spark of life

POSTED: Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:11 am

The tiny girl had grown obsessed with the flames that flickered and teased in the breeze every since the pack's celebration and now she was set to steal her own fire. She was no longer a tiny child anymore and she atleast believed that she was old enough to try and tame the wild nature of the beast. Her large chocolate tipped ears had already laid a new nest for the flames she was to steal but now she needed to capture the eggs of an adult fire creature. She had been sneaking around the pack's main fire and had taken to studying how the eggs were laid and how the adult flames fed them and kept them warm. The more she learned about the flames the more she wanted her own.

Oceane had taken a bowl and filled it with sands, carefully she'd carried the bowl to the fire and had laid it beside the old nest. The mother and father of the eggs seemed to have disappeared for there was very little heat and just whisps of smoke and sparks of flames left over. She'd learned that the eggs were hidden under the ashes and that they had to be carefully uncovered and moved to another warm place before they could be raised to start a new nest. Her brilliant sea foam eyes sparkled as she pushed around in the ashes looking for the eggs she knew were there.

It didn't take her too long before she'd uncovered three or four little eggs and had rolled them into her bowl and covered the top up with more sand. She'd slowly began her trip back to the new nest, hardly able to contain her excitement at what she'd taken from the ashes.

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