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317. Adelaida & Sankor

Finding her target hadn’t been too hard. Alexey had a sturdy sense of smell when it came to tracking down family. This was a child’s game. She could already make out her sister’s silhouette amidst the downfall of snow and iced rain, and from what her nose could decipher, Sankor wasn’t too far off either. Of course he was close by; Adelaida probably had him tied down like the ball and chain she was. Nothing ever changed. Her sister always played the victim while Sankor’s job was to be the hero. Alexey could only imagine the things Ade had told their brother during her lengthy absence. Probably something along the lines of:” It was all Alexey’s fault, she abandoned me! It was horrible,” followed by some more incoherent whining.

Shaking her head, the Bluet kept moving forward. They had a lot of things to talk about, and she wanted answers to her questions right now. It wasn’t like Alexey to hold a grudge against her sister for so long, but she had spent the last two months or so brooding over their argument with no one to talk to. Katanka wasn’t exactly the right person to go to for advice; she had always been wise enough to keep out of her children’s arguments, favoring none over the other. Lexey hadn’t even bothered speaking about her sister at all, unless asked about her well being. Hurt and anger were bottled up inside of her, and those feelings needed to come out one way or another.

Alexey finally came to a halt a few feet away from the masked female. “What are you doing here, chicken shit?” she spat, her tone of voice sharp and deadly. She hadn’t initially intended to sound so mean, it just happened. Everything was coming out wrong. Alexey was ripping into her sister when all she wanted to do was say “I love you.”

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Adelaida had sheltering under one of the wooden strictures that had been built to keep people out of the sun in the vineyard. Now it’s only use was to provide a little relief from the freezing rain and give Adelaida a chance to be alone with her thoughts. Although Sankor was never too far off, she hadn’t really spoke with the male since arriving in Dahlia de Mai and the result of this was that she felt more alone than ever. Joining a pack hadn’t been her idea and it seemed Sankor was too busy pursuing pack members to remember about his sister. Alexey still hadn’t returned, to Ade’s knowledge, and the thought that maybe she wasn’t going to return kept sneaking back into her mind, nagging at the masked female. Yet the self pitying thoughts were abruptly shattered by a stern voice and Adelaida’s eyes widened at the sight of her sister. At first, so overcome by shock and joy at the figure which stood before her the word of the other went over Adelaida’s head. "Alexey!" And then the words filtered into her consciousness and Adelaida furrowed her brow. Was Alexey still upset from their last fight? Adelaida was the one to hold grudges, not Alexey. It seemed they both had their roles backwards. "Alexey... what do you mean?" Adelaida had thought that the golden women would be glad to see her, to know that Ade was making such a sacrifice to be close to her. And yet... chicken shit? Sighing heavily, her voice was soft and helpless, hoping to cool Alexey’s anger as quickly as possible. "Sankor is here too... we’ve been waiting for you." Perhaps the joy at having their brother back would snap Alexey back to her old self again, perhaps Alexey just didn’t understand what was going on here.

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Adelaida’s reaction was a little surprising. The Bluet simply stared at her sibling in disbelief, wondering just how she could pretend their last argument never happened. Alexey remembered everything, every little detail: from the spiteful words they had exchanged to Ade’s fervent disapproval of Lexey’s decision to join Dahlia de Mai. It just didn’t make any sense. Why was Adelaida a member of Dahlia de Mai when she truly believed that luperci were the spawn of the Devil? Filthy shifters, Monsters, Freaks; words that Adelaida had used when describing shape-shifters.

Unfortunately for the masked female, Lexey hadn’t forgotten. "What would you have cared if I did get killed? Apparently your friends are more important than family. More important than me." A barely audible growl escaped her throat as she recalled the accusation, the most hurtful of them all. In a way, Alexey was glad that her sister finally came to realize that luperci weren’t anything like she pictured them to be. What made her angry was the fact that Adelaida had deliberately made her life hell a few months back without thinking twice about it.

Most importantly, Adelaida would have to accept the fact that Alexey was now one of them too. It seemed her short romance with Aiden Oriel had done some permanent damage. He had left her a little parting gift, the kind of gift that would stay with her forever. Now wasn’t the time to drop the bomb on her sibling though, as they were already walking on egg shells.

The tawny girl remained impassive while her sister explained that she and Sankor had been waiting for her return. Lexey missed her brother more than anything, but she was much too proud to show it. “Well I’m back, Ade. What now?” she asked, softening up a bit.

