I will remember you,

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Was she making the right decision? Perhaps leaving Katanka behind wasn’t the right thing to do. For reasons unknown to the tawny wolfess, her mother had preferred not to come back. Alexey couldn’t quite understand the reasoning behind her dam’s decision, but she knew better than to question it. She, herself, wasn’t quite sure why she was returning to Dahlia de Mai. She wasn’t doing it for Adelaida at least not consciously. Lexey couldn’t help but worry about her, even if they weren’t on speaking terms. The last time they had seen each other; her two-toned sibling had been in pretty bad shape. Katanka had asked about her too, multiple times. Questions that Alexey had provided evasive answers to, claiming that she simply did not know where her sister was.

So, here she was, standing on the porch of what used to be Kol’s house. Alexey couldn’t smell her former best friend nearby. Not a trace. How many more had left the pack in her absence? A pang of guilt echoed in the back of her mind. Suddenly, she felt selfish. Memories were flooding back to her now; familiar faces flashed before her. Firefly. DaVinci. Cercelee. Where were they all now? She did not howl, nor did she make any effort to let her presence be known. She didn’t need to. This was still her home!

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Firefly was still aching all over from the battle with the bear, but the golden bronze woman wasn't going to just lie down and let the rest of the world turn without her. She'd been making a slow limping pace across the packlands when the scent of a ghost seemed to tickle at her nose. She growled softly to herself as she couldn't help but scowl as she turned off the beaten trail and moved towards the owner of the old scent. She'd paused near the old den and stared at the figure before her quietly.

The woman had once tried to save her life alongside her own brother and yet when she'd finally found herway back to the pack and to her own mind the lady had disappeared. Firefly stood there breathing heavily as she waited to see if the other would take notice of her standing there. At one time the woman before her had been higher ranked than her, now Firefly was at the top of the chain right along side the two leaders and this was a newcomer in the mists of their lands.

Her voice spoke up softly as she wondered just what you did with a packmate that returned, having promised to return.. yet still left you all alone. "You left me.." For once there was pain and hurt in the voice of the fierce lass as she tried to keep control of the situation, the bulging belly wasn't helping her there much, emotions were killer for this bitch.

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Blargh I was writing my reply when Shannon posted! I will have Cer lurking in the background to rescue Alexey from Firefly’s out of control emotions if need be! Sneaky spy Cer!

The four legged female made tracks in the snow as she wandered the paved streets, looking at neither the road or the sky but keeping her eyes focused on all the buildings she passed. The school, the postal office, some building that wasn’t even recognizable any longer, they all stood in a row, cold and empty and useless now aside to entertain and house the members of Dahlia de Mai. Another purpose that they severed was to temporarily distract Cer from the persistent memory of her argument with Slay. How it had gotten so out of hand and why, the Rosea could explain it to herself, but she couldn’t help analyzing it again and again. The suburban houses did little to keep the memory submerged, but two familiar figures standing at the door step of one of them made the memory dissipate.

Cercelee did not have to question why she found the tawny Koios female at the door step of the abandoned house. She knew who had owned the house during her stay in Dahlia de Mai and she knew too who the female standing at the door was too, and why this would be one of the first houses the tawny creature came to. There also was no question as to why the female was already within the pack lands and not waiting outside the borders like others who sought acceptance. There would be no drilling of questions, exchanging of names and skills and all that gibberish. Cercelee had been expecting Alexey’s return. Firefly it seemed had not. Despite being a few houses down, Cer could hear the wolves and she ducked back behind the porch of one of the houses, peeping out only when she felt they were too engaged in each other to notice their Rosea.

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Alexey waited patiently for Firefly to speak before acknowledging her young friend. There was no doubt about it; a lot of things had changed. The multi-hued youngster was now higher ranked and obviously bearing puppies. Were they Haku’s? The question was on the tip of her tongue, but she held back. Now wasn’t the time for small talk. From the sound of her voice, Firefly was upset. Why? Lexey couldn’t help but frown as a rather blunt accusation escaped the Acer’s throat. You left me.

This was a reaction she’d normally expect from someone like Adelaida, not the woman standing before her. Firefly was a rebel, she was tough. She wasn’t supposed to get upset over something so trivial. “I did.” Alexey didn’t deny what she’d done. There was no point trying to sweet talk her way out of this. “I’m back now, aren’t I? I came home, just like I promised.” So, what was the problem? “But I can leave again if you don’t want me around anymore.” It was the honest truth.

