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The bright eyed beauty traveled about on all four legs. She'd yet to perfect the shift to a two-legged form. She still didn't understand how they were able to walk about without toppling over. She had seen others do it and it amazed her. She had tried it in this form before but she couldn't get past a couple of steps before she came crashing down. It didn't get her down though. She had quite bright spirits for one raised by who she was. Partially raised actually... Her mom had taken ill and she wasn't exactly sure who her dad was but her mom had said that Helios looked exactly like him. Actually it was that which had spurred her to travel away from her family in Taceli, her mom having traveled back to her birth pack. She wanted to find out about her dad. Maybe she could find him even. Or uh... what was that place called? Chimera? Her mom would talk fondly of that place. Perhaps she could find Chimera and her dad would be there. Wouldn't that be such a delight?

The thought made her work her tiny legs faster. Her ambling walk had turned into a sprint. Trees... She had to find trees... Oh, and a river... Trees and a river, yep that is what her mom had said. Taceli had trees and a river as well. Perhaps that is why it had been so easy for her to remember it. But how would she find the river with the cold settled around her? Would it be frozen or would it have power enough to keep that from happening? The thought ran through her mind as she stepped on the icy surface of the river. Well now, that had been easier than expected. "River!" Exclaimation was produced only to be outdone by the crack of thin ice. Claws scrabbled against the slippery surface as she made to hurry across it before it completely broke away from under her paws. She had made it! Mostly... Back end fell beneath the surface of the freezing water because she hadn't been quick enough. But she had been lucky enough to pull herself out before the current could sweep her away. Shaking herself out as best as possible she continued on her way.

She had found half of it but now she she need to find the other half. Steps had slowed since her dip in the river. Her small form shivered but she had it in mind, with that single minded determination that her mom had, to find the trees. Teeth chattered as she kept icy eyes alert for the second half to the puzzle. The scent of the air spoke of an approaching storm and that only helped to drive her to find the shelter of the trees. Each step seemed to take longer to form but eventually her struggle paid off. "Trees!" She ambled on into the forested plains. Next on her list to search for was the burnt cabin her mom had said something about. She could take shelter there and wait out the rain before setting out to find her dad.

"Chimera I found you!" She couldn't help the giddy little hop to her stop even if her form continued to tremble from the cold. But that bouncy step turned even bouncier as she yelped at the sudden sound of the storm breaking loose. Oh no! The rain fell in quick torrents as the heavy clouds unleashed their loads. In an instant she was soaked. Small, drenched, form huddled itself near the roots of a larger tree as she whined pitifully. Well, this certainly wasn't good. But she wouldn't let it dishearten her. She did find Chimera at least, or so she thought within the confines of her mind.

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You made the right choice. And, lucky for you I have no life, so I can get on this right away!

By the way, I don’t believe there are thunderstorm’s in December. Oh, well. We’ll just pretend the thunder part didn’t happen, yes? ;)
It was odd how high the percentage of the Bleeding Souls’ population was transient, at least it had always struck Phoenix as such. Hardly anyone stuck around these days. Having grown up without a home, now that he had one he never intended to leave. He could certainly understand the sensation of curiosity and the desire to see the great wide world out there beyond the mountains lining their chaotic little valley. But Phoenix was a simple wolf—in the sense that it didn’t take much to make him happy—and he was content living a simple lifestyle.

Not that Phoenix’s life could in any way be described as simple. Here he was, a reluctant alpha. A telepath who could barely control his abilities. A father of seven but only four at home. He had just come out of an unpleasant confrontation with the leader of the coyote clan, and he didn’t know if he could trust half the alphas of the other packs. All Phoenix had ever really wanted was to settle down and live out the rest of his days as peacefully as could be. But life had a way of depriving him of what he wanted, even if—ironically—it meant having what many other wolves dreamed of having.

