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The predator had been deeply gratified by the consumption of the last child, which had inadvertently wandered near its lair in the human city. Pups were small creatures, and it had not sustained the massive creature for long. It had been forced to spend the remainder of that day seeking rabbits and other small mammals, and though it was expert at keeping itself fed, it had a lot of mass to feed. It's passive, all-day hunting had lasted for a few days at this point, and now it had found itself on the border of the pack that the feathered wolf had called home. The predator had run from that wolf initially, but now it was in better health, and would be able to defend any kill it made.

It halted at the border, smelling the scent left by the leader, and while it considered turning back, there were other, more compelling scents, on the air. While the predator did not understand precisely why it devouring children brought such satisfaction--that was something that only Brennt himself would know, but never thought about long enough to actually spell out for himself using what scant talent he had with words--it was developing a taste for them, independent of Brennt's psychological dependency. Their flesh was tender, and while they weren't as good as rabbit, they were easier to catch. The only thing it had to fear were wolves who sought to protect them, and it understood how big it was in comparison to most wolves.

It could smell a puppy very near the border, and after a moment's hesitation, crossed over the border into pack territory. The border was a long perimeter; packs rarely noticed when someone crossed into their lands, provided they hadn't gone in very deep. The predator knew that, so long as it wasn't caught, there would be no immediate consequences of crossing the line. Instinct told it that where there were puppies, there were defenders, and that it would need to be wary of them. It's hunger wasn't as powerful as it had been last time, and it would avoid a fight if it could. Hopefully it would be able to grab the pup, kill it, and leave before anyone intervened.

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  She was four months old, so she had decided it was time for her to toughen up a little, and therefore she was taking a long, long walk together without Toefur. The octopus toy was always a source of safety, and she was aware that she was far too attached to it than what was natural. Still, she couldn’t leave the toy for long. Until today. He was back home in the den, and she hoped Ocèane would play nice with him while she was gone. She did not really like it too much when her siblings played too much around with her toy, but it did not hurt her as long as she was not there herself to witness it. It was not jealousy, it was just that she did not really appreciate their physical games.

The Aston girl forced the thought away, finding it much too depressing and negative, and her siblings did not deserve such negativity. She loved them, but not everything they did. Her golden eyes wandered across the wooden landscape, and her orbs were finally ridding themselves off the baby blue colour that was reserved for all young children. She had noticed when she had looked down at a quiet puddle, and she was a bit confused, but slightly surprised too. She found the colour pretty, and she totally enjoyed the feeling of being pretty. A smile graced her little baby face, today was so nice with sun. Today was nice because it was yet another day in her life, and every day was filled with joy and laughter.

Noir had grown up with love and safety surrounding every corner, every direction. There had been times where she had felt fear and thought her life was about to end, but that had always worked out. The incident with Ocè had scared her shitless, but that was over and almost completely forgotten by now. Her life was filled with sunshine and butterflies. Oh, and flowers. Lots of flowers. They were popping up everywhere with their pretty little faces, and whenever she saw one, she raced over to look and sniff at them. They were so lovely. She was busy sniffing a white bud when her eyes caught movement in the distance. Could that be someone else? That would be fun!

The child was not aware of this, but she was at the borders of Aniwaya. She did not know the difference because she had never left the lands, so in her mind Aniwaya was the world. She lifted her face and stared for a moment, wondering if there was another wolf there. She was in doubt, and so she decided that calling out would be the best thing to do. She liked meeting other people. ”Hello, I am Noir!” The child called out as loud as she could. Surely the thing would come to her, and then she could show the person all the pretty flowers! She straightened up to make sure she would look pretty, her smile thick on her face, a face filled with sunshine because there was nothing but well in the world.

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I think either one of you can reply after this? Libri could write about Noir's reaction, or Leland could spring in to the rescue! Either way, I think both of you should reply before Brennt does again.