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Firefly's ears flickered back against her head as she stared at her one time friend quietly. Alexey had been the first and only soul outside her brother who had tried to rescue her. Firefly herself had been foolish and had rejected their help, not wanting to see another in her place or even as company. Her eyes slowly traced across the other woman as she shifted her shoulders and sighed. "Yeah, but it's been a long winter.." she said softly. She didn't want to think about what all had happened in the weeks that the golden lady had been gone, she'd had no one there to talk to or even really joke around with... but then again she didn't owe anyone anything but Alexey.

Her fluffy tail curled over her paws as she stared down at the ground for a moment as Alexey spoke of leaving again. Quickly her eyes flashed, angery and hurt at the same time as she spat out. "You wouldn't dare!?" She didn't think that the golden lady would but her voice and manner seemed to disagree with the statement that Firefly had thrown so fiercely out there. She studied those golden eyes, wanting an answer but not wanting to honestly know if the woman would leave again.

"You won't.." The slight hurt in her voice still lingered as she whined. "I'll tell Adelaida.." she was a cruel woman.. but she would, she'd tell the both of them if Alexey turned around and walked away right now. "..and Sankor. I'll tell them both." She said firmly.

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Cercelee stayed crouched beside the porch, out of sight but not out of ear shot. This was probably not the welcome home Alexey had expected, Firefly rarely gave anyone what they expected, but Firefly too had probably not been expecting to see Alexey today. One did not wake up and think “today is the day so and so will come back into my life” and Cercelee understood that when one did come back into another’s life it often provided a shock. It was once the shock was over that either positive or negative emotions would take hold and direct the course of events. In Firefly’s case it was pain.

Firefly’s retort to Alexey’s words was almost a pathetic child’s plea, clearly upset that the lady had left and even more upset with the prospect of her leaving once again. Cercelee almost rose to her feet, she could defuse the situation by her mere presence, taking control of the conversation if need be, but instead she stay still as a statue. Perhaps neither of the females would be pleased with their Rosea listening in like some sort of voyeur, and now Cercelee felt as dirty as one. She’d have to blow her cover soon or not at all, but she waited to hear Alexey’s voice again.

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Short, sorry. Work sucks. ;(

“You wouldn’t dare!” Alexey now recognized her former friend. A smile crept upon her lips, reflecting both amusement and mischief. However, the statement that followed was enough to shatter the golden femme’s composure within a split second. Her frown returned, accompanied by a deep growl, a clear warning directed towards the youngster. It was possible that Firefly had met Adelaida during her lengthy absence, but bringing up Sankor’s name was low. He was gone, and Lexey had grown accustomed to the idea that she’d never see him again.

“How exactly are you going to tell Sankor? No one knows where he is. He could be dead, for all I know,” Alexey’s tone of voice was rather nonchalant but her eyes betrayed her. They were filled with hurt and confusion. How the hell did she know about Sankor?

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Firefly watched as the tawny woman's mood seemed to chance so suddenly with the words that she spoke. She realized with the look in Alexey's eyes that she must really care about her siblings for the look to be showing in the other's eyes. She flicked her ears back as she smiled bitterly at her packmate. "I have one up on you then Alexey.." she said softly as she stretched out on before the steps of the house where Kol had lived once. She let out a jaw cracking yawn as she shook her head and made small tsking sounds at Alexey.

Normally the woman wouldn't taunt Alexey, but she was falling so well into her games and now it seemed that Alexey wasn't paying any attention to the things that Firefly was saying. "You know.. He looks real good for a dead man walking then." she said with a sly little grin on her maw. "He's even sortof cute.. a little too sweet for my tastes.. but cute." She wondered if the lady would even start to wisen up to the words that Firefly was saying.

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Alexey can catch her before she had a chance to let them know she was hiding over there :)

Cercelee bristled at Firefly’s taunts at Alexey. This was no way to treat a pack member who had returned! Cercelee was aware Firefly (and Haku and probably Svara) did many things in her absence that she would not fully approve of and got away with it, simply because Cercelee never learned of such actions. Firefly did not know Cercelee was listening in, and she would be getting a lecture on border greeting etiquette, even if Alexey was not technically a newcomer and they were not patrolling the borders. Perhaps Firefly had been justified in the beginning, she was allowed an outlet to her emotions, but not the girl was just toying with her friend.

