between the lines of fear and blame

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With a swift movement the woman was able to bring down the rabbit with easy. It had all gone by so fast and she hardly remembered it, but it felt good. She had not hunted in... well, a long time. Being on land was so strange now, but it felt so right. Her tail wagged back and forth as she poked the carcass with her nose, red eyes flashing with interest. She had expected to be horrible now that she was getting back to everything and everything was normal. Waking up next to her mate and having her kids there, it was all so perfect. But, she still did not have time to sit down with either of them and she had set out to find whichever she came upon first.

Breakfast was of course due first.

She picked the rabbit up easily in her jaws, tossing it in the air it landed easily back in her jaws, in a more comfortable position this time. The red and creme woman set off in the direction she thought the scent was coming from, but she quickly lost the scent for some odd reason. Probably the scent of blood screaming in front of her face. Her tail was still wagging back and forth as she traveled down towards the beach, deciding to wander by there for a few moments. It had been the thing to drag her away from her home and she was slightly hesitant about going near it. The red woman stared out at the ocean a slight shiver going down her back. She watched, waited for it to just take her back in again somehow. She dared not go any closer and instead sat with the rabbit at her feet on the edge of the sand.

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     Ezekiel stayed with his father for one particular reason; he was unable to care for both Siobhan and Zana on his own. Now that the older of the two was doing well for herself and Zana nearly to the age where she could learn to forage, he was scouting around the caves to find one suitable. Obviously, he planned on having Siobhan stay with him, given that she needed him. He had found one large enough for both of them as well as storage, and had been busying himself with cleaning out the dead leaves and other scraps from inside.
     Now, covered in dust and dirt, he made his way towards the shore. It was here that he spotted his mother, red fur standing out sharply against the no-color sand. Though he was thrilled she was back, he hesitated in approaching. Something was peculiar with her (or perhaps, him) and he wasn’t sure how to treat the woman. She was still and would always be his mother, but there was nothing further for her to give him.
     Shaking his head, dreadlocks holding the dirt even tighter, he made his way towards her.

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Faolin blinked a few times, removing the bit of sleep that still rested there. A long yawn was let out as the woman rose to her feet. It was strange, but the lands had hardly changed. Had she really expected them to change much though? Red eyes drifted over the sea and her heart started to race as she thought about it swallowing her. Faolin was lucky to not have drowned while she was in the ocean. Somehow she had managed to stay afloat. She did know that the salt water was more buoyant then any fresh water, but it still did not make much sense.

Her ears perked up as she heard a noise a little ways from her. Her head whipped up and she nearly stumbled backwards when she recognized what had been her little boy, all grown up. A small smile spread across her lips as she watched him make his way closer to her. The woman let out a sigh and she trotted over towards the boy in his were form, her tail beating back and forth behind her. She dropped the rabbit in front of him and sat down. "So, you made it back here I see," she said quietly, red eyes lifting back to the boys face. "My, my Ezekiel. Look how much you have grown!"

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     Something flitted behind his eyes, a momentary shadow, and he was unable to hide it. The air between them had changed. She was no longer his mother. She was a stranger that had given him birth and cared for him in his youth; she was a distant memory of a red ghost that even now felt unreal. She should have been there. She should have done something.
     He forced a smile. “I’ve been here,” he said slowly, careful of his tone. “Where have you been?” Why did she smell like another man?

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