Before it found the child, the predator heard her, calling out to it. Ordinarily, it would be able to disregard this sound, but something was different today. Its serious hunger had already been sated, and its focus was shaken with the sound. Wolves of ages past had not been without curiosity, and it was that curiosity which took hold of the powerful hunter now. The voice was that of the puppy, but as it looked out to see that she had spied it before it had spied her, it wondered at her strange behavior...what prey called attention to itself in this way? It didn't quaver in fear, sink low to the ground, or start running, it actually came toward the predator. Its intent focus already wavering, and its curiosity growing, its desire to understand her became greater, temporarily, than its urge to devour her, and that was enough to start reverting back to the bumbling but worded wolf it had been before.

It paused for a long time, looking at the happy little girl, approaching her cautiously, scenting the air, trying to fathom what was different. As it sought to make sense of the sounds she had made, Brennt slowly began to emerge, and make some slow sense from the words as he remembered them. His understanding came in a wave, and he emerged as if snapping awake from some day-dream. The little girl was introducing herself. But he didn't want to know her, she was a puppy...puppies made him upset, they reminded him of his mother, and what had happened, and made him want to eat them. Why wasn't he eating her?

"Brennt," he said abruptly, without thinking about why he was answering. It was what you were supposed to do, his mother had always said. Nevertheless, he didn't want to know this puppy, he wanted to eat her. The more she stood there and smiled at him, the more he wanted her to stop; the more he hated her because she was a puppy and puppies had taken mother away, the more he hated her because she smiled and was laughing and happy when he was frowning and bitter and confused, the more he hated her because she was glad to see him even though he was a bad person, and her gladness made him feel guilty. As his emotions mounted, he tried to help himself get away from the words and the bad feelings, sinking back into a simpler life she had woken him up from.

Without another word, Brennt nipped her shoulder, just hard enough to really hurt. They were still near to the border, but he was deep enough in that there could be no mistaking that he was trespassing. He wanted to eat her, and he wanted to do it quickly, before he got in trouble. He moved in quickly to nip her again, harder still. The taste of her fur would bring it back, he knew. His dull, emotionless eyes stared at her small form...not into her eyes, because that was hard. He wouldn't do that if he was still using words...words made eyes harder, made people harder...gave him empathy, which he didn't like. He would chase her, chase her and bite and gnaw her until he finally woke up in that strange way he sometimes did, and when he woke up, he wouldn't be afraid of breaking the rules, he would eat her fast, and then run away before anyone found out.

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 I'm okay with Brennt giving her more nasty damage as long as it is not fatal, but it's only to be expected since she is running into him. Stupid, confused puppy 500+

  Her ears filled with the sound of nature. Birds chipping away in their everyday life, breeze brushing through the scenery in pleasant waves hinting that there was a warmer season yet to come, her life was perfect. The girl stood still for a moment, wondering if it was her colourful imagination that was playing some tricks on her. She did not mind, she knew how to play alone, but she had sincerely believed there had been a movement in the distance that belonged to another individual. It would be intriguing to investigate this. Maybe the person was already playing hide and seek with her. It would be a lot of fun if it did, because she loved playing that game. She took a few steps in the direction of the movement and cocked her head naively, but the world was green. She was about to take another step when the other entity came into view, heading towards her, almost cautiously, sniffing.

The child did not notice subtle signs, she just saw the wolf and flashed a smile, attempting to overthrow the sun with beams of friendliness strike him. Her tail moved swiftly from side to side, unable to stay still with the fresh excitement flowing through her like a pleasant drug. He was very big and brown and she had not seen him before, but that did not matter. Noir had never before encountered anyone that would wish her harm. All those she knew liked her because she was a manifestation of all good, and at her current age she was still too young to understand that anyone would want to hurt her when they did not even know her. There was no fear in her system as the two canines approached eachother. She only felt excitement, hoping he would become her new friend.

