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1. Character Name: Ty Trenton Nasphrite
2. Character Birthdate (including year): March 2nd, 2008
3. Whether s/he is a regular wolf or a Luperci: Luperci Ortus
4. Gender: Male
5. Your e-mail: adamoski1@yahoo.com
6. A secondary form of contact (AIM, MSN, Y!M): PaperFanWarrior on AIM
7. How did you learn/hear about 'Souls?: Well, after making friends with Lin, I kind of noticed her on here out of the corner of my eye from time to time. I have to say how she explained it to me perked my interest, it was quite an interesting concept, and given a few months I decided I might as well take a look myself. I've never played a wolf of any kind before, and in a world without humans, I was fairly curious, and figured I might as well take a crack at it.

Seeing as how I don't have a lot of good examples of my old roleplays, an IC attempt to join sounds more reasonable.

Ty sighed as he found his way to Phoenix Valley, or what he thought might be Phoenix Valley, he didn't honestly remember all that well, as it had been a while since he left. Ty had never been good at directions either, and he more often just followed what he thought was the way to go, which was probably why he was never the navigator when he had been out sailing. It was a nice sunny but cool day as he traversed through the forest, his light frame and lean but toned muscles allowed him to quickly traverse even wet and soggy terrain like the current forest he was in, and seeing as how it was rather early in the day the fatigue wasn't really setting in either. Ty felt good today, he took a deep inhale now and again just to feel the nice cool air really rush through his lungs, almost cleansing his soul as he exhaled.

He soon reached the Woodview quarry, which he remember fondly as the dry, dusty place with pools at the bottom in which he and his sister would play in when they were able to get away from their mother. When he did realize that he was in the limestone quarry known as Woodview, his tail perked up and he somewhat smiled as he looked over one of the ledges, that meant for him that he was getting closer. After all, it would be nice to reach his destination, he had been walking for days now, most likely because he simply didn't remember where to go. However, to be fair, when there was no sense of urgency to reach a destination, he would take the scenic route. He liked just walking by himself, it gave him time to think about things. Unfortunately, for the past day and a half he had been debating whether a fish or a bird tastes better, which made him more and more hungry. In his mind, a bird had a nice tough texture with a rather nice flavorful taste, but on the other hand, he loved the rich salty flavor of a fish, though it's slippery and slimy texture was less then appetizing...

However, his inner conflict on which food tastes better got him into trouble, he snapped back into reality as one of his feet slipped on the muddy slope. He only had time to yelp out before he felt his body collapse to the ground. And, unfortunately, because it was a slope, his body didn't stop moving when it hit the ground. When he hit, his body began to glide down the slop on the mud, covering his fur and further dirtying his coat more then it already was, almost turning him into a dirty brown as he continued to slip down. He eventually fell off the slope and over a rather small cliffside, slamming his body into a rock, not damaging anything but still delivering quite a blow to his back, forcing him to shout out in pain as he slipped down this new slope, also covered in mud. He could now also feel the limestone rocks still buried in the ground slam and tear against his body, scraping and bruising him. He then fell off a second cliff, slamming against a rather large rock jutting out from the side and finally crashing into the water, which followed with him slowly washing up onto one of the more shallow areas, allowing him to simply lay there and groan for a while. He slowly sat up and rubbed his head as he looked up from the puddle he sat in and observed the path he fell down. Sighing lightly, the only thing he really muttered about it was "Well...I guess it could be worse..." He said as he winced while rising to his feet, now feeling the bruised and battered places he hit on the way down.

Now wet, tattered, and muddy, he looked around to see which path would be the easiest way up, realizing how hard it would be if he simply tried to climb a wall. He eventually found a path, which was still a difficult set of rocks, but manageable for Ty even in this battered state. Reaching a hand up, he grasped the rock as his powerful hind legs began to push him up the small canyon. He mumbled "I really hope this trip was worth it..." as he clamored his way to the top, nearly slipping once or twice on the still wet rocks.

