The Morning Dew

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Is the boarders nearest to the Manor okay?

The pup wandered quietly from the great building that was made larger for her tiny stature. The naturally curious pup trotted happily in the early morning dew, her paws and belly damp as she moved through the green foliage of the lands. Each step was light and buoyant as she practically pranced by. The creamy pup had wakened early with the sun, and to keep from waking her siblings and parents, the thoughtful girl had taken to exploring. Her curious nature could never be satisfied, and this new day was no different. The dual coloured eyes were bright, glinting with life as the morning sun shone brightly through, a mystical mist rising from the damp earth. The world was very magical today, the girl thought. It was a good morning to be out. Of course, to the young girl, every day was a good day to be out.

A quiet bark of surprise escaped the girl’s mouth—or perhaps, more accurately, it was a squeak that sounded. She reared back, flopping onto her back and making her entire body damp, her fur raised in tiny, harmless spikes. She suddenly found herself at the packs boarders, and she had never been out this far alone. She worried briefly that she may not be able to find her way back home. Perhaps she should back away from the boarders—it would be safer behind that invisible line of protection. Her mamma helped make that line, the creamy girl thought proudly. That thought made her forget the other one that made her afraid. And her attention was yet again averted by a bright, red ladybug sitting on a leaf. Happily, the little pup trotted over to it, looking down closely at it but this time not touching it. Her stubby tail wagged slowly. "Good mo’nin’," Amata whispered to the ladybug, who paused as if hearing her.

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Like clockwork once more the girl had found another loophole in the tribe's borders and had slipped away unseen. She knew that sooner or later she'd be caught and punishment would follow but for now she was free once more. She'd decided to investigate the packlands nearby, wondering just what these wolves in the area did that was so different from her tribe's ways. two small feathers flickered behind her ear, a brilliant red and a bright blue, the presents were from her mother and she loved them, almost as much as the fire nest she had hidden that she tended to when the others weren't looking. She was still fearful that she wouldn't be able to take care of the embers and flames correctly but she had done well enough so far. The little creatures were hungry little things and would eat her little whiskers off it they got the chance, she knew, one or two were already singed.

The trip across the unclaimed lands didn't take as long as she'd thought and she was rather excited the closer she moved to the claimed packlands. The scent of the gathering of wolves on the air, a wash of excitement moved over her as she giggled softly, wondering just what sort of creatures she was going to run into. She knew that were wolves just like her, but she wanted to see one, just to make certain.

Her sea foam orbs shone with mischief as she caught the scent of another, the small voice that was barely a whisper was so close that Oceane ducked down and crept closer, peering up between some blackberry bushes at the child of Crimson Dreams. She suddenly called out, "What cha doing?" not paying close enough attention to realize that the younger girl had been taking to a bug, how strange. She didn't know anyone from her tribe that talked to bugs...

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As the creamy girl smiled happily at the bug, she thought she heard something. Her head lifted quickly, those little ears reaching up as far as they could to hear what she had thought had interrupted her conversation with the ladybug. But when a voice spoke, it came from directly behind her, from where the boarders were. Turning as quickly as the little legs could handle, the dual coloured eyes sought the source of the speaker. At first, there didn’t appear to be anyone there, and she thought that maybe the tree or leaf had talked to her. The girl gave a nervous smile as if to an unfamiliar adult. "Oh, I dunno," she shrugged lightheartedly. "I’s jus’ talkin’ to the nice ladybug—she’s pretty, yous knoes." And this time she had been careful not to touch the bug. She didn’t hurt it like she had hurt the butterfly. And now they were friends.

Then, suddenly, the pup’s eyes found the speaker. A quiet yip of surprise escaped her as she fell back into a sitting position. The stubby tail curled about her fuzzy rump. "Yous scawrded mes!" She exclaimed as she recognized a shape of a wolf—it was young, but not as young as her—maybe what a big sister would look like. "Who’s you," the pup asked, "and where’s you comes fwom?" The creamy girl’s head tilted slightly. "Yous not smells likes home," she said, thinking out loud. Slowly, the pup of Crimson Dreams stood up, placing her back upon her own legs but keeping her eyes upon the other wolf. The ladybug flew away, but it departed unnoticed. Those blue and green eyes watched the other intently, as if somehow this foreign wolf was somehow different and amazing than the wolves her pack. She was wondering whether this wolf would be nice or mean, and whether they could be friends too.