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Alexey was back indeed. The question she posed seemed silly to Adelaida but unfortunately the timid wolf had no answer. Relieved that Alexey wasn’t being out right hostile, she was also confused that the female wasn’t very warm either. Adelaida had been waiting months for this moment, after Sankor had shaken some sense into her, and finally she had been ready for a reconciliation. Why wasn’t Alexey? Adeladia hadn’t been the one to join a pack, to leave, to initiate the hurt as far as she was concerned. Yet she did not press that onto Alexey, in fear that her sister’s angry tones would return. She much preferred the flat, bland words to the accusatory ones. Swallowing loudly Adelaida tried to organize her thoughts, wishing Sankor was here to take the lead. He could sooth both his sister’s spirits, that was his gift. The male was around, but he must not have scented or heard his sister yet and Adelaida was too shy to call out to him now, to put him in between the two of them. Would Alexey resent that? She didn’t seem to keen on seeing the masked female, so what would she think of their burly brother? "Doon’t... Don’t you want to see S-Sankor?"

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Sankor had been quietly making his way through the vineyard, the mixture of rain and snow that seemed to take turns taunting the male wasn't enough to get his cheery disposition down but it did leave his paws wet and his fur damp as he began to look for cover from the storm. He could hear voices in the vacinity but had yet to take up the course of locating the souls. He had grasped the scent of Alexey on the breeze earlier and was determined to find the golden lady, he wanted to surprise her, though he doubted she'd be that surprised. When the voices seemed to rise a second he decided to put off finding the sibling and go check it out. Maybe it was his Dreamspinner or his woad marked ebony beauty up to no good and needed rescuing by a charming dashing soul. Right, in his dreams.

What he did happen upon was indeed a surprise as the heated voice seemed to belong to the scent he'd been following in the first place. The Mahogany and ebony male cleared his throat as he came into view of the two female Koios. His eyes moving from one to the other as he shook the rain from his pelt and calmly joined them under the cover of the small shelter. His voice was smooth as he commented to the last of the Koios, her tawny pelt and golden eyes so familiar, yet it had been too long. "I thought I heard your docile tones Alexey." he purred, his dashing smile greeting the woman as he stood next to both of them, wondering just what he had missed, though by the look on Ade's face he probably didn't want to know.

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Alexey’s body stiffened as her brother’s name came out of Adelaida’s mouth. She didn’t know what to say. Of course she wanted to see Sankor! She missed him greatly, but that did not change the fact that she was angry with him too. He had left his family when they had needed him the most. Were they supposed to just take him back with arms wide open? Apparently, that’s what the masked femme had done. Alexey was about to speak when a masculine voice cut her off. She didn’t even have to think twice about whom such a voice belonged to. His intonation and teasing manners were the same. Unfortunately, she didn’t feel like playing around right now.

She turned her attention toward the Koios male and confirmed his assumption. “Yes you did.” she said, taking a step back from the duo. She knew what would come next; Sankor was going to get involved and make her feel guilty for being mean to Adelaida. But she wasn’t going to let him do that. Not today. “I didn’t start anything this time, Sankor! It’s all her fault. She hates packs. She hates luperci. She probably hates me too!” she accused, honey-hued eyes flashing with misplaced anger.

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As the male arrived in the midst of their argument Adelaida couldn’t help but stare at him resentfully. It had been his idea to come and wait for Alexey here, assuring her that everything would be fine as soon as they three reunited. Adelaida had believed him, defended her sister’s honor against Firefly’s pessimistic words. Now she was not so sure. Eyes turned back to Alexey at the accusation and Adelaida let a low growl escape her lips, her nose wrinkling in disgust at her sister’s words. "Hate you? I came here for you. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?" Did Alexey realize what a sacrifice it had been for the female to put aside her feelings about shifters and play nice with the other members of the pack? Did her sister see how much they cared, what they went through? And then the words played themselves through Ade’s head again and she growled louder again. Ade did not hate packs, but she did hate luperci. Why did that matter at the moment? "You’re... You’re one of them, Lexey?" Her eyes widened and unconsciously she moved backwards, closer to Sankor.

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Sankor just sat back and sighed softly. It seemed that somethings never changed and yet some did. He couldn't help but chuckle when Alexey went off the wall at Adelaida. She probably deserved it for once but he wasn't going to just let them scream and yell at eachother without trying to sooth the anger that seemed to rage between the two Koios girls. He just shook his head and cleared his throat as Ade responded, sensing that this was turning into something more than he'd thought he'd have to deal with.