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Hi Adam! :D

What had been a simple walk around the territory became quite a bit more complicated at a moments' notice, though that was typical anytime Jefferson decided to stroll or try to clear his mind. Even when the one-eyed idiot himself was idle and had nothing better to do than canter about aimlessly or patrol the borders, there always seemed to be far more going on in the territory that rarely didn't move to interrupt him. This case followed in suit, of course: two-legged steps a short distance from the shoreline paused when nearby rumbling caught his ears. Jefferson turned, only to watch in mild surprise as a figure took a rather long, humorous tumble down the quarry. The cyclops probably should have been worried, but was more amused by the strange yelps and cries the wolf was making, including the longer shriek as he tumbled off a cliff, through the air, and spiraling into the ocean. At this, the one-eyed idiot laughed wholeheartedly -- the first time in a while -- and worked his way up and around the cliffside, knowing well from personal experiences that the entire trip down that useless quarry couldn't kill anyone, anyway.

He had assumed the tumbler to be DaVinci due to the familiar shrieks (at whom he would have openly mocked to no end), but upon looking down from the cliff's edge at the poor boy struggling his way back up to safety on the wet rocks, Jefferson was pleasantly surprised. "Ty? You're back too?" Skylar had surprised him with her presence just a few days before, but the cyclops had chosen not to question her on the whereabouts of her brother whom the Patriarch had mentored and developed quite a bond with before the boy had run off to sail the seas in search of his mother. His scarred expression brightened, extending his one arm down at the boy to help him up. "Here, grab my hand. Your sister said you hadn't come back with her," the brute observed, smiling for once.

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Hearing a familiar voice, Ty's head sprung up from his climb to a familiar face, his one-eyed mentor and friend Jefferson. "Yeah....yeah I'm back..." He replied sheepishly as he reached out and grabbed the strong hand of his mentor, almost slipping due to the mud and dirt. After pulling himself up, he wearily brushed out some of the mud and dirt, saying."I decided to take a more scenic route, I wasn't in as big of a rush as her, of course all that got me as you see is a few bruises and a wet and muddy coat." He let out a small chuckle as he stretched out his back, still sore from the fall. He glanced over at Jefferson and grinned largely, almost in disbelief to see him still standing there. "It's great to see you by the way, I kind of figured you'd still be here...but you haven't aged at all." Taking a small sigh, he turned to Jefferson and continued talking, wanting to share so much with the one-eyed wolf, but not really having the time or the idea of where to begin, so he simply decided to cut to the chase. "After running off and sailing for a bit, I split up from Skylar to go and try some things of my own, and while living as a wolf was nice, I felt kind of lonely, so I came back here....hoping you'd take me back into the pack..."

He paused after he finished his sentence, not really knowing how to continue from there, he'd already said his intentions for coming back, but he didn't really know how Jefferson would take it. After all, he and his sister were swept away from Phoenix Valley without Ty even having a chance to say goodbye to Jefferson, he scratched his head lightly and looked off into the sky as he waited to see what Jefferson would say. He hoped that Jefferson would take him back in, but who really knew? He did remember that Jefferson was sometimes a jerk and would do things just for the sake of pushing buttons, but it would usually be in good fun. Still, the doubts came to mind, of course that was just his own foolish nature, he was always one to see every possible situation happen in his mind, but he stood fast and glanced at Jefferson with his strange brown and blue eyes, which added to the happy yet determined face Ty had on as he looked at his former mentor, despite the mud and dirt on his face.

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Jefferson didn't have the capability to use both arms to help hoist the boy up to safety, but the five-year-old brute was lucky to have developed such muscle in his good arm (due to overuse, of course) in substitution for the other. He pulled the yearling up to safety and smiled as the boy began to speak, chatting on and on, always the talkative pup he'd been so far back. It hadn't been easy to introduce him to hunting when he'd never been able to shut his yapper -- the cyclops had scolded him then, but it evidently never sank in. Had he been as young as back then, though, he might not have been able to stand up and brush himself off after such a stumble and fall.

