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Private, Attila and Oce. 500+

Pale brown, almost white paws drummed against the cold and white forest floor. Noir Aston had been born in December, so the frozen water known as snow was normal in her world. What would be odd was when the cold season died and spring made its entrance. Born into winter, cold and snow was all the girl knew. Still, it was a little bit chilly, but the little girl’s movement kept her warm enough, if not somewhat hot. The small Aston female almost tripped and fell when she tried to look over her shoulder while she ran. A small scream had already started in her throat, but it was cut off instantly when she regained her footing. No harm was done, but it had almost gone wrong. She did not dare to turn around to scout for the monster again. What she needed was to find a place to hide so that she never could be discovered. She was faster than the monster, but it was no fun if she outran him completely, not for any of them. Her little scream had no doubt revealed her position, so she pressed her body further to create more distance before she would look for a potential hiding spot. Her body wagged from side to side while she moved, obviously because her small feet seemed to small for her fluffy body. She was like a sack of potatoes covered in light tan pelt, only much cuter than an actual sack of course!

The foot of a large tree became her final destination. Her paws raced her round figure over to a part where the root seemed to have been ripped halfway up from the ground and hence created a shallow hole where she could try to hide. A playful smile full of excitement graced her face with the untainted soul of a child. The monster would never be able to find her here, there was no chance in the whole wide world. The small Aston tried to suppress a giggle as she tried to force her plump body down the hole, but maybe it was soon obvious that she had miscalculated the hole’s size. Only her head, shoulders and front legs had been pressed in, but the rest of her body simply was too fat. She whined as she tried to push through with her hind legs, but her small paws just sank slightly deeper in the snow. It was not fair, it was the perfect hiding spot and she couldn’t get in. The smile had already vanished from the little child’s face, and so now a pout bloomed in Noir’s worried face. She did not want to accept it, but it seemed she was not left with much choice. She placed her front paws under her fluffy chest and started to push her own body backwards, but it seemed she could not move backwards either.

Panic slapped her in the face, and her eyes watered. The little girl gritted her teeth and tried to use her hind legs as well, pressing them against to root on each side of her body. It had no effect, and a whimper escaped the small puppy. Noir’s little tail slammed against her fat bum and hid between her legs. The whimper was quickly replaced by a wail. Quiet at first, but the sound quickly increased in strength when the child became more and more desperate. The monster, which had been Attila, was completely forgotten. The girl was in big trouble now, so the game of hide and seek was completely out of the picture. The girl started to scream as loud as she could while she fought to get loose. Tears started to run down her chubby cheeks, and everything was lost. She would die in here, she was sure of it. She needed her mother more than anything, but Tayui was not here. Her whole world shattered and the small child completely broke down, tears together with giant sobs that shook her body violently.

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Attila was having trouble finding his littermates. Sniffing every inch around him, moving his ears and eyes to every direction, trying to get any clue of where they were. He knew that as the "monster", he would have to find them, though the male didn't know it would be that hard. Oh, man... It was supposed to be easy! he thought, irritated. He was aware of his sudden lack of pacience, usual of when he couldn't do something. All of a sudden, he heard the sounds of sultred steps on the snow. Smiling, the creamy male followed it, reconizing the smell. Gotcha! he thought, grinning evily. Noir wasn't much of a good hidder, with her pelt different from the white snow and from the dark brown trees. Running awkwardly for his sister, he though of a good way to show himself off to her. It would be funny - at least to him - to see her face.

He was beggining to lose his breath when her scent got easier to track and her feetprints were more obvious, he didn't have problems to find her, until the smell of Ocèane reached to him. He hesitated. Which one should I get first...? he reflected. Both Noir and Ocèane were more difficult to put down, which was the principal reason for him to bug Claudius so much. He was such a chicken, and he looked such a jerk when he cried. Tilting his head, he moved his head to both the ways. He sighed and went to Noir's, as he was already in that way. He would get Oce later.