She would take him back to the den and show him Toefur and her family, and maybe he could eat dinner with them. Or maybe he could even catch them dinner, because he looked big and strong just like Dawali was. He answered, and her years perked to take in the pronunciation. She thought it was pretty. ”Hi Brennt, is pretty name, I’m Noir!” She repeated her name just in case he had not heard it properly. Just to be sure! He was very close now, but she did not mind, because she liked having people close. They were warm and cosy, and sometimes they hugged her or lifted her up in their arms. He was in the same form as she was, something she was not entirely used to, but that was not an issue.

Then it happened. She was about to let out more words when his face reached down to her and made her shoulder turn into a tumor of pain. She lost all sense of hearing, and she let out an astonished gasp, first in pain, but it made last a moment longer when her brain registered that it was he that had nipped her. He had made her hurt for no reason. Or was it a mistake? Adrenaline exploded in her system because of the shocking move, and it only helped her feel the pain more, her shoulder throbbing, sending needles into the rest of her body. Her eyes already felt wet, and her lip wanted to drop and send out a wail in pain. Attila sometimes became physical, but not even he hurt her this badly. ”Oww, why!”, she managed to push out before snot filled her nose along with leaking eyes.

She was completely unfamiliar with the situation, and so she fell down on her bum and just stared up at him, not grasping the underlying suggestion from her instincts that she should start running. Another flash of pain shot out from her shoulder, even more intense, and she felt a shocked wail press its way out of her throat and out into the air. It hurt. It hurt very much, but the girl was still in a confused shock, unable to grasp what was really happening. She got up from her bum faster than she had ever done before, but found herself running in under him. Whenever feelings of hurt and sadness overtook her, she had always been able to run into a warm embrace or a silky chest she could snuggle into. Her brain had yet to make sense of this unbelievable thing that was happening, so she was steering closer to the man, trying to push against his chest for safety, yet at the same time trying to avoid that mouth of his that seemed genuinely dangerous.

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Dude, she's so cute and helpless...I hope this experience won't traumatize her? Also, maybe this is a good time for Leland, since Brennt won't stay confused forever =P

What happened next was something that Brennt had never experienced before, and would never have expected. The little girl, the one he had hurt and the one he had hungered for, ran beneath him. He had hurt her, and she ran to shelter beneath him. It was an odd sensation, the warmth and vulnerability of the little child. It was a side of children he couldn't have guessed was there. Brennt had never believed children were cute, he had hated them from the start when his mother paid them more attention than she did him. Nonetheless, the creeping adoration that most wolves had for children, especially wolves from before the virus, came upon him now, and for the barest instant he was able to understand why he had lost out to them in his mother's eyes.

Nonetheless, that realization, which had come much faster than was usual to him, was slowly supplanted by other emotions. Children were bad. They had stolen mother, they had stolen Nowry Village, they had made him run away, they always reminded him of how much they'd hurt him, too. He hated children. He hungered after them. And now they were making him bad just like they had done to his mother, making people love them because they were cute and soft and innocent...

For a few moments, Brennt had allowed the little girl to shelter under him, but not he sprang up, stepping back and sticking his head down between his forelegs to grab her by the tail and pull her roughly back up front, where he snapped his jaws in front of her, inches away from her face. Why couldn't he eat her yet? Why weren't the words turning off? He didn't understand. He felt bad, he knew he was breaking the rules, and he was getting anxious about being discovered. He just wanted to eat her and leave.

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Oceane had been exploring past the tribe's lands once more and this time though she'd got away without her siblings finding out and threatening to run to their mother. She was quite happy with herself and the stalking she'd done after all the bugs along the way and back though her belly was quite full of the crunchy tangy insects now. She had not expected to come across anyone as she was sneaking back to the den but she'd heard the sound of her sister and the soft sniffles that normally were followed by tears. She had not scented her brothers nearby and she wondered just who in the world was making Noir cry, no one was allowed to make her sister cry but her siblings!

