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1. Character Name: Enigma de le Poer
2. Character Birthdate (including year): September 22nd 2008
3. Whether s/he is a regular wolf or a Luperci: Luperci
4. Species: 81.25% Canis lupus ortus 12.5% Canis latrans ortus 6.25% Canis familiaris ortus
5. Gender: Male
6. A secondary form of contact (AIM, MSN, Y!M). Iskata Sadira AIM,
7. Initial post:

She had bolted in the night, leaving him behind. He couldn't help but believe the little bitch had done it on purpose and he knew he would make her pay. They were suppose to have went together and found these lands of fortune and future together. Forget that they had left Jael behind long ago, still torn between their mother and father. He wondered still which parent their sibling had chosen to follow or if they would be following in the steps of the other two littermates and search out the clan. Enigma frankly didn't care where they went but knowing if they were near or far was a bit of information that could be very useful.

Enigma had come to the boundaries of the lands, the skulls of their enemies positioned all around making him smile as he sat down on a smoothed topped boulder and chuckled to himself. The boy had found a pistol after Halo had ditched him and the boy had spent many hours learning how to load the weapon and clean it til it shone. He was very proud of the weapon of chaos he'd acquired and knew that one day it would get him where he wanted to be. That was then, here was now. He'd already found what he wanted, now the only problem was getting into the clan.

The stories their father had spun had twisted and warped their little minds. Enigma had come to believe that just his name alone was perfect for admittance but he didn't know for certain. Faces and names, descriptions and tales rolled through his mind as he smiled and rested his fingers on the cold barrel in his lap as he sat there, a eerie statue waiting to be discovered, His eyes were dark and sinister while his appearance seemed almost cheery. The male was a puzzle no matter what angle you looked at his profile from.

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     For nearly two months, Ezekiel had been laid up. He had spent the first two weeks dealing with remarkable pain. While he had asked his father repeatedly to find him pain medication, Gabriel had outright refused. The threat of addiction was one all too real in their bloodline, and while Ezekiel had understood that, it had made him furious. His father had taken the rage in stride, along with the panic, the night terrors, the days when he had broken down completely because everything hurt more then he had ever imagined it could.
     Then, slowly, things began to heal. After the first month he was mobile again, though both father and son had followed Corona’s instructions diligently. His training had not resumed until a few days ago, and he had been rusty. Still, he intended to push himself hard. Two months was a lifetime. Stalking through the tall grass, he was nearly invisible—a mottled mix of gold and brown-black, meant for land like this. A peculiar scent made his path alternate, and all too soon he emerged from the tall grass and found the source. The boy was nothing remarkable; the weapon in his hands was. Ezekiel froze, and a terrible darkness crossed through his face. He cared as little for those dishonorable and terrible weapons of man as he did for the air of the stranger. “What do you want?” Short; snappy; he sounded nothing like himself.

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The boy who went by Enigma had been far off in a place of his own when out of nowhere it seemed that another had crashed in on his party for one. A warped smile spread across his maw as the scent of the clan that had to be Inferni struck his nose. He slowly slipped the gun back in it's holster as his grey black eyes studied the figure before him as he replied calmly. "Answers, what everybody seeks." His fingers slid across the cold grey gunmetal one last time as he finished his mindless obsession with the death bringer.

Enigma de le Poer let his feet unwind from the position he'd been sitting in, his toes dangling in the early summer grass now as he examined the scars across the other male's face. His words were almost dangerous as he explained. "I've heard stories of the clan, of the family I belong's my birthright." Moons of the stories had danced around in his head and warped the innocent mind of the child, now he was nothing more than an instrument for mayhem and chaos.

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     The blonde’s eyes narrowed sharply, focusing in with ferocious intensity on the stranger. Whoever this boy was, the way he presented himself was doing little to impress the Hastati. Ezekiel frowned slightly and shifted his weight. At the claim, Gabriel’s firstborn son—and the son who by all rights was destined to lay claim to the clan—grunted, unimpressed. “So you think that makes you special?”