When he saw his sibling, he could help but to laugh. Chuckling, he watched as he saw only half of Noir's body out of a hole. She tried to get out, pulling herself outwith her back legs, but she couldn't. He laughed harder and rolled around in the snow, almost snoring. The laughter stopped as he heard a sultred, panicked crying. The light cream male looked at the shaking legs of his sister. He frowned and sighed, realizing she really got stucked. Walking to the fluffy female with heavy, irritated steps, the Aston boy screamed near Noir's waist. "Hey! are you ftill in one piefe?" He couldn't say the letter "s", and sometimes the "c". He changed it for the "f", but never got down because of it. He knew that, sooner or later, it would pass. If don't, whatever! "Talk to me!" he instructed her, and begun digging around her, thinking that if he could open the whole wider, she would be able to get out.

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When the monster brother had set out stalking them in the game Oceane had decided to be a little bit of a monster herself and had doubled back over the paths of Attila and Noir. She'd snuck back into the den and on soft paws had crept back into the nest of blankets until she'd found the funny pink stuffed octopus that her sister loved so much. She had somehow managed to wrap the stuffed animal around her neck like a scarf and had skittered back out of their home with little giggles and snickers as she went off to find her own hiding place, and a place to hide Toefur from Noir. That would teach her for taking up all the good places to sleep in the next with her stupid plushie.

Oceane had just found the perfect spot inside a hollowed out tree when the wail broke through the lands. Sighing to herself she flicked Toefur's legs over her shoulder once more and went crashing through the forest floor to look for the source of all the excitement. She arrived just in time to catch Attila screaming at their sister's rump. IT was too much, she couldn't help but let out a shrill giggle as she plopped back on her tail and turned towards Toefur. "Look Toefur! Noir's stuck! She got her big bum stuck and now she can't get outs!" She rolled over onto her back as her little paws wrapped around her belly, tears streaming from her eyes as she tried to gain control again.

The only problem was, everytime she managed to stop laughing and stand back up she was greeted with that jolly little bum stuck in the ground and the stupid blank look on Toefur's face and over and over she'd start giggling. Panting as she tried to speak between giggles she called to Attila. "She gots in, she can gets herself ooouuut!" and once more a fit overtook her.

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At the moment her whole world had shattered and turned into a nightmare. Just like most children at her age, Noir was not very complicated in any way. When she was happy the whole world shone at her with maximum intensity. However, if she was sad or upset, then her whole world scattered and it would seem impossible that she would ever be the same again. In her mind, she would be stuck here forever, she would die here, and no one would ever find her because she had picked such a good hiding place. In truth, she was ridiculously easy to spot because of her unique tan coat that was a nice contrast to the snow covered ground. Her loud noise (although slightly muffled because the wrong half of her was stuck inside the hole) would also quickly lead someone to her. Through her desperation, Noir thought she maybe heard a noise, but she was unable to quiet herself down. When something touched her side on a spot that was stuck outside the root, she began to wriggle and scream even more. Her little mind could not grasp the easy explanation that it was one of her siblings that had come to her rescue. No, someone wanted to hurt her. Yes, that was it, they had made this trap for her and now a real monster was going to eat her whole. Noir was positive she would never see her beloved family again, nor Toefur for that sake.

Soil was removed and granted the little girl more space and the child quieted down slightly to get her breath back. She was very scared, but the monster had stopped trying to dig her to death, and it was actually possible to get out of the hole now. The little girl had to gather some strength before she began to back out of the hole, this time blessedly successful. Her still baby blue eyes were glued to the ground when she clumsily turned around and spotted Attila’s gray toes. She sniveled slightly, though it was somewhat in relief. It was the fake monster and not the real one that helped her out from her stuck position. Fresh tears still disgraced her tan little face. She had been very upset so she was unable to stop the flow of salty rivers. It got worse when her eyes lifted slightly to take in Ocèane and Toefur. She was laughing at Noir, and she had stolen Toefur, even though Noir had let her know that it made her sad when her darker sister did so. With the terror from being stuck under the root still fresh, she could not stop her lip from starting shivering again. How could she be so mean when Noir was just good to her. They were supposed to have fun and play, not to be mean. She hiccuped in despair and looked back to her paler brother. She could not ask him for help, because she knew he could be just as bad as Ocèane sometimes. Nevertheless she flung herself into his thick furred chest, small hiccuping mewls escaping her throat violently.