She crept closer to where the scent of her sister had come from and she caught sight of something that she had never thought possible. Noir was trying to hide under the feet of a stranger and the male seemed to be poking and picking fun at her sibling, but not in the normal teasing ways that Attila and she did. When she saw the crimson bloom of blood along her sister's pelt she growled a tiny puppy growl and boldly threw her little feet into action. She was not going to let this monster hurt her sister!

The small chocolate and beige pup did the only thing she knew to do and upon running in on the scene she yelled. "Yous leave my sister alone!" seconds before she bit down on the closest part of him she could reach. His tail. Latching on hard she uttered an angry snarl, her fur along her back bristling up. She had no intentions of letting go until he left her sister alone!

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OOC: Sorry, I thought we were waiting for Libri <<

A puppy's jaws were not strong, but a puppy's teeth were very sharp, and while Brennt had heard the little wolf running awkwardly over to him, he had not thought she would attack him any worse than he was used to. It was strange, he had used to be afraid of getting hurt, but even though he couldn't remember any of the details, he was comfortable enough with pain now that he did not shy away from it. He had many new marks on his body from the fights he'd been in, and he had become quite comfortable with the idea of getting hurt and hurting others...but not breaking the rules. It was as if his mother followed him everywhere...she would never love him again, but she could always hate him more because he was breaking the rules. He felt that pressure every time, but wasn't smart enough to know whether or not making her hate him so much he didn't care anymore was part of his mania.

One way or the other, the tiny jaws bore down, and he yelped. He was accustomed to injury, but had not expected to be bitten on the tail! Urgently, he began to turn around to get his teeth close to the puppy, but she wasn't there anymore! She was on his tail, and it hurt even worse because her weight was in the bite now, too! He whined loudly and turned desperately in circles, trying to catch her. It took him three tries, three spins, with the prickling pain in his tail growing the whole time before he snapped his jaws on her, and freed his poor tail, the hairs flying off as she was pulled away, and tiny little droplets of blood began forming where she'd bitten him. He backed away and growled, though his eyes were still very dim, he felt very upset that he'd been bitten. Puppies weren't supposed to bite! They were supposed to be perfect and cute and cuddly and never hurt anyone, that was why his mother had liked them best! That was why he hated them so much.

But it was a lie! They were just as bad as he was, they were just hiding it! His growling got lower, and he bared his teeth, as he had learned to do. His face was expressive enough, it was his eyes that were empty, vacant, soulless. How dare they trick mother! How dare they do this to him! And yet it was also a relief, to know they were bad and not perfect, because he wanted them not to be better than him, he wanted them to be just as bad. That made it less bad to kill them, less bad to eat them. And, someday, if he could prove they were bad, maybe mother would love him again?

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  For a moment there was safety and comfort in his thick, shaggy fur. It was as if it was all a part of a bad dream, but that safety was returning. However, the girl was wrong. Pain embraced her tail, and her dull claws drew lines in the dirt when she was dragged away from the safe chest. Her jaws snapped tightly shut to hold on a piece of fur from the man, but the force that had caught hold of her tail was too strong, and the small piece of fur she had relied on was ripped out, but the big man did not even seem to notice. Not that Noir noticed any of this herself. Her mind was numb and barely functioning and her eyes were blinded by the thick, salty rivers that ran down from each eye socket. There was pain and she could smell her own blood. This was not right, but this man was another wolf and he had given her his name. He was hurting her, but why why? A set of jaws snapped shut right in front of her, and the tan girl closed her eyes, letting a series of sobs hiccup out of her. What was happening and whyyy.

Oceane’s voice broke through, but by the time the golden eyed girl had recognized the voice, the words had passed. The big man started to whine, and when the girl opened her eyes she saw him running in circles with something big and Ocèane-like hanging from his tail. That was all she needed to see. She turned around and started running in a random direction, not aware that she was running away from Aniwaya rather than deeper into the lands. Uncontrollable sobs shook the child, and her run was not very fast. She was torn, because she had left Ocèane behind. The girl slowed down more and then did the only thing she could think of. She cried for help. ”HELP, BRENNT IS EATING ME AND OCE, HELP HELP HELP!” The tiny girl tried to utter a howl, but the sound was interrupted by her crying. Why was the world so mean?

