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AW, but would prefer a relative, if possible. 500+

The tiny girl had seen Ocèane’s attempt to make her own den, and had finally decided to copy her sister. Toefur and Noir was going to move out soon too. It was just a bit soon yet. Noir had started to dig her own hole in the ground, but the hard soil was so hard and frozen, so she ended up with aching paws. The little girl was sad because she obviously failed, but her defeat did not last for very long. Attila and Claudius had been at it again, and so it was messier in the den than it usually was. As the nice and obedient daughter she was, she decided to surprise her mother by cleaning up the den. Tayui and the rest of her siblings were not there, and so the little girl was all by herself. The girl started to drag the furs out of the den, but to do so alone was very hard for her. Her tiny muscles were not strong enough to drag heavy furs that weighted more than her. She managed to escort two small rabbit skins out of the den together with Toefur (he was to sit on top of the skins to make sure no one was mean and stole them), but that was it, really. She was somewhat upset, because it seemed she was too small to be able to do anything properly. Together with Claudius, it seemed she was one of the smallest of the litter. It was almost a bit ironic. Claudius had Attila tormenting him, and lately Ocèane had become rather mean as well. Toefur was not safe when her paler sister was around.

The pale brown Aston girl panted while she jumped in and out of the den, dragging everything that was not too big and heavy for her out of the den. Some things she did not even know the purpose of, because they belonged to her mommy. The puppy was not happy when she moved on her mother’s things, because she was unsure if Tayui would approve of it. It was only so that Noir could clean it up and make everyone happy. The girl’s thoughts of right and wrong quickly faded away when the minutes went past and she devoted herself fully into her ‘cleaning’. It was just the larger things that she just couldn’t seem to be able to move. Ears flattened slightly in displeasure. Noir had not imagined this task could be so hard. In her plan, there had been no obstacles that could hinder her from completing this task before her mother came home, but reality was not treating her very nicely. The blue eyed child sighed heavily and went outside to sit next to the pink octopus plushie. ”Toefur I has to havf help..” This defeat was stronger than the failed den of hers. She just seemed to be worthless. Feeling worthless was one of the worst feelings in the world. She wished she was stronger, like Attila. Faster and more clever, like Ocèane. Educated and better talker, like Claudius. But no, she was only Noir, and she was too small to clean the den.

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Relatives, aye?

Attila was off to his wanders once again. Actually, he was after Claudius. The chicken would be so scared off that he would hiding, and was the cream male job to find him and bug him. He was sniffing the air all the time, trying to catch up any hint of his brother's hiding spot. Everyime he discovered it, he would know where it was, so Claudius had to find another. It was Attila's favorite game: hide-and-seek-and-annoy-coward-brother.

He was doing just fine until he finally got a scent, but not the one he wanted. It was Noir's. Smiling, he thought ofthe kind of trouble she had got into, as usual. It was normally him to find out what was that and repair it. It was boring, so he released his boredom in Claudius.

The fluffy brown spot appeared near the entrance of their mother's den, sitted besides the opink octopus plushie. The white-maned male rolled his eyes. 'Doesn't she leaves this plushie for a second?!' he thought, irritated. Everytime he saw his small sister, she was with that ridiculous toy. She seemed tired and upset, so he went to her with a poker face. He wasn't much of a sensitive, gooey guy. When it was about emotions and feelings, he would leave such thing to his brother. Sitting besides the blue eyed pup, Attila looked at her. "What is up, fifter?" he asked, with the most caring tone he could make, which seemed not enough.

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Yep! 500+

The child was sitting alone with her toy, feeling rather sad because of what she had gotten herself into. The best thing would have been to return everything where she had found it and just leave the cleaning up to Tayui, but Noir wanted to be helpful. Their mother was so good to her children, but they rarely repaid her. There was nothing the tan girl loved more than to put a smile on her mother’s lips, to see her beautiful face turn into a beautiful light of joy. She wanted to see that smile, she wanted to be held in Tayui’s arms and be told how she was such a good girl, the perfect daughter. She wanted to be perfect, but she was so small. This would of course change, but time moved so slowly. Her fur rose slightly when she heard incoming footsteps, but when she turned to see it was only Attila that had returned from wherever he had been. Had he been stalking after Claudius again? She thought maybe he had, but she did not take such a thing for granted. She loved her unruly brother, the one that had inherited most of their mother’s pale colour. He could be quite mean, but she knew there was much to love in him, and her devotion to her family was unconditional. She was quick to remove her sad expression, but he could easily see that she was not very happy about something. She offered him a sad smile and a little wag with her tail. That was all she was able to produce for now. Toefur had a permanent smile anyway, so he could keep up the spirit.