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Attila's job of digging his sister wasn't being easy as she moved all the time. He thought she was tickling, since the sound that was coming from her other end looked like laughing, but he wasn't very sure. The sound of paws in the snow didn't stop him. The pale boy wasn't caring much of who was, he was only worried of his sister, something rare. It maybe was an instinct that was telling him to help the clumsy girl. The voice of his other sister wasn't a relief, as he turned to see her and notice that she was with the weird octopus plushie in her neck. He sighed, irritated. When Noir got out of the hole and she saw that, she would, at the very least, start crying. One of the things Attila hated the most was crying, not only from his siblings, but any, even from other animals. He get so frustated, to say the least.

"Why don't you help me inftead of babbling nonfenfeff?" he retrucated, burbling a little while trying to say the last word, filled of the 's' letter, which he had problems to say. He was getting really irritated of Ocè bugging Noir, though he did the same with Claudius. It may be the old sibling's syndrome: they always provoke the smaller brothers and sisters. Him and Ocèane were the sample of this "disease".

He only noticed that Noir had got out of the hole herself when she started to cry. 'Ow, dangit!' he though, enraged. Her tears falling from her eyes and her sobbs and all the rest was making Attila's neck fur rase up and his forehead to frown. It was certainly annoying, every sob hurting his inner and outter parts. He shivered, but his frown and anger faded away suddenly as she flung into his breast. His always empty face twisted into surprise. He was used to his sister's physical contacts, but was not ready for that. He wasn't a guy of feelings, and never would. The pale boy cleared his throath, but not pulled away, not willing to make her cry louder. He just looked to Ocèane, with pleading eyes. Not exactly for her to give the toy back, but to help him out of that situation. He was a tough man, but not that much. If there was something he wasn't going to do now, was to hurt Noir's feeling even more.

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The dark hued girl couldn't help but grin and dance back and forth on her paws when Attila finally emerged from unearthing their sister. She laughed when he threw his accusing words at her and with a wiggle of her rump and a flick of her small tail she calmly replied. "Then you would has won the game, and I wanted to wins." In her mind she had won too, since Noir had been found, and pathedically had to be rescued to by the very monster they were suppose to be hiding from. Oceane didn't like to lose, atleast, she hadn't found a good enough reason to want to yet.

She giggled and glanced at her pudgy sister who was beginning to remove herself from the hole, the many legs of Toefur draped over her shoulders. The giant well of tears was already beginning to course down her cheeks but before Oceane could even say anything Attila had become Noir's target. Glee seemed to fill her little puppy eyes as she realized that her brother didn't know how to handle the whole attention that was being lavished on him.

The look on his face pleading for help was too much as Oceane fell over, her paws on her sides as she just lost it. Toefur being smashed slightly by her rolling as she shrieked "Pooor Tila.." Her eyes were beginning to fill with their own tears as she laughed harder. Finally it seemed to come to an end as she pulled herself up and nudged the pink plushie towards her pathedic sister. "Here's yous Toefur.. stop cryings.." She let out a huff of annoyance, wishing that Noir didn't take everything to heart so much, it made it hard to do anything without tears appearing.