"I've aged in more ways than one, boy," the Patriarch smirked. Recent weeks had been overwhelming; even though he wasn't as young as he used to be, the brute was still learning. Tyrone probably wouldn't have understand how much his mind had aged simply because of his talks with Geneva and the realization that he was a parent. Ty sank a little when he continued, at which the Patriarch straightened his back and nodded. "Of course, Ty. This will always be your home." ...A bit too sentimental sounding for Jefferson. "Your dad is still around, you know."

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"I can only imagine that you have." Ty joked lightly as he punched Jefferson lightly in his good arm, luckily it was his good arm, he never knew anything happened to his other arm. His face and tail perked up when he heard that he was allowed back in. A burst of fast childish banter came out of his mouth "Yes! thanks Jeff--erm...patriarch...what exactly do I call you now? Sir, leader, something of that sort right? Oh well, doesn't matter, ahh it feels good to be back, I can't wait to see everyone, and the new people in the pack, this is going to be--" Ty then quickly shut up when he looked to see that one soul-piercing emerald eye annoyingly glaring at him, sending that silent but apparent message that he was talking too much, as he used to. But Ty tended to do that when he was nervous, and while Jefferson was one of his best friends and mentors, he was also a big influential leader, and that slightly intimidated the young wolf, although he wouldn't admit it. He had been working on not talking so much, and had been relatively silent through his sailing career, but maybe seeing Jefferson again made him let it all out. However, he was beginning to calm down now, he let out a big soft sigh, heaving his chest in and relaxing, now feeling more at home with the old one-eyed wolf.

However, mention of his father caused Tyrone's jaw to clamp up slightly and his eyes widen a little, hearing his father alive was quite a shock. "He....he is?" He asked, with a certain worry and excitement in his voice. Like Jefferson, he hadn't really said goodbye to his father, he barely remembered what he looked like, it had been quite long since he talked to him. He never wrote either, so that would make the meeting more awkward then this one. He barely knew his father, and now Jefferson says that he is alive. This could be an opportunity to get to know his father, but for some reason, he didn't really want to, he had cut ties with most of his family anyway. "That's....good to hear." He said finally after a long bit of silence as he thought of what to say, his mind not really thinking of anything to babble on about at this point. "I...look forward to seeing him...I guess." He was pausing in between words because he didn't really know what to say, he was at a loss for words.

However, after the awkwardness asked, Ty suddenly broke into a smile and said. "Now can we go to a river or something so I can bathe? I think I'm starting to smell like wet dog."

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Just a note: Ty was in PV for a long time before taking off. He DOES know his father -- there isn't much to "get to know about him" that hasn't figured out already. You might want to IM Shannon about that if you're unsure. ^^

Jefferson opened a laugh at the boy's unintentional clumsiness with words, rambling on with the sudden onset of excitement and reverting back to his young, youthful side that the cyclops was so accustomed to. Tyrone had certainly grown up since the days when the pup had followed in his footsteps and the one-eyed brute had taught him all the basics. Ty had been there the day they found Iskata, the day she had been found blind and beaten on the pack's outskirts. Jefferson had shielded the boy's eyes from the sight and hastily sent him ahead to find Deuce and his father and warn them, while the cyclops himself rescued the woman he himself idolized and looked up to just as Ty had done to him. To this day, the Patriarch wondered how much of that Tyrone still remembered... or if the boy remembered his grandmother only as the "useless", blind woman his sister led around and watched over.

"Jefferson is fine, Tyrone," the scarred brute smiled, breaking away from his mesmerizing thoughts. The cyclops had addressed the boy with his full name, giving his words a touch of direction and command, at which his almost-nephew winced and smiled shyly. "Your father leads the pack after me. He's busy these days, but..." The single green eye of the cyclops glittered warmly, though the boy sank in some sort of doubt or second thoughts. "...He'd be very happy to see you, Ty. Go meet up with him and your sister... you'll be fine."

That said, the boy perked up and requested a move, at which the Patriarch easily complied. "All right, all right. Let's see how well you remember this territory. Lead the way." A smile, and they moved on.

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