And what would Alexey think? Cercelee raised to her feet, shaking out the snow that had collected on her coat. This had gone on too long, it was time to make her presence know, she was ready to step out.

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Alexey stiffened as the younger woman continued her little game. Provoking her wasn’t a hard thing to do; especially when one of her two siblings was directly involved. It was difficult to believe that their conversation had gotten out of hand so quickly. Despite the circumstances, part of her still trusted Davinci’s sister. They were friends. What reasons would she have to lie about such things? Lexey kept quiet for quite some time, staring down at her two front paws instead of looking directly into Firefly’s eyes. She still didn’t know what to believe, and it was easier to avoid the Acer’s gaze while she figured it all out..

Alexey was about to speak when her pack mate described Sankor’s personality as “a little too sweet”, but unexpected movement a few yards away suddenly caught her attention. Honey-colored eyes adverted from their current target, promptly scanning the area to the right. Cercelee. How long had she been there? “Is this true?” she called out to the Rosea, her voice cracking with uncontained anguish. The surge of emotions coursing through her body was too much to handle. Alexey was now turning to her leader for help; requesting confirmation of some sort.

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When Alexey turned her gaze down to her paws Firefly wondered just what had happened to her high spirited friend. She never would have backed down like this in the past. Firefly flicked her tail back and forth as she grumbled softly. "Alexey, seriously.." she said. She really didn't know what was going on with the woman but she didn't like this depressed downcast nature her friend had seemed to settle into. Shaking her head she yawned, but her jaws snapped shut quickly when Alexey's eyes trailed off and she spoke to someone who seemed to be shadowing the Acer.

Pinning her ears against her head quickly Firefly felt her heckles rise, thinking that it was Haku who was trailing her again, but when her eyes cast to the side she caught the ivory pelt of their leader. A soft snort let a puff of frosty breath out into the frigid world as she grumbled under her breath again. "I could have brought you to them you knoww.." Turning about she met the gaze of their leader, knowing that she'd probably be in trouble for the light bantering of her friend. Maybe Cercelee didn't hold grudges but Firefly held them when she was hurt. Alexey hadn't even said she was leaving, and she'd left the younger girl alone in a pack that was slowly deminishing and she was losing everyone she had known outside her lover and their leader.

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Alexey had spotted her and spoken first, alerting Firefly to the Rosea’s presence. The girl didn’t seem to have much to say now, only managing to mutter under her breath. Navy eyes met the golden ones of the Alexey, Cercelee would never lie to the women about such matters. "Yes, it’s true." What more was there to say than that? Her siblings had materialized almost as soon as she had disappeared, searching the Dahlia de Mai borders in search of their sister before finally resigning to joining the pack. "Both Sankor and Adelaida have joined our ranks, they’ve been looking for you around here for a while and decided to just wait with us until you came back."

Now she was back and Cercelee had no idea what Sankor or Adelaida would do, or what Alexey would think. Cercelee did not know the dynamics between the Koios siblings, but they must have a strong bond if Sankor and Adelaida were willing to alter their lifestyle just in the hope of being reunited with their sister. Navy eyes fluttered to Firefly, then back to Alexey, offering the customary sentences that Firefly had forgotten to utter. "Welcome home Alexey, I trust your trip went well? I’m sure your brother and sister will be eager to hear of it."

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Honey-colored eyes travelled back to the young woman as she mumbled a few things under her breath. Alexey couldn’t help but feel a little silly for doubting the Acer in the first place. It was no secret that the multi-hued wolfess was a trouble maker, but she most definitely wasn’t a liar. Cercelee eventually spoke up, confirming everything that Firefly had been saying. Lexey’s breath caught in her throat as the Rosea provided further information concerning her two siblings; Adelaida and Sankor had joined Dahlia de Mai? She had no problem believing that her brother would do such a thing, but what had gotten into Adelaida?

“Adelaida joined too?” She already knew the answer to that question, but it all seemed so unreal. The tawny femme didn’t know how she would react upon seeing her two siblings. A part of her was happy, of course, but another part held a slight grudge against the both of them. Adelaida had pushed her away without thinking twice about it, and Sankor had been away for far too long.