His eyes were curious as he glanced at Alexey, they seemed to ask the same question that Adelaida had voiced though the words he spoke were not the same. "Now Alexey.. Why would Ade join Dahlia de Mai if she hated everything so much. Even if what you say is true.. she's trying atleast." He knew how she was about the strange changes around her but Sankor had been impressed with how much Ade had been trying to adapt to the changes around her.. even if it was a face it was a good one.. but he thought she was honestly trying, wasn't that enough for Alexey?

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Alexey folded her ears back against her skull as her sister finally caught on. Sankor, it seemed, did not realize what was going on between the two sisters. Adelaida knew her secret. The tawny girl instinctively bared her fangs as her sibling took a few steps back. “So what if I am? What’s wrong, Ade? Don’t you love me anymore?” she spat, attempting to overpower the pain she was feeling. She felt betrayed, insulted. Saffron-colored eyes momentarily travelled to her brother’s face, urging him to say something before things got out of hand. Was he going to let her be a victim of such blatant racism?

“I don’t see her trying anymore, Sankor.” she mumbled, her eyes narrowing into slits. Her attention turned back to Adelaida, awaiting the insult that was bound to come her way. “How does it feel to know your sister is one of them?” she stammered on, her tone of voice filled with defiance. She was shaking uncontrollably now, bracing herself for the inevitable.

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"Alexey..?" Her words were a whisper, her heart launched into her throat. Adelaida imagined that she felt the same as if Alexey had told her she was dying. Yet the initial sorrow quickly faded, replaced by a much more dangerous emotion. Adelaida had been working hard to adapt to the Luperci, if Alexey insisted living among them. However, she had never dreamed her sister would become one of them. "What the fuck Alexey?” Her words were sharp, loud, a snarl grew in her throat, fur raising along her spine. Sankor and his peaceable words had been forgotten, he could not diffuse this bomb, he could not keep the words that were to spill out of Ade’s maw safely inside. "You did it on purpose! You did it to hurt me!” Her fangs uncovered themselves, her breaths became louder, more focused. "You knew how I feel and you did it anyway. What Alexey? Leaving me wasn’t enough? Staying here in this hellish place wasn’t enough for you? You had to come up with something more hurtful?" Accusing eyes stayed glued to Alexey, Sankor would try stepping in she was sure, but it didn’t matter whose side he took, or if he was neutral about the whole thing. Alexey had simply gone too far. "You want me to hate you, always pushing me further away. You don’t want me in your life anymore, that’s why you came here, that’s why you left, that’s why you did this. Fine then Alexey, I’ll give you what you want. Fuck you. I’m done with you." Adelaida turned, bumping sharply into Sankor as she attempted to make an exit, eyes to filled with hot tears to see clearly where she was going.

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Sankor's eyes just seemed to bounce back and forth between his two siblings as the fight finally ran out of control. He just stood there quietly while the woman raged, knowing either that they would end up losing steam sooner or later or he'd have to stick himself between their teeth. He winced at the idea and as they raged on he finally spoke up, his voice loud and clear. "Will you two just SHUT UP!" he stated simply as he stood up and shouldered his way between the two figures who always seemed to be at one anothers throats or seemed to be trying to amp up the heat to get to that point. He just could not figure out how in the hell the woman seemed to think that one or the other was always wrong.

Sankor would admit that the news that Alexey had just granted them was a surprise to him but considering the conversations he'd been having lately it wasn't so aweful in his mind. His eyes turned to the two girls as he asked dryly. "Is this really that bad.." He knew he was always the mediator but right about now a regular lack of drama reunion sounded better than playing peacekeeper in the icy rain.

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Alexey simply shook her head as her sister once again resorted to playing the role of the martyr. She was only half listening; Adelaida’s redundant accusations were going in through one ear and out the other. As usual, she was being blamed for things that were out of her control. She hadn’t planned on becoming a luperci, it just happened. And apparently, the masked femme had a hard time understanding that. “Yes, Ade. I have nothing better to do with my time than think of ways to hurt you. Hurting you was all I could think about while I was fucking a luperci. Is that want you want to hear?” she hissed vehemently, hair rising along her spine.

“You accuse me of leaving you when you’re the one who pushed me away. I found you all bloodied up and I went after your assailants. I put my life on the line for you. But you didn’t even know that, did you?” she stammered on, amber eyes glued to other Koios girl. Sankor ordered them to shut up shortly after, taking the heat off Adelaida for the time being. Lexey turned to her brother, curling her upper lip into a sneer. “You! Stop being so damned righteous for once in your life!” Then everything fell apart. Adelaida turned to leave and Alexey did the exact same, heading for the opposite direction. “Screw this,” she mumbled under her breath before walking away from her own flesh and blood.

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