escaping to get caught

POSTED: Sun May 17, 2009 4:44 pm

Little paws moved quietly over the overgrown grasses of the cemetery, her eyes wide with excitement as she stared about at the place of burial for those horrible human creatures that had tried to rule the world so long ago. Even if it hadn't really been that long to a child it was an eternity. She was putting up a brave front but she knew from the tribe that a place of burial was sacred and here she was treading on the holy grounds of the human world. The knowledge that she shouldn't be there made a smug smile appear on her lips as she wandered down the rows studying the words she could not understand that were written on the tombstones all around.

Oceane could smell the scent of another tribe nearby but she didn't stop to think that perhaps she'd stepped over the line and had entered their territories. Not that she really cared, she was at that age where she was a little bit reckless in everything she did, as long as she could learn something from it in the end she didn't mind the trouble she might get into. Mommy was a little bit too lenient in punishment on the small ones and Oceane hadn't realized yet that not everyone else would be the same. She had a lot of learning to do, luckily a long time to do it in.

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