He asked her what was up, and the genuine voice of his brightened her mood instantly. Doubting his sincerity was not an option for the little female. She tried to see the best in everyone, and so she was very glad for his concern. She shook her head slowly from side to side while she moved her still blue gaze to the den entrance. To her it was obvious what she was doing, because half the things that had been inside their den were now outside of it. She would explain to him nonetheless. ”It was cleaned to, but I has too small power for things to take out and no clean if not out, beds.” It was the largest furs where they slept that she had biggest issues with. ”Surprise for mamma.”. Maybe Attila would want to help her? Tayui would be so proud of them both, so perhaps Attila would not get any more timeouts for a long time. She hoped so, because she knew how sad he became when he got when Tayui moved him away from his siblings to think about what he had done. Noir moved closer to her sibling and attempted to give him a clumsy little hug. He was so kind to come and ask what was bothering her. She loved him with all her heart. ”Attijah, will it help Noir?”, the Aston girl asked while she presented him with one of her most dazzling smiles. If they were two, then she was almost certain that they could do it.

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Attila was surprised by his sibling's smile sad smile. It wasn't common of Noir, but he understood what happened as she said it would be a surprise for their mother. And he surprise grew as she asked him to help. As if she didn't know him! He was begging to say a blunt, fry No, but she smiled. It was the kind of smile everybody would love to take a picture of and stick on the wall, just to stare at it the whole. It could cheer up anyone, don't matter how sad it was. Of course, he couldn't help but to almost feel eager to help his sister. It was, certainly, something that would be impossible if it depended on him. Though he loved his mother and siblings, even Claudius, though his stalk on him, he wasn't very willing to do such things. It was something that the other would make, even more Noir, that was such a lovely daughter and sister.

"Fure, Noir." he said. Not waiting for his littermate, he got inside the den and looked around, trying to figure out what would be the hardest part. Looking at the fur where they slept on, he bit the boarder of it tightly and begun pulling, feeling it moving lightly. He called mouthfully for his sister help. It wouldn't be much, but it would be something.

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She knew her brother, knew he was one of the black sheep in their litter. Ocèane seemed to go for the title more often recently and it seemed she found great pleasure in targeting Noir and poor, oh so poor Toefur of hers. Noir usually was very understood, because Toefur was one of her most loved belongings. Though, she wondered why Ocè could not find her own toy to play with. It really made her sad when Toefur disappeared. Ocèane could also go ahead and take the pink plushie from her while the tan child was playing with it. The little girl did not understand why her littermate would do such a thing deliberately. How could they find pleasure in being mean to the people closest to them? There was a lot of stuff that Noir did not understand, so her solution was to try to be understanding, even though it was hard sometimes. Attila was of the same brand, but less vicious in the pale brown child’s opinion. Maybe it was because he did not confront her the same way as he did with Claudius. She believed she could understand Attila’s reasons too, because Claudius was very frail and Attila did not need to do much to bring tears streaming down the darker sibling. Hopefully Claudius would change and get a bit tougher, so that Attila’s actions did not hurt him as much as they did now. She did not like seeing her sibling in tears, not any of them.

Attila’s answer caused a warm emotion to swell inside her little heart. Noir had an own ability to dive into a wave of intense happiness whenever her family caused her glee. The pale boy did not wait for any reaction before he disappeared into the den to start removing the heavy stuff from their home. Noir was unable to remove the wide happy smile from her face. Moments earlier she had felt slightly sad, but now every part of her body had been refilled with golden energy. She spun around the den in a circle and ran inside when Attila’s muffled cry sounded. Of course, she had asked him for help, so she still had the do the work. She couldn’t control herself, and jumped up on Attila from behind, rubbing her head against his side. Noir was already developing a problem with psychical contact. Her problem was not that she disliked being physical, it was the complete opposite. It was her way of making her affection visible. It also created new rays of sunshine to reflect in her eyes. All she could think of was how much she loved her unruly brother and how amazingly kind he was to help her out. She would have to make him a gift later to show her appreciation. She jumped off him and grabbed the piece of fur in-between her tiny teeth and started to pull it backwards towards the den exit. Attila was stronger than her, but the fur was moving now. They could do this!

