it was close enough that he was confident he couldn't be pulled under. Why was it so shallow here? Why did the river grow weak? It made absolutely no sense to him, but he supposed he wasn't about to complain. There were rocks scattered here and there and he pushed off against them to give himself more momentum. The river wasn't any less wide than it had been before, but all of a sudden, he was on the other side. The coyote pup laughed, The river isn't as strong as the ocean! Turning around, he grinned at the white femme still on the other side.

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Gosh. Sorry this took forever. >.< indent Swimming in after him, she was more than glad to see the pup's excitement as he realized that the river wasn't going to swallow him whole as soon as he touched the water. She emerged next to him on the other side, and quickly shook the water from her coat. It was certainly chilly this time of year, and she watched, making sure the pup thought to imitate her. She didn't want him getting sick or anything because of their adventure.
indent "See, and you are good at swimming." Melisande led the way towards her home, excited to get to show someone so young and impressionable the beauitful lands she'd grown up in. "When we get there, you'll have to see the lake. Its very calm, sometimes its so still it looks like glass, and this time of the year it will be frozen." She wondered if he'd seen any large bodies of frozen water yet. Probably he had, but you never knew.

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He still didn't really consider himself a "swimmer" of any sort and wasn't sure he even wanted to be counted as one. He wasn't swimming so much as thrashing across the amazingly shallow water and weak current. To him, swimming would be conquering the angry ocean waves and being able to tame them somehow -- it was a child's fantasy, being able to control the waters and bend them to his will, but he liked the idea very much. How awesome would it be to be able to make the ocean do whatever he wanted? Or even just the river? To slow it down and speed it up at his will! Arkham wasn't silly enough to think it was possible to that extreme, but it was neat to think about anyway.

Frozen? the pup wondered, taking a few steps onward in the snow, Water can freeze? It was an entirely new concept for him. After all, the ocean would never freeze and it seemed unlikely that the river ever would ever. And as those were the only two forms of water he'd encountered, it'd simply never occured to him that water could freeze. Maybe snow was kind of related to water, but it wasn't really solid, was it? And the icicles hanging from the roof of the house... well... he hadn't really known what they were. Can you walk on it?

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