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Enigma knew he was being sized up by the other male but he didn't care, he knew his place in life and he knew where he belonged, if others doubted this or flat out didn't believe he would show them in the end. The grasses that tickled his toes swayed slightly as the silence between the two was short lived by the question that the apparent clan member presented him with. He just offered a slight smile as he questioned the the golden male's statement. "Did I say that?" he asked, one brow quirked as he brought one knee up to rest his arm on. "I just want to be where I belong.. my sister is already here I believe." He glanced into the lands, knowing that he had atleast caught her scent in the area, if she'd stayed or been thrown out he had no clue. He knew little of the clan but it's past, what there was now he had to learn. There was much to learn.

The male offered his hand to the other in a somewhat friendly gesture as he presented himself. "Enigma de le Poer." He hoped the male would atleast give him a name in return or shake hands, the whole situation would be awfully awkward if he was left there with his arm out in the air and no response from the fellow.

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     The stranger—Enigma, as he soon named himself—was mouthy. He was young, younger then Ezekiel, and struck him as having been taught little respect. For this reason, the coyote’s once placid temper was now on end. He couldn’t explain why or how his self control had begun to shatter, but it was. Four-legged, Ezekiel did nothing but regard the extended hand. Such formality seemed unbefitting for someone carrying a gun and speaking in riddles. “Ezekiel de le Poer," he responded flatly. “My father is the Aquila here. You’ll probably want to speak with him.” And yet, Ezekiel did not call for the leader, nor make move to do so.

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Enigma realized shortly that the other male wasn't going to give him any sort of response for offering his hand so he finally just shrugged and took his hand back to lay in his lap. The other male seemed to have a stick up his ass but Enigma was in no place to judge him just yet. Time would give him a deeper understanding of the whole place. When he finally was granted with a name Enigma grinned, having obviously found another of his long lost family members, though the boy seemed far from welcoming. He hoped that that would change soon, but he couldn't do anything if it didn't.

When he spoke of his father being the leader Enigma's ears perked up as he waited for the other to finally call his father but it seemed that the newcomer was expecting too much from the scarred male. Clearing his throat he replied finally. "If it's not a bother.." Though it seemed that it must be with the way his some was acting.

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     Slowly, a thin smile broke across the blonde boy’s face. It was not completely honest; indeed, he looked as if he was in on a joke that the youth in front of him was not. “You think it’s as simple as that, Freckles?” The coyote flicked one ear dismissively and the side of his muzzle twitched, irritated by the scent of the gunpowder. “What do you have to offer us besides that gun, huh?” It was a temporary defense, and it would not serve him well. As an archer, that much Ezekiel understood. His left eye squinted slightly, and the sensation of the scars made a second and terrible darkness pass over his face.

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Enigma was starting to wonder about the male's mental stability as he finally was able to prod Ezekiel into speaking, or perhaps the male had come out of whatever stupor he'd been lulling in, whatever the reason the thin tempting smile that appeared on his lips and the nickname he'd been granted made Enigma pin his ears back in annoyance. "Nothing in life is as simple as it may appear.." he said as he drew himself up from his relaxed pose, wondering just what he'd done to get under the skin of the brat prince so quickly. It didn't seem too long before he seemed to have found an answer.

A warped little smile crept across his maw as he chuckled. "That gun is not for the clan.." The gun was for the weak spirit of his mother. One day when their paths would cross he'd see her for what she really was and end her misery. Until then it was only for practice until her blood pooled at his feet. The horrid smile that had played on his lips soon faded as he realized that this fool wasn't going to allow him to get anywhere. He was going to have to give him more reasoning than just his blood ties. It seemed that perhaps blood wasn't as thick as he thought here in the clan. Things may have changed quite a bit since the days of his father.

He brought both feet back up onto the rock and crouched there as he narrowed his eyes at the older male before stating what he'd learned under the rule of his father. "My father began to teach me how to fight. I'm a good tracker and stealthy when needed. I've begun to learn to read and write but I've still got a ways to go." Their mother had taught them nothing that would serve them as the mutts of the territories. He let his ears swivel forward as he asked bluntly, "Are you just going to throw me back to the filthy wolves.. not even give me a chance?" This was nothing like the stories his father had passed onto them.. perhaps they'd grown weak over time.

