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Private. For Siobhan.
     The dreams had been coming and going for over two months. A man he now knew to be a demon came, white teeth flashing in the darkness, the scent of sulfur and blood all over him. Each time they fought Ezekiel lost, and each time he lost he was killed. Cwmfen never came. No one ever came. The pain was unimaginable, and in the grips of death he saw faces he could not remember and smelt fire.
     Ezekiel woke with a start, and found himself in the sunlight. For one split second he did not know where he was. Soon enough, however, he recognized the place; it was close to the den he and Siobhan shared. The boy pushed himself up, stretched in a bow, and yawned widely. Shaking the grass seeds from his coat, the Hydra shifted his weight and turned still. With a silent intensity he began to observe the Waste, gold-yellow eyes traveling over landmarks and bare space slowly.

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It was strange to see the lands as bare as they were, with no snow. She'd never gotten the chance to see these rich colors; even in Inferni things were beautiful, the once green grass turning to brown, leaves of trees looking a little less fresh and a little more dry. She didn't know about things like grass, or why it was turning the same color as the dirt. She would have to ask someone.

The young adult sat in her optime form next to a small creek that ran near her and Ezekiel's den. She had thought about going for a swim, because it was rather hot outside, but wasn't so sure about getting her dress wet. Ever since she and Bane had found the human clothing she had worn it. It reminded her of the old days, the old coat that she had worn when she had first come to this place. Siobhan absolutely loved clothing.

She stood up from the rock, walking along the long bank of the river until she reached the shore. She wore no shoes, and wasn't worried about getting her feet dirty. She stepped into the water until it reached her ankles, then the bottom of her calves, then stopped. Any farther and she would get the pretty red dress wet.

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     A flash of red amongst the otherwise sepia tones caught his attention. Ezekiel froze and his mouth shut, focused on the source with the same sort of intensity he showed when hunting. Even when he recognized the figure for Siobhan, he did not lose that predatory gaze. If anything, his eyes darkened a shade. Pushing up with his back legs, the boy rose and began to make his way through the tall grass. Unlike his father and sister, Ezekiel had gained the coyote hide, and he nearly vanished amongst such colors.
     He found her in the river, wearing a dress that was turning ragged with use. Advancing, he regarded her with the same expression, and did not announce himself until he was remarkably close to the water. “What are you doing?”

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The dress was in a definite state of raggedness, but she'd continued to wear it anyway. As long as it wasn't torn apart or anything it was still of good use to her. It covered her up and she thought that it looked pretty. Maybe when she was done wading she would try her hand at fishing. She was getting better at hunting, a bit, but had been told that fishing could be easier. And she really liked the taste of fish.

Ever since she had found Haven in the church she'd been thinking about him, the boy a constant presence in the back of her mind. She wanted to be with him, but he couldn't live here. And she had many questions about what it was like to be in a couple, about what kinds of things couples did together. She had seen Ezekiel many times while he had been healing from his injuries, but hadn't gotten up the courage to ask just yet.

"Zeke?" She turned around when she heard her voice, the folds of her dress slipping out of her hands and down into the water. Well, now she would be wet. It was warm enough though...it probably wouldn't matter. She came out of the water, her toes squishing in the mud of the bank. "Siobhan did not see you. How are you feeling today?"

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     She turned at his voice, and then came towards him. His eyes trailed to the necklace she wore and he felt a peculiar twinge; where had that come from, he wondered. It was not uncommon to see her playing with it when she thought he wasn’t watching, staring off into the distance. Though that meant something, he did not know what. “I’m fine,” he said, aware of the bruises under his fur from the ring-eyed hybrid. Physical pain seemed lessened after the terrible wounds he had suffered from Cwmfen’s father.
     His eyes darkened a shade. “What are you doing?” He asked again, perhaps a little more impatient then he needed to be.

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She had thought that it was pretty obvious what she was doing...couldn't he see? She was just walking in the water a little bit. And she had only been asking about him because she worried about him. She had been worrying about him for a long time. "That's good. Siobhan was walking in the water, silly." She came a little farther up the bank.

"Zeke, do coyotes ever leave Inferni? Go somewhere else? Siobhan did not know if our kind was welcomed other places...but she spoke with her friend Haven's mom, who lives in Crimson Dreams...and she said that some packs do like coyotes" She was a pure one, a pure coyote. The majority of ones that she had met, though, were some kind of hybrid.

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I figure this thread can lead to them having a bit of a spat, which can be a big reason for her running off to CdM?
     At her question, both of his ears flared forward. Instinctively, his eyes narrowed, suspicious at the question. “People leave all the time. If they do they aren’t worth it,” he nearly growled, flicking one ear in irritation. Ezekiel dropped his face slightly, and lifted one paw and rub at the fresh scars on his face. They no longer hurt, but that did not change the fact that he was all too well aware of their presence. Only then did he realize what else she had said—and he dropped his paw, lifting his face to stare her down. “You went to a wolf pack?” He spat, eyes flashing with a sudden and vicious violence. “Siobhan why would you do that? What did I tell you about them?” Nothing quite as terrible as his grandmother might have warranted, but it had been enough to keep her in check. Or, so he had assumed.