She forced a smile upon her lips, as if trying to push all negative thoughts aside. Easier said than done. “My trip went well. It felt good to see my mother again.” At least I visit her once in a while, unlike some people. Alexey couldn’t help but feel a little bitter every time her parents were brought up. She had seen her father leave this world, unlike her two siblings who had avoided it. And now, it seemed she was the only one taking care of their remaining parent.

Taking a deep breath, the Koios femme turned her attention back to the two ladies standing before her. “I can see a lot of things have changed during my absence.” she said, eyeing the pregnant girl. “Obviously, Firefly needs to go on a diet.” Her demeanor emanated playfulness. Alexey wasn’t the type to apologize for her behavior towards the Acer. Instead, she chose to move on and treat Firefly like the good friend she was; hoping that the woman would forgive her.

“Did I miss anything else?”

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Firefly shifted her gaze between the two figures as she waited for them to come about and end their polite little chitchat, just the type of normal conversation she would have been expected to have with the returning packmate, except it all seemed rather pointless and redondent to the Acer. It was apparant that Alexey's trip had been fine, she hadn't been mauled by any creature and she looked to be well enough. Whatever she'd been about herself doing wasn't of any concern to Firefly and since Alexey hadn't informed the bronze and gold women of her leaving before she'd left then Firefly wouldn't ask too much about it. If Alexey wouldn't care enough neither would Firefly.

The dull chatter seemed to go on and on in her eyes so the bronzen lady let out a jaw cracking yawn, her teeth glittering dully before she snapped her maw shut and smirked. "Ade I think may have been handed to the wolves in a manner of speaking. She was none too pleased to meet a fellow packmate, kindof sad really, it wasn't like I was going to maul her or anything for saying hello." though the thought had crossed her mind when her swollen abdomen had been brought into light. The emerald eyes of the Sadira woman glittered with mischief as she flicked her tail back and forth lightly like a feline relaxed in it's own skin.

Blah, blahm blah went the chatter again as Firefly pressed her ears back slightly and rolled her eyes at the pointless words of family and how her time had been spent. Such dull conversation, the women could atleast talk about something a little more lively and entertaining atleast. She let out a soft sigh as she watched the snow drift back and forth from the brush of her tail across the soft powdery crystals. So dull, so boring.. so Cercelee.

When the conversation had turned back to her Firefly's eyes had lit up like little neon flames as she bared her fangs lightly at the other woman in disgust. "Nothing's changed that can't be expected to happen over time.." she growled, shifting her weight from one paw to the other as she narrowed her eyes to mere slits and gave fair warning. "Soon enough you wouldn't have to worry about if I need to go on a diet or not.." and of course she'd be the center of attention to all the pathedic little males again, if she wanted it or not. Firefly shook her head at the two woman and just dared them to continue on the topic.

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Cercelee merely nodded in confirmation to Alexey’s rhetorical question. Although she knew the reasoning the pair had given for joining, to wait for Alexey, Cercelee didn’t completely understand it. Did they intend to stay now that Alexey had come back? Did they actually want to make Dahlia de Mai their home? The Rosea had yet to speak with either of them, all she knew was the gossip and idle talk that she picked up from the other members. Yet Cercelee assumed it was really none of her concern, if they stayed good, if not that was fine too. She would let the Koios decide among themselves what to do now that their third had come home.

Their talk continued, pleasantries mostly. Cercelee couldn’t hold back a snort as Alexey’s remarked on Firefly’s figure. She knew how much the pregnancy bothered the girl, but she had gotten herself into that situation. "Mmm, yes, carrots and cabbage only for this her. But you know Firefly, doesn’t know when to say no." Not saying no was what granted her the life she carried in her womb. Cercelee looked at golden lady, ignoring her warning look. With such a sharp tongue herself, Firefly would have to learn to accept the cutting remarks, not just give them.

"Firefly is right though, not much has changed. You have a few new faces to meet but otherwise Dahlia stayed the same for you." There had been no further incidents with Inferni, no other pregnancies than Firefly’s, life was pretty quiet and Cercelee couldn’t complain about that. "Welcome home Alexey."

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