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Firefly had been moving slowly along the edge of the tribe's lands. She'd been thinking of visiting Dawali and seeing how the strange wolves had grown. To see if perhaps they had taken up her offer to visit Phoenix Valley to assist with feeding the horses through the winter. She had been lingering just on the edge of making a choice when she heard the sound of a child crying out. At first she thought that it had been one of her own but she realized the voice to be too high, to be too feminine. She growled to herself as she realized that the children were in some kindof trouble. She figured that a tribemember would come to their help, but just in case she turned and took a leap through the opening in the barbwire and made a dash in the direction of the crying.

It didn't take her long to happen upon the mess and when she did she became furious as she saw just what the wolf was doing to the two children. Normally she didn't like puppies but even if she'd taunt and tease a child she wouldn't outright try and kill them.. as it seemed this beast was doing. She advanced towards the scene as a growl broke from her throat, the fur along her back bristling up as she barked. "Back away from them.." She realized suddenly that this male had to be the one that had been terrorizing the packlands. She'd heard that he'd killed a family of coyotes and had feasted on the bodies of the puppies. The thought disgusted her and she decided that she wasn't going to let the monster take these two.

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The Aston child had clamped her teeth down hard on the tail of the beast and she wasn't going to let go til he let go of her sister. She could feel her forelegs lifting off the ground as she tried to tug backwards, attempting to pull the larger male, though this feat was utterly useless. Her small little sea hued orbs glared in hatred at the male for harming her sister. The scent of her blood making Oceane bolder than even she normally would be. She locked her jaws down tight, tasting his blood as she began to gnash her teeth, hoping to cause him even more pain. He deserved more for what he had done to Noir!

Suddenly she felt herself being lifted off the ground as everything seemed to whirl in circles. She closed her eyes tight as she felt her grip on the tail begin to loosen, the greasy fur and skin of the male catching in her teeth as she tried her hardest to stay attached. She knew what happened when her hold finally broke and she wasn't looking forward to it.

Then she felt a searing pain in her side and hip as the male finally caught her. She couldn't help but let go as she screamed out, the pain almost causing her to black out as those jaws began to sink into her flesh. Closing around her thigh and cutting across her rump she could see the blood begin to pool under his fangs as she tried to twist around and lock her little teeth on his face. She was utterly useless as a fighter, she'd never had to fight before where blood was drawn.

The little girl had no clue what to do, she seriously thought that she was about to meet the maker when she heard a voice call out hotly through the air. She had somehow heard Noir's small voice crying out in the distance, she atleast had got away but now it was Oceane stuck in his jaws and she had no way of escaping now if the stranger wasn't going to help.

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Brennt froze at the sound of an adult female's voice. He turned slowly toward her, the puppy still squirming in his mouth. It was then that he realized that he had one, he could eat her right now and that would be the end of it, or run and run until the other wolf got tired...he could run farther than her, right? He was bigger, but he had a lot of stamina, maybe he could manage. If he killed the child now, she wouldn't have anyone to save, she wouldn't be quite so desperate, the damage would be done, she'd stop chasing him sooner...

Brennt's jaws quivered over the puppy's flesh, but would not bite down. He was having trouble. He couldn't stop thinking in words, he couldn't break the rules, and that meant he wouldn't get to eat! The woman was angry, and he knew all of a sudden that he was in trouble, and getting in more trouble moment by moment. He put the puppy down and backed away. He was dimly aware of the small trace of blood on his teeth, and he felt it push him even closer to switching over, but it didn't quite make it. He wasn't supposed to be here, and they wouldn't be happy.