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I acelerated the process a little, if ya don't mind^^ Just the part of cleaning the way off.

The rubbing of Noir's head on his wasn't retributed. His assistance was a miracle, even if it was for his sister and for his mother. He kept the poker face and waited for the small girl to settle her mouth in a part of the fur. The help of his sister ended up being something, after all. The gur moved smothlly, breaking the movement as they stopped to charge and take another pull. He didn't even notice that they were already geting near the den entrace.

It didn't take long until everything was off, and the floor of the den was completely visible. That's when the pale boy realized how dirty it was. He remembered that the poor den hadn't been clean for two months, or even more. He took a deep breath and sighed longly, looking at his sister. "What now?" he asked in a blunt way. Now that he helped her with the thoughest part, the light cream male wasn't very sure if he was still willing to help anymore. Maybe he would stay to assist her on moving the stuff back, but not more than that. He had other things to do. More important stuff, like bugging Claudius.

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That's fine. 500+

It was amazing how big the difference from one to two was. Although it was mostly Attila’s own strength that surpassed hers, the little girl suddenly felt very strong when it was obvious that the fur was moving. Her poor tail swung around violent as ever, simply not able to express her joy and satisfaction with her brother. Her eyes sprung to his features while they pulled, and they shone like a thousand splendid suns, just for him. Her mind was all filled up with how incredibly happy their mother would be when she came home. Perhaps Tayui would bring them some food, because Noir sure was feeling hungry after all this work. It was hard being a mommy, and it was Noir’s sole purpose in life (at the moment at least) to attempt to share her ivory mother’s burden and try to ease things for her as good as she could. This was not a lot, but better than nothing. If anything, it was a sole proof that Tayui had a daughter that was intent on pleasing the ones she loved. Noir was just a bundle of reincarnated innocence and goodness. Now when Attila was so good at helping her, his flaws were completely forgotten, and all she could think of was how wonderful and nice he was. This naivety would very likely get her into less attractive situations in the future, but the presence was all that mattered, and the future was far away.

The furs were out all too fast, and the little Aston girl sat down on her bum next to her ivory brother, panting a little before she padded down into the dark den again. Her ears flattened instantly when she saw the den’s filthy floor. She wrinkled her nose and looked up to Attila. ”Eeew, Attijaah, it dirty has is!” Her lips curved upwards nonetheless, because she was the reserve mommy that would clean up this mess no matter what. Her baby blue eyes danced around the scenery in their attempt to localize something she could use to sweep the dirt out. She turned and headed out, aiming for one of the rabbit furs she had managed to drag out at the very start. She pushed Toefur away to gain access to the soft skins. She picked the darkest one so to stain it less. She did not realize that the reason darker things did not seem to get as dirty as white was simply because of the colour. She was not extremely bright for her age, but nothing she did was intended to do any harm whatsoever. ”Undirty floors, I! It can watch, Attijah?” He had worked so hard for her, so it was only fair that she would be the one doing the work. It was her idea, now his, and it would not be fair to drag him into this. She entered the den again with her ‘broom’ and started to sweep the place.

It took quite a while, because Noir was as clumsy as anyone, but after a while the job was done, although it could have been done better. She was just a tiny child though, so her mother would definitely be able to see the effort her little Noir had put into this. ”Attijah what thinks it? Clean, clean, and things in-again-time?” The girl went to her larger brother and waited for answer, curious if his limits had already been reached. Her success solely rested on him. She really wished she could be as strong as him. Or even Ocèane. The child was completely unaware of this fact, but she had the same small build as her grandmother on her father’s side. She would never grow to be as large or compact as her mother.

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Attila loved the idea of just sit in the entrance of the den and watch his little sister to do all the work. He felt more important than he should, but he couldn't help it. Once in a while, he pointed to a place with his paws, saying that still had some dirt in there, or that it was not clean in that part. Seeing his clumsy sibling working, with all her awkward movements made him giggle time to time. He really didn't know why it would be so funny, but it was anyway. Feeling she had finished the job too soon and that he was not pleased he was not going to see her working a little longer, he sighed deeply. It was good while lasted.