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There were moments of pure love in this family, at least in Noir’s baby blue eyes. The litter had grown up and each and every one of them had found their own personalities, and so they had created a small distance between themselves and the rest of their siblings. Noir was perhaps the only one that would have preferred them to stay unchanged. Every child wants to grow up, but the little Aston girl would have wanted staying close together with her siblings and mother forever. She did not like that Claudius had not joined them today in their game. She did not like how much bullying there was nowadays. It did not really matter much if Noir was the one being picked on or not, it was the emotions that hurt the most, to witness the pleasure her other siblings obtained by hurting a family member. This was only natural, but the pale Aston girl did not know that this was normal. She just picked up what she saw and felt, and was unable to judge the complexity in the relationship between her siblings. She could only judge on her own experiences. There were two sides of each sibling. Nice and bad. She wondered why she only seemed to have one. Wait, there were two of her too. Maybe it was only Happy Noir and Sad Noir. No mean Noir? Right now she was Sad Noir, and although Ocèane obviously laughed at her sister, Attila’s lack of hostility towards her made the blue eyed girl’s heart swell with warmth.

Noir did not see her brother’s painful glance that begged to get rid of the snivelling baby snuggled against his chest. So, with the lack of insight of the situation, it seemed to Noir that Ocèane too became nice too when she came back to the pale child to give Toefur back. Though, why had Ocè laughed so much? Why did she laugh at Noir’s pain? Was it funny that she had been scared and sad? Why was that? The child wished she could understand, but her mind was too young to make sense of much as of yet. Maybe she would have a revelation one day, but not now, not today. Her sibling grumbled for her to stop crying, and the pale child hiccupped slightly, attempting to stop the pool of tears. She slowly reached out for the soft toy and grabbed hold of a familiar tentacle. Calm flushed into her system and made the girl’s ears perk experimentally. She was sad because she had ruined the game and (apparently) annoyed Ocèane, but it had never been her intention. She had been scared because she was trapped. The horrible feeling of pure panic still lingered, and she did not feel so good after the adrenaline rush. She let her rump fall to the ground and looked at each sibling in turn, unsure what was going to happen now. Noir had ruined the game and the good mood. Her bottom lip stuck out slightly, but she was determined there would be no more tears yet. She had cried enough. She did not want Attila to get angry as well (he seemed to hate cry-babies).

Noir licked her lips with a tiny pink tongue. ”Noir has is not likes it not gamed, she has sorry.” She had not meant to ruin the game, had not meant to ruin the mood. She was sorry for everything. Her eyes moved to her pale brother. Noir was never the leader when they were playing. It was either Attila or Ocèane, so she silently waited for him to take the command and make this day fun again.

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Sorry the late -.-'

The pale boy half bared his growing milk teeth to Oce's joke, but then rolled his grayish-blue eyes in relief as his little sibling let go of his chest, and reached to the plushie that Oce was offering her. He never let it show but, even with all his bullyness and agressive acts, he cared about his sister. About Claudius, he was just neutral. For him, his weak brother was just an entertainment, almost a hobby. Of course, he hated cry-babies, but hated to see his sister crying. It wasn't Claudius, it wasn't funny. Maybe because he was a male, and, in Attila's head, a male crying was just too funny. Seeing a female crying was other thing.

He placed his paw in the top of Noir's head and shook it playfully, messing her fur in a funny way. "It if all right, fifter." he said with a warm voice. And, gosh, it sounded weird to him. "You juft got to lofe fome weight." he told her. It was because of her "fluffy" butt that she got stuck, after all. It wasn't her fault that she loved to eat so much. He luaghed of his own joke, not caring if the others would follow.

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Oceane snickered as she watched her brother's show of relief when Noir moved away and took in the comforts of Toefur instead. She sat there watching the two of them while Noir pitifully sniffled and apologized for ruining the game. Oceane hadn't exactly wanted to play in the first place but mother hadn't let them go off to play on their own yet, it was play together, stay together or nothing else. She'd rather play out in the wilds than be cooped up in the den all day.

When Attila ruffled up Noir's small mane of hair and accepted her apology with a little bit of bittersweet joking on the side Oceane smirked and chimed in. "Of course, we can help Noir lose weight!" She knew one game that would have the extra weight of little Noir in no time. She grinned, her little flag of a tail waving back and forth as she crouched down low, her eyes shinning with excitement as she waited for them to ask just what she wanted to play.