It was beginning to rain, but paranoid old Phoenix wanted to make one final sweep of the borders, just in case. There was no such thing as too careful for the father, and he wanted to keep a lookout in case any of his wayward children ever returned to him. Instead, he found someone else’s child at the borders, and she didn’t exactly look like a well-cared for child. Even though he was in halfling form—which was massive compared to even an adult wolf—Phoenix approached the child slowly and with his tail down, trying to look as unintimidating as possible. “I’m sorry t’say, Chimera’s been gone for a good long time, miss,” he stated. “Longer’n you’ve been alive, from th’looks of it. This here’s Storm, an’ I’m the alpha, Phoenix. We used t’be neighbors of Chimera. What’s a youngster like you lookin’ for ‘em for?” The youth may have been unlucky in her search, but she was at least fortunate that she had been found by someone with a bleeding heart for homeless pups.

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Curiousity had gotten the best of this youth. She simply had to find the place and people mentioned within her mom's persiflage that had been induced by the fevered unrest. Not much she said seemed to make much sense any longer. Her uncle had said that her grandmom had suffered through the same bouts before she had passed. Her grandmom would talk about seeing pups that had died at birth among other things. Her mom talked about places and beings that the pup had never seen before. It was because of this that he had left home. She wanted to tell her mom about the places and beings. Maybe if she could see them and find out about them then she could tell her mom and her mom could get better. Perhaps it was a hopeless cause but the faith that it just might be what was needed to get her mom back had kept her strong during her journey. Oh, and that she had taken to hunting quite easily, just like her mom. Maybe she couldn't go after the big game but she could bring down a hare fairly quickly.

Intimidating? Selene wouldn't know what that looked like even if it bit her on the nose. She was a bit too trusting perhaps. She hadn't even the thought that she might be trespassing or could be punished for it. Rather her bright outlook made her believe that she had found the place spoken of and perhaps her dad...? No, certainly not. This wolf looked nothing like Helios and Helios was said to look exactly like her dad. Still bright eyes delighted in seeing company and tail thumped against the ground a couple of times before curling in tight towards her petite frame. She certainly wasn't the biggest thing around, but then that kinda came from premature birthing. She was healthy enough though. She even had a thick coat if it wasn't plastered to her body because of the river and the rain.

Perked ears drooped a bit as she learned that she hadn't found Chimera as she had thought. "But Mom said it had a river and trees. I found a river and this here is a tree." It hadn't crossed her mind that other places at the same vague descriptions. "Mom said that Dad would be in Chimera." She hadn't taken into consideration that her mom had only spoke of such things on her sicker than sick days. On those days all she ever spoke of was Roman and Chimera. But still she figured that she might be able to find them, or some trace of them so that she could bring back her mom a slice of hope.

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This weather was unhealthy, especially for one young or unused to it. It was odd to think that just spending too much time in the life-giving but cold rain could make one sick, but it was true. Thankfully his own children by now had to be warm and dry in their den with their mother, awaiting his return. He wanted to get back to them, but couldn’t until he had seen to his young guest at the border. “We should get outta th’rain,” he suggested, hoping her obvious naïve trusting nature would serve her one more time before it became a liability and caused her trouble. “There’s an abandoned den nearby, we could go dry off in there.” He turned and motioned for the pup to follow before heading off in a brisk march to retreat from the miserable weather.

Still, some things were even more miserable than the weather. Phoenix truly hated being the bearer of bad news. Life was miserable enough as it was without having the burden of adding to another’s grief. It was no persiflage to tell a child looking for her father that her goal was now most likely unattainable. Phoenix had known few members of that pack when they had been around, and the only one who’s fate he was sure about now lay buried in his own packlands. He couldn’t have been this pups’ father, though. Nevertheless it wasn’t in his nature to assume to situation was hopeless until he knew for sure. “You’re describin’ th’right place,” he said to her. “But th’pack disbanded an’ left th’lands. Who were your parents?” he asked as they walked, just to make sure.