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Oceane tilted her head to the side as she watched the strange young go about speaking as though the world was who she was talking to. Oceane opened her maw to ask a question yet nothing came out. After a moment she snapped her jaw shut again and shook her head, hoping that there wasn't something seriously wrong with the other girl and that whatever it was she couldn't catch it. She sat quietly for a while while the other babbled on before she finally did decide to respond. "Even ladybugs ccan bite.." she said, as though she knew everything and she was teaching the youth a valuable lesson.

When the girl finally spotted her Oceane sat back, her tongue lulling out as though laughing at the antics of the child. She ducked her head down as the girl exclaimed, her sea foam eyes glancing down as she mumbled. "I'm sorry, I've just never been here before and wanted to see what it was like.." She hadn't really expected to run into other pups but now that she had she was rather excited by the idea of meeting others. "My name is Oceane.. I'm from the AniWaya Tribe.." she said with a slight wag of her tail as she emerged from the brush. "Who are you?" she asked, wondering just where she'd stumbled upon.

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The little girl was standing there staring at the bush that was allegedly speaking when a reply came from it. Her little eyes grew wide. "Theys cans?!" she exclaimed, her voice rising to a very high pitch. She sat there for a moment, looking back to where the ladybug had been before turning back to the talking plant. "Is okays, though," she assured the bush. "Is not hurts hers this time, so wes jus’ friends and nots fights." She nodded solemnly, as if she had finally learned and mastered some great lesson. After all, even if the ladybug did bite, as the bush had said, she had been nice. Even her sister bit her, but that was when they played, and mamma had said that they can’t play like that with the pretty bugs even if they were friends.

When the brown wolf popped out of the bush, it only vaguely crossed her mind that the talking bush and the older girl were the same entity. But, while her young mind had the power to consider such a strange thing (as if a talking bush weren’t strange at all), she thought that the girl must be right. After all, she was older than her and would know more. But nobody, she reasoned happily, would know more than her mother and father.

"Oh! Thas okays," Amata assured the older pup. "Is nice here." She nodded for a moment as she looked around as if seeing the place for the first time. But she loved her home. When the girl introduced herself, the pup’s tail wagged happily and friendlily as she stomped her stubby legs over to the girl. "His, ‘Say-ahn!" Her name was strange and hard to say, but that would do. The creamy girl smiled up at the other. How nice it was to meet someone knew. "Is not knows what Ani-Waaa," she paused for a second, her tongue caught up in that funny word, "is, but this place’s called Crimson Dreams." She said the name of her pack very slowly and clearly so that she could get the words out and tell Ocèane properly. "I’m Amata!" Her voice was very excited as she responded, the blue and green eyes closing as she smiled up at her. "Does that means wes friends now?" Now that they knew each other’s name, it was only proper to be friends, right?

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Oceane had no clue just why the silly younger girl kept going on and on as though she hadn't seen the Tribemember. She stood there with her seafoam eyes watching the child before her before she finally just smiled and shook her head. "Just watch out though next time. You're a lot bigger than them.." she warned as she moved forward into the view of the youngster. Oceane had never really played with another pup besides her sibling and she didn't know if they even played the same games in the packs as her tribe did but she was still curious about the girl before her and she would stay.

Oceane smiled, her tail waving like a flag as she studied the other who stood there and explained herself. She couldn't help but cringe slightly as her name was mutilated by the small girl but she got over it in time, her own siblings had done worse when they were the little one's age. She giggled and shook her head but didn't correct the girl, instead when she was offered the name of the lands and of the girl as well. She gave another wag of her tail as she was questioned on if they were friends or not. "I guess we can be friends.." She paused a second as she admitted. "I've never had friends outside the tribelands.." She smiled slightly as she walked around the other girl.

She stopped for a second and asked. "So what do you do for fun here.." She hoped that the wolves here were like her tribe members and the games were similar. If not it wouldn't take them too long to learn or teach one another.

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"Yeah...." Her voice was almost sad. She knew that she was big and had to be careful and nice and not touch the bugs. She didn’t want to make the ladybug sleep forever like the butterfly friend—she hadn’t meant to do that. And she did not like meanness.

The little tail that stuck up in the air wagged excitedly as the girl’s smile brightened, the blue and green eyes glittering with delight. "I’s glad we can be friends!" the creamy pup exclaimed. "I’s not has friends outside either," the small voice continued almost thoughtfully. Her dual coloured eyes strayed from Ocèane’s face to the tail that waved like a flag to the toes that were hidden by the grass. The girl of AniWaya may have even been the girl’s first friend outside of her family. When the pup thought of it that way, this friend seemed more important than the butterfly or the ladybug. And this girl was nice to her, not mean like that wolf that pounced on her. The blue and green eyes, like the grass and sky, looked back up at her new friend and she was happy. "I’s not has friends afor—except Cambi and Got’dam!" Of course, she did not think to explain the relation of those names.