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She felt the calm flow in, and she wriggled slightly closer to the pink octopus toy. Toefur was only a thing, but he radiated safety and comfort. She brushed her cheek against the soft plushie, attempting to wipe her cheeks dry. There was some embarrassment about the whole thing, but the little girl was certain laughter would come even for her when time created some distance from the incident. She peeked towards Attila and saw that a part of Attila’s pelt had a few drops lingering, but she moved her gaze away, determined that he would not figure it out from her eyes. She sniffed heavily, but her crying time was over for now. Attila told her it was alright, and so she let the whole incident go, and all that was left was the light blush in her face. She nodded slowly, glad that they did not seem angry with her for ruining the game.

His next words made sense, because that was obviously the reason why she had gotten stuck in the first place. The fact that both her siblings, especially Attila, seemed slightly larger than her was not taken into consideration. Her plan all along had been to grow up as quickly as possible so that she could be just like her mother and become more useful for the pack, but her plan was to be big, not fat. When Ocèane joined in, agreeing that she should lose some weight, she could not disagree. Two against one, and so she sincerely believed their words, not noticing if they were playing jokes on her or not. She let her gaze fall down to her belly. It was plump, just like a puppy’s body should be, but she was sure she could see some extra fat here and there.

She looked up on them both, ears folding backwards to consider this. How could she fix it? They couldn’t have Noir ruin every hide and seek game because she was fat. The tan Aston child could easily see her getting stuck everywhere with her big bum and body. No, that could not happen. ”Yes, but how be Noir to lose weight,” the child pondered loudly, as much to herself as to her two other siblings. They were both smart, her siblings, so she was sure they would come up with useful suggestions for her to take advantage of. She loosened her grip on the toy. She was always slightly sceptical to her sister’s words, but Attila was known to be more sincere. It seemed that Noir was the female version of Claudius, and Ocèane the female version of Attila. The boys were more physical while girls were psychological.

Noir was stronger than Claudius, at least in her opinion, but she disliked how Oce acted. She rarely hurt her lighter sister, but her mouth could be rather harsh and she could use it to create tears in Noir’s eyes. The girl moved closer to her pale brother, seeking support and sincere suggestions for how she could lose her weight.

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The Aston boy grew suspicious of Oce's ideas of how to make Noir lose that extra weight. A click in his head, and he finally grasped what she was planning. He looked at the girl, his evil grin building up in his face. His littermate's question was the ignition for the nasty kids around her. Of course, as the evil genie he was, he waited to Ocèane to make the first move. With that, he wouldn't take all the blame. Besides, she always surprised him with such things. Maybe she was planning something else to their overweighted sister.

The pale boy waited patiently, almost seeing the scene of that plan happening. They laughing, Noir probably running and crying. Somehow, he knew that it envolved that old plushie, Toefur. And he knew he would like it.

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Oceane wagged her tail excitedly when Noir asked just what could be done to lose her baby fat. When Attila glanced over to smile at her she raised her head and laughed slightly as she moved closer to Noir, trying so hard to ignore Toefur for he was so tempting to the chocolate and beige puppy. She turned her bright sea foam eyes towards her sister as she said simply. "We play!" It was so simple, the way for Noir to lose weight and to still be included in their games was for them to play more!

She giggled at the idea and stepped still closer to her sister as she tried to explain. "You see, if we play cat and mouse.. and we be the cats.." she couldn't help but smile, a small squee of excitement escaping as she exclaimed loudly. "We chase yous and then you lose weights!" It had to work, of course Oceane was probably going to be more tempted to catch Toefur than her sister but if her sister had to chase after them too then she would burn extra energy and possibly lose weight. If she was just naturally a chub then she was quite possibly stuck ending all their games in disappointment. Oceane couldn't say and they wouldn't know unless they played some more!

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