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Actually he had every right to put family above some stranger trespassing on his lands. But that didn't seem to be the kind of wolf that he was. Selene wouldn't find herself upset either way. On her way here she had come across others that didn't have time to sit with her and chat though they had pointed her in the right direction and that worked well enough for her. It had gotten her this far after all. But it would seem that she had come all this way for nothing. Chimera was gone and her occupants scattered to the winds. But maybe the cabin was still around and she could visit that. Or maybe her dad might still be in the area even.

On shaky legs the youth roused herself and trotted along behind the larger beast. She didn't even question it. He could have been lieing to her and yet she still would have taken him at his word. "Mom said something about some burnt cabin..." She started as she trailed behind Phoenix. She was trying to remember exactly what her mom had said. Something that would help her find the exact location. All she knew was that it was in Chimera and nothing more than that. Without Chimera established any longer would she even find it at all?

She was torn from her thoughts as she was asked a question. "Mom always called him Rom but she gave me his last name. D'Angelo." She didn't know if that would help any at all. "Mom's name is Kaelyn. She goes by Trickery even though that isn't her last name." Would he need her mom's real last name? She had only heard her uncle use her mom's real last name while everyone else refered to her as Trickery. "I have a brother. His name is Helios." Not that he would know Helios. She had left Helios back in Taceli. "Mom says that dad looks just like him. He is all black and has green eyes. Not green green but some different other green." Not that such was a detailed description. She couldn't think of how to descibe the color green that her brother's eyes were. It was just something that would have to be looked at and recognized.


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Fortunately the den was close by. Had it not been in such a convenient place Phoenix would have just taken the pup back to his own home. A few months ago it had been packed, practically overflowing with his children. Now… it was only three small pups, besides him and his mate. They had room to spare, and his den had always been a safe haven for children who had nowhere else to go, just as he once had none. But this old den would suffice. Perhaps it was just psychological, perhaps it was just the fact that he was out of the rain, but Phoenix felt warmer as soon as he stepped inside. He shook the excess water off before heading deeper inside to make room for his guest.

The male thought hard on the descriptions given to him, but he wasn’t surprised when he just confirmed that the names meant nothing to him. He didn’t know it, but he’d encountered the mother once, a while back. But she hadn’t been in her right mind and had never given her his name. Perhaps that was just for the best, though. Had Phoenix known the condition of the girl’s mother he would have had to lie to her so as not to make her worry. This way, they both remained shielded from the unpleasant truth. “Th’cabin’s still there, but I never met a Rom D’Angelo, I’m sorry,” he said. “There might be one or two other wolves with that name still runnin’ ‘round here in th’other packs, but I ain’t sure.” Little did he realize that the Naniko his mate spoke of often was this girl’s very sister. A idea struck him; he hoped that it would be received as one of the more pleasant things he would tell the unfortunate youngster. “You’re welcome t’stick ‘round here in Storm if you want. That’ll give you a place t’come home to at night while you’re lookin’ for your family.”


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Doing as the wolf had done before her the young female paused at the enterance to try and and shake the water from her pelt before heading inside as well. Without really thinking as to how it might be portrayed the youth settled herself near the Alpha of the lands. Body curled upon itself while she rested snuggled close to the older male. She didn't think it weird that she could cuddle with a complete stranger. Some packs were made up of complete strangers that came together. Or like the one they were a family unti, of course there were outsiders tossed in but they soon become part of the family through adoption or breeding. Because of the strong unit she had been brought up in she felt entirely comfortable with sharing warmth with someone that she had just met.

It was probably a good thing that he didn't know the pup's mother by name. It could cause him to look at her differently, even if she shared the exact same looks as her mom but just in a smaller version, because her mom had been a complete bitch towards him whereas the youth was anything but. While identical in looks her personality was the complete opposite. The young lass could prove to be quite spirited and playful. Perhaps if she wasn't still wet and freezing she might show a little more of that.

Well that was a bit of good news. She could still find the cabin at least. And family....? Was it possible? Her mom hadn't mentioned anything about family. But then again her mom wasn't in her right mind. Any talk came from delusions. Perhaps if she had realized the extent of her mom's condition she wouldn't have set out in the first place. She would have just stayed home to help watch over her. But no, she wanted to bring back some sliver of hope to her, no matter how small it might prove to be.