When Ocèane began to walk around her, the creamy pup didn’t move but followed her with her muzzle, a smile on her mouth and a tongue hanging out. "We’s wrestles," the girl replied as she turned suddenly. With a small, squealing snarl, the Sadira pup pounced at the older girl. Of course, there was nothing threatening about her at all—perhaps she was even comical. But it was all just for fun, and Amata liked to play a lot. Before she did anything beyond that pounce, the girl paused and looked up at the other. "Does you knows how to wrestles?" The girl’s head cocked in a inquiring fashion, the stubby tail waving slowly behind her.

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Oceane couldn't help but giggle at the girl as she seemed to take the words of the older child seriously. Oceane had no clue of what the younger one had done to the butterfly and she wasn't for certain that she would know what in the world to say but she had seen butterflies before and loved to chase the pretty fluttering wings across the fields. She wagged her tail happily as she watched another ladybug buzz slowly by on the breeze.

When Amata's voice brightened up and she uttered her delight in them becoming friends Oceane grinned and giggled as she moved to circle the other girl again and study the smaller child. "I didn't know there were other puppies around!" she admitted excitedly as she the other child spoke of two others who had to be friends as well, maybe even potential friends for Oceane herself. Oceane paused a second and asked. "Who's Cambi and Got'dam?" she asked, wanting to know if there were others here that might soon be her friend as well!

Suddenly when the other child pounced at Oceane she ducked down and faced the other with a grin on her maw as the other one asked her if she knew how to wrestle. Oceane had to laugh as her creamy and chocolate tail waved furiously behind her. "You bet!" she said with a mock growl as she hopped forward towards the other girl, batting a paw out to pat at the other's head, unsure if she could actually hurt the girl since she was smaller, and of course not actually wanting to hurt her!

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"Cambi and Got’dam is my sister and brother!" The tail wagged furiously as she explained matter-of-factly. Of course, Cambria and Gotham were also her friends, and she loved them and played with them. And there were the grown-ups too, but grown-ups were different, and they were not friends.... Amata didn’t know how to categorize grown-ups in her mind, but she felt that the bond between her and any adult was different than the bond between her and her brother, her sister, and even Ocèane. "Does you have a brother and a sister toos?" The little girl’s head cocked inquisitively, the squeaky voice rising to an even higher pitch. Absently, the blue and green eyes followed the lazy path of the ladybug. She decided that playing with Ocèane would be more fun than playing with that bug—it was moving so slowly! And the little girl, as all pups were, could be very impatient.

When the chocolate coloured girl confirmed the knowing of wrestling, the creamy pup smiled, yipping twice. The older girl easily dodged her pounce, but Amata did not dodge the paw that came to bat her head. She squeaked in surprise, falling—or, more accurately, rolling—to the ground. The Sadira pup giggled, snorting noisily as she righted herself. Laughing, she made another pounce, a funny, bubbly growl tickling her throat as she leapt. Her little teeth wanted to grab the AniWayan’s shoulder, and the creamy paws came up to push against the other’s chest and legs. Her tail wagged behind her, pausing every once in a while as an indicator of her thinking mind. It was definitely different when wrestling with an older, bigger wolf, but it was just as fun. Amata was usually the one to win the wrestling between Cambria and herself, but winning didn’t really matter. She just wanted to have fun.

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Amata explained who the two were and Oceane gave a slight squeal of excitement as she learned that there were others in the pack that might become friends with her. She laughed softly and asked. "Are they around? Can I meet them?" she smiled as her tail beat against the ground, a small puff of dust rolling in the air about them. She tilted her head to the side as the other girl asked her if she herself had sibling. Oceane wrinkled her nose slightly as she admitted. "I have two brothers and a sister.. they're back home in Aniwaya.." she said as she gave the other girl a grin, knowing that they would be jealous that she'd made a new friend and they'd been sitting back home in the tribe's home.

Oceane gave over to the game quickly though, knowing that there was little reason to be talking when they could be having fun. The smaller girl worried her though, not wanting to hurt her Oceane didn't play as rough as she normally would have, or how she did with her brother Attila. Oceane let out a yip as the other girl pounced on her and she let out a throaty growl and pawed at the young child, attempting to roll her as she kicked out with her hindlegs, feeling the other's paws on her chest as she tried to growl again but a giggle escaping instead.

