Question and Discussion Highlights

POSTED: Tue Apr 19, 2011 8:58 am

Question and Discussion Highlights

Many of older threads within this forum have been edited to include tags and keywords -- e.g., threads that address joining questions will be labeled as "joining." You can use this to your advantage and browse similar threads if it helps you!

Archive Highlights:

These threads are tagged before the thread title with ARCHIVE HIGHLIGHT. These are threads that either cover a topic in-depth or otherwise prove themselves extremely useful discussions regarding certain subjects.

  • Question About Stuff This is a good session about items Luperci can find in the human remains; specifically, electricity and portable electronics are addressed.
  • Acceptable Reply Times This is a great discussion on reply times and how long it takes a person to reply to threads and what is and isn't acceptable.
  • My Next Character This thread addresses weaponry and character balance, as well as how to best tailor your character and its weapons to balance out.
  • Question About Multiple Threads This thread addresses the issue of multiple threads and whether or not your character can be in them; it also discusses timelines and keeping track of them. Highly reccommended, along with this thread.
  • A Few 'Souls "Canon" Questions This thread addresses multiple issues -- literacy among Luperci, the lack of a dominant religion across Luperci populations, and addresses the question of colorblindness in 'Souls canines.
  • Hello, I Am New This thread addresses Luperci, fur dying and modification, and character ages.
  • Mobile Posting This thread discusses various technology-related subjects and how you can use various software to improve your roleplaying experience.
  • What Species is Your Character? This thread is a tally kept and updated for a few weeks while members responded with their character species. This is a similar discussion, although note the results may be stilted by confusing poll answer choices.
  • Need a Mentor This is a good general discussion about various subjects -- everything from Luperci to surnames is covered.
  • Character Adoption Survey A large survey about adopting characters. Worth a read if you have any Open Characters.
  • 'Souls Charries Based On...? A long discussion about character inspirations.
  • Pack Demonyms Wondering what an Inferni member is called? Infernian!
  • Help with Characters This is a wonderful discussion for anyone who feels a bit "left out in the cold" or as if they've done something "wrong" at 'Souls with regards to characters. If you're feeling down, read this thread, please!
  • Luperci Sayings A discussion on Luperci sayings.
  • When is it Enough? A wonderful discussion about when it's time to call it quits with a character, and what you can do other than killing them off or permanently making them go away!
  • Why Do We Play Winter as a Lean Time? A great discussion about seasons and Luperci hunting!
  • Pests Oh no, fleas!
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