"I can stay right here?" The thought caused her to perk up and had her tail thumping against the ground. She could make this den her home. He was giving her this place to stay. Head sought to press into Pheonix in a thankful manner before it took on a bit of a tilt as she looked at him. "I can hunt. My uncle said that I took right to it just like my Mom did." Maestery seemed to always find ways to compare her to her mother. Selene didn't find that so weird though. Her uncle rarely left her mom's side unless to hunt or whatever. Even so he had proven to be a main factor in her raising as well. He had taught her a number of things.

Selene D'Angelo


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Touch was a personal matter for the massive male. He had mostly grown up without it, and so in his mind it was a big deal. It was only desired from his mate and his family; with friends it was tolerated. Strangers up against him made him uncomfortable, though it was less the case with children. Phoenix found in innocent naivety of young pups charming, but for a girl getting to be her age it could be downright dangerous in these hazardous lands. Still, there was something about this girl that drew back the curtain over his heart. He just had to help her, take her in and watch over her as she grew into an adult. He’d done it with plenty children that were not his own before, one more could just add to the happiness, assuming she never left.

“Course you can,” he said. Looking down at the white youngster leaning against him, he gave her an encouraging smile. Storm was the perfect place to begin a new life, just as he had—him and his mate, his first adoptive daughter, her mate… and others. “You can even be a full member of Storm. If you can hunt for yourself at such a young age, that’s really impressive. You seem a bit young for th’lehrling rank, so we’ll start you out as a puppy. I have three children of my own at home, a bit younger’n you, but you can come over an’ play with ‘em whenever you like—I’m sure they’d love a new friend. If you ever need anythin’ don’t be shy t’ask, okay?”

And so the cycle began anew—Phoenix wondered what kind of future this girl would have in Storm. Would she settle down here, find a mate and start a family and climb the ranks? Or would she be one of the ones to drift away without so much as a goodbye, or join whichever pack her family was hidden away in? Time would tell. “By th’way, what’s your name, miss? I don’t think you gave it t’me yet.”


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Perhaps she was a bit too trusting and innocent for her own good. No doubt it would only end up getting her into trouble. Especially with those that had a vendetta against her mother which she knew nothing about. She didn't realize that not everyone was comfortable with random touches. She figured that they were all wolves and therefore they were all family in a sense. But then that could be only her view of things. She did see things a bit differently than others anyway. She was a bit of an optimist. Or perhaps more than just a bit.

Selene grinned as best as she could in the form that she was in. She could feed herself in the least though she hadn't learned how to do the pack hunt thing so well yet. She was still young enough to learn though. "I can get rabbits and squirrels and other little things like that. I can't get fishes though." She didn't do very well with water. She was unable to swim and so tried not to get too close to large bodies of water if she didn't absolutely have to.

She liked the idea of having others to play with. Selene missed her brother dearly so having others to play with would be a real treat. "Really? Whenever I want?" Tail thumped against the ground in a happy manner. It didn't seem as if it took too much to make her excited or happy. That was just another feature that made her adorbale though. Just another thing that made Selene just what she was. And then that was added on as she giggled. She had told him her last name but had failed to mention her first. "Selene D'Angelo. Mom said that I was as pretty as the moon and so was named after it."

Selene D'Angelo


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The Alpha couldn’t and didn’t expect someone so young to be able to bring down anything more ambitious than small prey. It was far too dangerous, which he knew from first-hand experience. The large scar on his right foreleg, right above Selene’s head, served as a constant reminder. He almost dreaded the day that his children would participate on their first deer hunt, but it was also a right of passage of sorts into adulthood. He couldn’t keep them from that forever, as much as he sometimes wished he could. “Well… squirrels are off-limits here in Storm. We have a member here who has squirrels for... friends. But if y’need help learnin’ how t’fish, I’m sure he would be glad to teach you how. His name’s Pilot.” He didn’t feel like explaining the exact relationship between Pilot Haddon and the creatures who had raised him. That extraordinary story always engendered questions, and Phoenix wasn’t the one to ask.