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Sure thing

Her legs were all wet, but she didn't mind. It helped with the heat a little. Siobhan had never felt such temperatures before, and now that they were beginning to soar the female had taken to traversing the wetter areas of the territory in hopes of finding a way to cool down. She grabbed onto the hem of her dress, flapping it a bit to help it dry. "Oh." She said simply. Those who left weren't worth it. If she moved away...then he might not want to see her again. Or want to be her friend any more.

Siobhan had thought that she was free to move around as she pleased as long as she was careful. She hadn't gone into any of the other territories...only Crimson Dreams, because she had thought Haven was there. It was just her luck that her friend was the son of two of the leaders there and that she had been allowed to come in and out to look for him. "It was safe" She insisted. "Siobhan's best friend Haven...his mom runs one of those packs. It's the only one that she went to. He said it was okay."

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I'm playing as if Siobhan hasn't told Ezekiel that Haven kissed her. She totally should. He'll flip out. :]
     Resentment began to brew in the chest of the young man. After all he had done for her, she would go behind his back with a best friend? Both eyes, clear and cold, narrowed sharply. The coyote’s ears flared forward, and the hair along his spine began to lift, making his body appear thicker then it was. “Your best friend? I thought I was your best friend.” Oddly, there was no sorrow in his tone. It was only the low and dangerous anger of a boy wronged.

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Yeah :D

"You are my family. You will always be my friend...won't you?" She asked. This conversation wasn't taking a very good turn, she could feel it. Ezekiel's voice was getting sharper and shorter--that usually meant that he wasn't too happy. She had other friends besides him...he knew that, didn't he? She had done what she could to help take care of him while he had been healing, but she hadn't been able to make herself stay there by his side all the time. Maybe he was mad about that too.

Siobhan wrung her hands together then ran them over the material of her dress, smoothing it down. "Haven is more than a friend to me. He likes me, like people...who aren't family do." She admitted, looking down at her dress.

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     Family, she said. Then, as he listened, she began to explain herself. His paws gripped the ground, intent on finding something to hold onto. He worried that if he did not, his body would move on its own and send him against her. She had done the only thing he had asked her not to do; wander alone near the wolf packs. Talitha had been captured that way. She had been tortured and returned an entirely different girl. They were monsters.
     But what Siobhan explained was not that this boy was her friend, but that he was more then a friend. He liked her the way that a boy would like a girl. Suddenly, his eyes were on fire. His voice went terribly low, and his body turned still. “Did he do anything to you?”

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The wrens outside will not shut up x_x they're yelling at my cat because she's near their bird house :x

Ezekiel was the one who had brought her here in the first place and he'd given her a home and had let her stay even when she had gone places that he had told her not to go. She had to learn things for herself, though--she was an adult in the clan and could make her own way. She was staying with Zeke out of choice, in his den with him...did he think that there was more going on than she did? Siobhan thought about this, her hands clasped together, a tense expression on her face. Why did he care what Haven had done? As long as she was happy?

"Siobhan is an adult now...she can make her own choices" She stated. "She likes Haven--he is very nice to her. He dissapeared for a while...yes, but Siobhan found him and she is happy with him!" How could he be angry with her, knowing how happy Haven made her? She wanted to be with the orange wolf, to stay by his side as long as he would let her. She had thought that they might be able to work something out with Inferni...but no, maybe not. She would definitely have to leave to be with Haven. "Haven can't live here, though...not here. He is part coyote but it is not enough"

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     It took him less then ten seconds to make up his mind. Ezekiel’s ears flared forward and his upper lip pulled back, baring his still-white teeth to the peculiarly colored girl. Of course, she had chosen a wolf. After everything he had done for her, every warning, she had done the one thing that he had not expected. “Wolves are bad,” he barked, desperation crawling in his voice. “If you want to be with him you go be a wolf. Then you’ll be bad too. Get out. Get your stuff and go!” There was anger, and there was the terrible hurt of betrayal. How could she do such a thing? After everything he had done for her, she would betray him in such a way?
     The anger rose in his chest, and he began to tremble. GET OUT OF HERE! He yelled, no longer trusting himself. A very strong part of himself desire to strike her, to smack some sense into her thick skull. He would not. Ezekiel could not bring himself to do such a thing, but he did not understand why he felt so horrible.

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She didn't know what to do now. She had wanted to leave, yes, but not on these terms. She had thought that he would be happy for her to know that she was happy...but he didn't care about her at all! The young girl sniffed a little, shaking her head. "NO! No Zeke! How could you say a thing to Siobhan? She is your friend! She loves you! But...if you wants her gone, then she will leave." She turned away before she could even start to cry, running off in the opposite direction.

She would always be his friend...even if he didn't want her here. She still would be his friend. Siobhan ran quickly, not going back to gather any of her other belongings. She had already taken most of them over anyway...she would leave whatever else she had left here with Ezekiel. Maybe he would forgive her someday, but for now he was really pissed and she would give him some space.

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