"'Kay," he said obediently, stupidly, and backed away from the kids. He didn't want to get in trouble. If he wouldn't switch over, he wouldn't be able to eat, anyway. He didn't like that. He wanted to switch over and eat, and fight, and do all the fun things he sometimes did. He could fight the way he was now, but he wouldn't be as good. But he was still a lot bigger than the new wolf! Still, his apprehension about getting in trouble was stronger than his anger or his hunger, and he began eye-ing the path back the way he'd come, obviously thinking--slowly as he usually did--about how he might take that trail without being stopped.

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 Sorry for suckage :(

  Some big woman came from nowhere and went straight past her towards where the man was killing Noir’s sister. Noir stumbled after the pretty lady, although her vision was blurry and almost useless because of her tear-filled eyes. Fear wanted to swallow her whole with pelt and all, and when she saw the big figure again it was with Oce in his mouth. The light coloured girl screamed wildly at the sight, and she lost all control. Her limbs started to move and brought her onto a well known path that would eventually lead her back to the family den. She could not bear to be here another second, and she had to tell mommy and Dawali and everyone in the world that Oceane was dead and that she had been eaten by a very mean man that said his name was Brennt. Noir Aston completely missed out the rest of the scene, as she sped up and shot towards her home, crying loudly all the way.

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(sorry so short, there's not much she can do after attacking..)

Firefly glared at the male as she advanced towards him, a growl rising in her throat as her fierce emerald orbs seemed to cut through the male. The screams of the second child cut through her ears as she slowly made her move, trying to force the male to back up. She watched as he seemed to suddenly decide to let the child go. Her ears pinned back against her ears as she snarled. "Is this a game to you.." She watched as the wounded child tried to crawl away, her eyes quickly darting back to the male as she placed herself closer and closer to the male.

Without warning she suddenly lunged at the male, her fangs seeking his flesh. All her pain and frustration at the loss of her own children coming out in that one swift action. She didn't care what happened to her right now, the bastard had to pay. He was just as twisted and fucked up as Haku and neither of them deserved to live.

POSTED: Fri May 22, 2009 1:44 pm

The little girl had tears of pain streaming down her face as suddenly the pressure and weight of the male's jaws disappeared from her hind end. She tried to drag herself away from the beast as sobs racked her body. She couldn't see Noir anywhere and she began to think that maybe she hadn't escaped, maybe the horrible male had actually killed her. She let out a wail of despair as she closed her eyes up tight and mourned for her lost sibling. Oblivious to the fact that Noir had actually done what Noir does best and had run away to tell on the horrible monster.

She caught the sound of the voice of the woman and she turned her tear stained eyes towards the lady, thinking for a moment that it had been mommy but instead of their mother she was met with a beautiful blur of colors as the female leaped at the horrible puppy killer. She just kept on sobbing as she watched wide eyed at the scene playing out before her.

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I guess it goes back to you again, Shannon? I think Noir is out. You can have Firefly catch up to him (she can if she wants, he's slow), or let him go, it's up to you =P

Brennt's reaction saved his whiskers. Jumping back with a speed shocking for his girth, he turned and began to run. He didn't want to get in trouble! The puppies were okay, why was she chasing him!? He hated puppies, and he hated stupid grown-ups who thought they were perfect. Why had it been okay for Pallok to try to kill him, but not for him to kill puppies? Everybody thought puppies were better than everyone else! It was a lie! They bit people too, and were selfish and stole mother's love and were the worst things in the world!

"Nuh-uh!" Brennt said miserably as he ran from the raging woman. He was panicking, and struggling for the words she wanted to hear. Why were puppies so good at lying, and he was so bad at it? He hated being stupid more than anything else, even more than puppies. If he hadn't been stupid, no one would have disliked him. Mother might have loved him more if he had not been stupid. "Not a game! Not a game!" he called out, his words lacking inflection despite their volume which told of desperation. He had already been in a lot of fights, and if he couldn't turn the words off, he might not win! He ran from her, but he wasn't as fast in a sprint as he was in his reactions. He had a hundred and sixty pounds of mass to get moving, and he couldn't outrun her! Desperately, he tried to go out the way he'd come.

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