Even if Selene was twice the age of his own children he was sure they would welcome her with open arms. The shock of losing their sister hadn’t completely worn off, and Phoenix knew it wouldn’t for a long time. Still, having a new playmate might help soften the pain a bit, fill that empty fourth slot in their favorite games. “Well.. a’course they can’t play in th’middle of th’night during their bedtime. But anytime durin’ th’day when you’re bored you should come an’ visit. Our den’s near the center of th’packlands, not far from th’river. It’s easy enough t’find.” Her name caused him to lose posture somewhat—it reminded him of one of his own wayward children. “I have a son I named after th’Moon too,” he said. “He’s all grown up now, an’ he left not too long ago. I hope you find your family, Selene. Family’s th’most important thing in th’world.” And yet he was always losing his own. It just wasn’t right.


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She wasn't ambitious enough to even try for large game. Not yet at least. She was still a bit too small for that just yet. But perhaps coming up sometime in the future she could try? Maybe after she had a couple more months or so on her? She would just have to wait and see but for now Selene would just have to stick with the small things that she knew that she knew that she could capture. But she would have ot remember that squirrels were out of the question. No hunting squirrels. What would she do if someone decided to make friends with the rabbits? What would she eat then?

"I can't swim so I can't fish." There was no point in trying to fish if she couldn't get her won self out of the water should she fall in. She had just gotten lucky before. She had been mostly on the other side and only had to pull herself out. She would have been in a heap of trouble if she had gone under in the middle of the river. At that time she would have been at the mercy of the current. Wherever the river wanted to take her would be where she would go. There wasn't much that she could say or do about it otherwise.

What Pheonix said made sense. But she hadn't really though to play during the middle of the night. Rather she would find herself curled right on in here and sleeping. At least she supposed that she would be asleep by that time. "I've got a brother named after the sun because he is bright. His name is Helios." Find her family? She knew where they were. "I know where my Mom, brother, uncles and aunt are. I just haven't found my dad yet." That was the only family that she knew about that was missing. She knew nothing about her dad's side of the family. Just like she didn't know of older siblings. Perhaps her search for her dad would have her running into those that she knew nothing about.

Selene D'Angelo


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I’d say we’re about done here. Welcome to Storm and welcome back to BS. She didn’t really have to know how to fish this time of year anyway, since the rivers were mostly frozen over. And by the time they thawed and fish became plentiful again, then she would be large enough to help take down the larger prey. Phoenix didn’t mean to rush her, but she didn’t have a parent to take care of her so her hunting skills would need to be honed early. Fortunately during the winter metabolisms slowed and food rotted less quickly. And she had the benefit of being in a pack with a adults to help her out whenever she needed it. All were advantages Phoenix hadn’t had during his youth, so perhaps he was worrying for nothing.

Did Selene’s maternal family know about her little expedition? They had to be worried sick about her (if they were a good family), but Phoenix couldn’t force her to go back, and he wasn’t sure if he would if he could, considering her cause. She just wanted to know her father, a wish that Phoenix still had himself even if he’d known his father during the youngest months of his life. “I wish you luck then,” he said, deciding not to say anything more about the similarities in names of his own children. A Sun and a Moon… apparently he wasn’t as creative in naming his children as he’d thought.

“I should be getting’ home b’fore my family begins t’worry. In time you’ll get used t’the way things are done ‘round here. But there’s only one more thing y’gotta know now b’fore I leave. There’sa clan of coyotes along th’beach to the east of us. They’re a violent bunch an’ most of ‘em hate wolves. Stay away from ‘em, okay?” He cautiously got up from underneath his newest pack-mate, but didn’t leave until he heard what she said. He didn’t want to see her get into any trouble and/or start another conflict with Inferni. Already she had found a spot in his heart and he felt protective of her.


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