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     Suspicion crept into Ezekiel’s eyes at the mention of the gun. If not for the clan, then for what? What terrible purpose could a boy barely a yearling carry with him? The same as the peculiar girl he had seen in the mansion, he supposed. Lifting both brows, the coyote let out a loud yipping call for his father. As he quieted down, the boy shook the grass shedding from his coat and studied what he supposed was his cousin. He could see a vague sort of similarity in the boy, but neither Ezekiel nor his sister had such atrocious attitudes. “So who’s your father anyway?”

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     “He’s my brother,” Gabriel’s voice cut in, shortly before the Aquila emerged from the tall grass. “And a blood traitor to the clan.” At this, Ezekiel’s eyes narrowed once more, and shot back sharply to the speckled youth. Conscious of this, Gabriel placed himself between the two boys and stared down at his nephew. “Your sister explained the situation. I told her as I will tell you—Vitium turned against this clan years ago. He has no right to call himself a Lykoi.”

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Finally it seemed that he had passed the exam. He wasn't for certain just what it was like in a clan or even a pack, they'd never lived in one, always alone with their small family unit. Ezekiel had asked just who his father was and he had been about to give an answer to the golden male when out of nowhere another stepped in. Enigma's ears pinned back almost instantly as he caught the look in the yearlings eyes. His own grey black orbs shot back and forth from one male to the other as the truth of his father was revealed.

Enigma opened his mouth to reply but nothing came out. After a moment he straightened up and stated darkly. "I'm not my father..." He had never known that all the stories that his father had spoke to them were tainted with some horrible deed he'd done. Enigma turned his eyes, those eyes that were clones of his father to the leader as he growled. "What did he do.." He had thought his father could do no wrong and yet here the man he thought was his hero had turned out to be a fake. His believes had been destroyed in the man. but there was still the clan.

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     Gabriel saw the effect his words had and was glad for it. The girl had been much the same way. While Vitium had filled their head with stories, he had neglected to mention his own. His brother must have gone mad, if he had assumed that the Aquila had forgotten that day. Conscious of his own son’s eyes on him, Gabriel spoke pointedly. “A wolf came to Inferni after the Aremys War. Despite my mother’s warnings, and both mine and Hybrid’s presence, he refused to leave. Your father took it upon himself to try and save him, and attacked us. He was scarred and exiled then and there—by all rights,” the hybrid continued, his eyes turning dark. “, we should have done the world a favor and killed him.”
    There was no sign that Gabriel felt any sympathy for his family members. That had been made remarkably clear the day he had torn out his half-brother’s throat. “If you intend to stay here it would do you well to avoid following in his footsteps.”

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Enigma's ears flicked back against his head as the truth of their father came to light. So they were stuck with a mother who was a worthless wolf and a father who was a traitor. His dark eyes narrowed as he turned his face towards Gabriel as he declared. "Vitium is no longer my father..." his words were cold as he tried to manage his anger and disgust at the truth that seemed to be circling him now. He was here at the doorstep to the clan his father had spoken so highly of but he wasn't the son of a trusted clan member, he carried the blood of a traitor through his veins.

He shook his head as Gabriel told him just what he expected of him if he stayed. Enigma knew that he was testing his luck as he asked. "I'd like to stay.. but I don't want anyone knowing who my father was." He turned his eyes back to Ezekiel, wondering if the older male would take the chance to gloat that his father was a traitor any chance he could or if perhaps he would have the decency to keep his trap shut.

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     The Aquila’s face remained in stasis, unmoved by the boy’s sudden decision to reject his father completely. Bastard son of a traitor or not, there was no true way to change whom gave him his blood, his name. Behind him, he heard Ezekiel’s body shift, but the boy made no move. Instead, his son’s eyes had gone flat—as if he had suddenly vanished and left his body behind. Gabriel inhaled, heard the noise of those three peculiar charms hit one another, and then spoke. “That will be your issue to deal with, not mine. Your sister is all ready here; she took up residency in the mansion in the south-east. Welcome to Inferni,” he added, the slightest twinge of some dark amusement in his voice. Of course, his brother should send his children here.

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