Her question was hard to answer. Basically, because she did a good job for someone of her size, but his mean side was nearly ordering him to say that it was not even close to regular, that it had no worth at all, or any mean thing. His good (and smaller) side was telling him to don't do it, that it would hurt her feelings too badly, that she was his sister, and that it was not right at all. That fight lasted a few seconds, his mind working as fast as it could, but it was still too slow. He tried to look like he was analysing her job, but he wasn't very sure she was bitting that one.

"Good work, fifter." That was all he could say. If the pale boy opened his mouth again, it was going to puke words, and it would make any sense, as his trail of thought was completely messed up. He just nodded robotically to his sister, and then looked back to the den, trying to hold that bad side that almost ruled on him.

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Attila had been more helpful than she ever could have hoped for. While she had been cleaning, he had occasionally pointed or commented on spots she had not covered, and the little gild had raced to amend and make it all look shiny and pretty. Only a child of her age and mentality was able to put so much pleasure into such a shit job. Noir did not mind the slightest. She laughed and giggled all over the place. The floor was not very much better than when she had started, but it was still quite a noticeable difference between then and now. In Noir eyes she had done an amazing job. She had to be the best reserve mother in the whole wide world; she knew she was, she knew it! Attila looked over the job she had done. The child noticed nothing whatsoever about her pale sibling’s inner conflicts. Noir was only two months old, she had not learned to read body language was not able to recognize anything false when people spoke to her. She could merely grasp the meaning of the words, and so the tone of the voice was overlooked because her mental processes already worked with the sentences. She was only a normal child, and Attila told her that she had done a good job. Her grin widened even more if possible when she digested his words, and she sat down next to him, poking her nose up into the air in an extremely proud manner, her pink tongue sticking out her mouth.

He did not answer her question if it was things in-again-time, but that did not matter. She would let him rest a bit more. The brown and chubby child darted in and out carrying the smaller things that were not too heavy for her back into the den. To move the large objects in first would have been an obvious opinion of Noir’s reasoning had been slightly more matured, but somehow the reverse order would probably work too, although not as well as the better way. Thankfully Noir was oblivious of this. When she passed Attila, muffled cries forced themselves through the corners of her busy mouth (she was carrying objects). ”in-again-tiiime, IN-AGAIN-TIIIIME IIIMEEEE” Her voice started to rise and sink, evolving into an own little song about in-again-time. The melody was never to win any awards whatsoever, but it did not make it less nice to the child. She moved her paws to take a few basic dance steps. Most of all she looked like a sack of potatoes that humped from side to side, with small paws supporting each side of her plump little body respectively as she swayed from side to side and then in a little circle. Her baby eyes stayed on her beloved brother that was so amazingly kind. She threw her face upwards and giggled hysterically when she lost her balance and landed hard on her big bum. She might not be the smartest child in the litter, but Noir sure was an adorable one.

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Attile was still wondering if he should keep his mouth shut, though the minutes passed away and his eager of his bad side started to give up. After all his kindness moment, his mean side was demanding for it to stop and go back to his enraging part. He was frozen, his eyes looking at nowhere, barely noticing his sister passing by, taking the things back to the den.

His mind rebooted as the voice of his sibling singed on his ears. The pale boy gasped, looking at the clumsy girl, singing and dancing around. The first feeling was shock, but than he couldn't help but to laugh, quickly turning to a chuckling as she lost her equilibrium and fell on her bum, small joy tears lightly falling from his eyes. The seconds passed and the wave of fun faded away slowly. He cleaned the tears with the back of his paw and cleare his throath.

"Alright." he said, forcing his legs toward the bigger objects, the ones that were still outside. He started to pull them again, waiting for his sister to help him again. He cleared the throath again, not hearing her clumsy body moving near him or even feeling her casual physical prove of affection.

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Attila was laughing at her. This had only caused her to devote herself further into her clumsy little dance. His meaner sides disappeared completely when he laughed so openly. The Aston girl only giggled back, although she did not fully understand why he was laughing as hard as he did, tears even appearing on his cheeks. For a moment the girl felt worry enter her system. She automatically associated tears with sorrow, and so for a second or two she truthfully believed Attila was crying because he was sad. It did not make sense because he was laughing at the same time, so she settled on the belief that he was just having very fun. Did he like Noir’s dance? She knew she did, it was fun to dance around and try to make her clumsy moves fit to her unstable singing. Noir waited patiently for her sibling to get done with his intense laugher, all the time with an expression of bliss on her face. She loved to make other people happy, and Attila seemed very happy now. Noir had done something good! Her furry little tail beat its own beat against the cool floor of the den when her brother said alright and moved to drag the larger things into the family home again. She wondered why he was so much stronger than her. The child cocked her head to look down at her invisible biceps. It was very odd, maybe her mother had forgotten to ask for muscles when the big bird had arrived with her in a basket.

She got up from her bum and lowered her whole frame closer to the floor, with her but and tail poking up in the air like a flag. Attila had noticed that she had not followed him instantly, so he made that weird throat sound so that she would come out! A sly smirk splattered across her face. She slowly stalked towards the den entrance, where her pale cream brother was tugging on the large furs. The girl had to work very hard to suppress the giggles from escaping her mouth. Hunters had to be very quiet, or else they would be discovered. Her bum swayed from side to side as she stopped a foot behind him. She then made an clumsy pounce after Attila’s fluffy tail, trying to grab hold of it with her tiny tan paws (and she was unsuccessful of course). She gave up on the tail and tried to make her way under the larger child’s belly, unable to keep silent anymore. Some strange mix of laughter and a scream escaped from her dark maw as she darted around her littermate. Noir’s sick amount of energy was astonishing in itself. Seeing she was the morning bird in the Aston family, it was odd how her energy still could be at such a high level at this time of the day considering she very rarely took naps. She was only a child, possessed by the battery that would decrease the older she became.

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Biggy W.C.: 442

Attila was impressed by his sister's energy. He felt something moving around his tail. Trying to see without letting go of the fur, he saw a tan blur, but nothing more, because of the unfocused point of view. He rolled his eyes and pulled the fur again. He was going to ask her to stop, but she suddenly was under his belly. 'Jeez!' he thought, enraged. It was starting to irritate him, and his rarely long moment of kindness and patience was finally stopping. He frowned, and his goodness was turning to anger. 'Can't she stand still for few seconds?! he thought. It was bugging him already, and it got worse as she started to jump around, half screaming, half laughing.

The pale boy was having a hard time trying to keep calm, to finish with the furs as fast as he could so he coud leave and she would let him be. A tiny, weak voice from the deep of his mind was telling him that she wasn't going to stay calm, even if they were done. That she would be annoying him because of his kindness. He shuddered with that thought. In a extreme case, he would literally run away. Or destroy Toefur to show her that he was not that good. The octopus plushie, which was still in the den entrance's side, smilling its stupid smile, was nearly provoking the Aston boy. He hated that toy, and always had, since Noir appeared with it. He growled lowly, for himself.

It had been tiring to put that furs all alone, but not that much. It was all in the right place, except by the pink octopus, that had not been touched during all the process. Exausted, he lyed in the entrance, his belly up. Sighing, he could still hear Noir jerking around. Another sigh, and then an evil smile. His good side was completely sultred by his mean, which he was not going to resist anymore. On his feet, he bited one of the plushie's soft tentacles, his head up, looking meanly at Noir. His front legs dropped on the ground, his bum up, his tail wagging from side to side swiftly. He barked mouthly to her, and then ran away from the entrance, keeping a space from the hole in the ground and the rest of the world. He was still on that playful position, waiting for his littermate to show up after her beloved toy. Though the tireness, there was his puppy side ordering him a game. I hunting game. his smiled widened like the Alice's cat's smile, his whole body trembling with excitement of a play.

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Noir was only a child, nothing more nothing less. Her social antennas were far from developed at her stage of life. Her world circled solitarily around her, although she had early on learned to appreciate and at times put other people's needs ahead of her own if she had to choose. That was a rare thing for someone her age, but that was about it. She was not able to grasp the fact that they were all just like her, although different personalities. She could not see through the outer shells and find the truth that lied beyond. Attila seemed uninterested in returning her physical invitation to play, but went on with the fur. She did not notice the annoyance that glowed like an aura around the boy. All work and no play? Noir jumped around to face him, but the male had already disappeared down into the den with the fur. She cocked her head and let herself fall down on her plump bum. Why did he not want to play with her, she had believed he had been happy since he laughed. Her eyes wandered to Toefur and she gave the octopus toy a shrug because of Attila’s sudden closure and ignorance of her playful behaviour. Toefur said he did not know either. Maybe Attila was a bit tired, because her siblings (and sometimes even Noir) got rather grumpy when they had been awake for too long. That was the only explanation she could think of.

Her pale brother appeared again and lay down right in front of the entrance, his furry belly facing the sky that lived so so far up taller than the trees and birds. She got up from her sitting position and wagged her tail somewhat uncertainly while she witnessed a smile enter his face. A bright brown ear perked backwards in bad spirits. She recognized that smile, she saw it daily when Attila dealt with Claudius. She watched her pale brother get up on his feet and grab hold of her beloved Toefur. Her smile faded away together with her cheering tail. Noir was good at cheering, but his expression frightened her a little. He barked at her then ran off with Toefur. What? Noir took a few testing steps after the male, but then hesitated. She was confused, so confused. Was he playing with Toefur or did he steal him to get to her? Why would he do such a thing? Had she made him mad when he helped her? Did he not want to have a clean home? Confusion soared around in her little brain. She waddled a bit after him, but her movement was slow and filled with doubt. ”Attijah?”, the child called out. What if he had disappeared far far away and never came back?

While unable to grasp what was going on, the theft of the toy did not take full effect on the girl. No, not yet. Nevertheless, she was no longer filled up with solar light and butterflies. It had disappeared the moment his smile had been taken on.

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Attila was jumping back and forth as her surprised sister asked for him. He braked twice playfully and loudly so she could hear it. Though he had rejected her invitation for a play, but he wanted to finish up with the fur, so he could be free. He giggled as he waited for her to come after him, so they could have more space to play. He barked again, but decided a new strategy. The pale boy let go of the plushie, which fell in the ground near the den. He climbed the top of the entrance, looking down, waiting. He didn't know, but it would be useful as he would grow and needed to hunt. It was a hunting strategy that needed high places, but it was a very good one. As she came out, he would jump on her, playing a fight game, his favorites. He loved to horse play with Claudius, though it something got a little much realistic.

He only hoped that she wouldn't start to cry. If so, he wouldn't be able to resist his mean side. Her cryingalways did that to him, and he needed to be carefull in those situatuions. The fact of being strong, mean and with not many patience, he would harm her, and that would not be cool. She was his sister, for crying out loud, and harming her would be unacceptable, even to him. Yes, he terrified Claudius, but he was his brother, and he could take it, though not emotionally.

Holding his wish to show up before the right time, the Aston boy waited, "stalking" his "prey", which was very delicate, and he must have in mind that, otherwise...

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Her furry tan ears were coached forward as sounds were heard from a certain distance in front of her. Maybe he had turned invisible and was a ghost hunting her. The thought was slightly disturbing, because it would be sad to have an invisible brother, and ghosts usually came out after dark. One of her fears was the dark. Not the darkness she could find if she dived into the family den, but the darkness that came with the end of the day. The mornings could be quite dark, but to the little girl they seemed to get brighter and brighter for some odd reason. She liked that, she liked it when the sun caressed her face and everything became bright and beautiful and the snow sparkled with secrets. A giggle sounded from a bit deeper into the woods, so she moved further away from the den, tempted by her invisible brother’s sounds, afraid of what he might be doing with Toefur. Her movement was still somewhat doubtful and slow, but she was steadily following after his footsteps. Towards the end it seemed like he had led her in a half circle so that she faced the den yet again. Noir, which had been more focused on following the sound than where she actually was walking, found it strange that she had walked and walked but still she ended up where she had started. She stopped up and flattened her ears backwards, wondering how this could have happened.

Her tiny neck stretched out as she recognized the faded pink colour of her darling Toefur. Maybe he had run away from Attila to come back to Noir! She wanted very much to believe in that explanation, and therefore she would. Her tail slowly began to sway sideways again as some of her former spirit returned now when she was positive her darling octopus toy was safe. Though, where was her pale brother? She turned around to gaze towards the forest, but there was nothing to see except for a lot of trees, that did not really interest the light brown child at the moment. She turned back to the den and walked towards it, eager to get a closer look on her best friend. Her siblings could be a bit harsh when they were mean and stole Toefur, and once they had even made a rip on one of his many arms. Her cold wet nose found the toy and poked him carefully. It seemed alright, so there was no reason to be scared anymore. However, she found it odd that Attila had disappeared. She could smell him, but she could not see him. It was very odd. The child did still not know the relationship between strong scent and presence meant that Attila was very close.

She moved close up to the pink toy and carefully grabbed hold of the usual octopus arm. Her unchanged baby blue eyes took a last tour over the wooden area, a bit anxious because of her brother’s disappearance.

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