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There was a great excitement within the Sadira pup because she had made this new friend. And this friend, unlike the bugs, which were still nice, responded to her and played with her. While playing with her brother and sister was fun, it was a different experience to play with this pup from AniWaya, and that made her excited. "Yeah," she nodded vigorously, her short, puppy ears waving wildly about. "But theys still sleeping, I thinks," the girl added thoughtfully. A small frown found its way upon her face, upset that she couldn’t let her friend meet the rest of her family. Then, she had a great, but obvious, idea. "Maybes you cans comes back again and meets them!" And that way the creamy pup could meet her friend again. It was a wonderful idea, she thought, and she hoped that the chocolate girl would think so too. "Wow! Yous has a lots!" Her eyes were wide. Of course, there was only one more in her family than in her own, but it sure seemed like a lot more. "Mabes I can comes and sees them too!"

The girl giggled as the older pup pushed her over with surprising ease. She wriggled beneath her for a moment with no apparent purpose save to simply wriggle. She did not attempt to escape or squirm away. The creamy paws waved occasionally in the air, batting playfully at Ocèane’s head. Amata laughed and laughed as if something were tickling her. In the back of her mind where instinct lay, the pup recognized that this submissive position was not one she should simply allow to pass. But the girl didn’t care for such things—she was just glad to have a good time. "Do yous plays like this all the times wiff your brothers and sisters?" she asked through her giggling, though it took her a great deal of time to get the words through. She wondered, though, if there were other games too.

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Oceane was curious if she'd get to meet Amata's siblings but when she told her that they were probably sleeping Oceane grinned and admitted. "Attila is lazy and sleeps all the time." she said with a laugh as Amata suggested that perhaps at another date she could return and see the two others. Oceane wagged her tail and nodded. "You can comes to Aniwaya and meet my brothers and sister.. if you really wanted to.." she added, not knowing if her new friend would want to make the trip to the tribe's lands or if she would be allowed to. "You gotta ask your mommy first though.." she added, not wanting Amata in trouble if she did come to visit. Oceane knew that she would be welcome there if she did though. She really hoped that Amata would come visit sometime. It was boring at times playing with ones siblings all the time.

When they tumbled into a pile and the soft growls and ruffs of play filled the air Oceane couldn't help but laugh as Amata squirmed and wiggled in the dirt before pawing at Oceane's mocha fur. Oceane shook her head, trying to rid her ear of the paw that had captured it as she bared her teeth softly and giggled, pawing at the other girl with a cream tipped paw as her tail thumped ferociously behind her. This was the type of life for a pup!

She paused a moment though when Amata asked if they played like this all the time where she was from. Oceane frowned slightly before giggling. "We play tag a lot and hide and seek.. Sometimes we take Toefur away from Noir and play keep away.." She stopped a moment when she realized that mostly they hadn't really been playing much at all. The siblings had seemed to move in their own directions rarely meeting up to play as they use to. Oceane realized then that she really missed the games they use to play. She tried to push the thoughts past her for now as she asked. "What other games do you guys play?" hoping that there might be different ones with the pack that she might learn.

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She giggled at that fact, and assumed that ‘Atilla’ was a sister or brother. "But sleeping is fun toos!" she exclaimed, her tail wagging happily. "One time, I has a dream about a cloud!" she explained. "It was awll fluffy an’ in the skai, an’ then it turned into a butterfwy and I chaseded it!" Her eyes were wide and round, as if that story were something very amazing. That butterfly in her dream must have been what boy butterflies looked like, she thought, because it was not colourful—only white. She smiled and nodded to her mocha friend’s invitation. "I’s will comes to visit yous, an’ I ask my momma!" She told her mother everything, and every day she’d tell her what happened—every little detail on and on and on. And the creamy pup did not think that her momma would say no—she couldn’t say no, could she?

They wrestled and they paused, and the girl’s breathing was elevated with the effort and with excitement. "What is toefur," the girl asked suddenly. It sounded funny, and it must be if they played keep-away with it. "We plays those games too!" It was exciting to know how similar they were! Of course, it was not like they were completely different species, but they came from different places. Maybe they did different things too! "Umm," the little girl said, thinking very hard, her tongue sticking out as she frowned with concentration. "Sometimes we chases the rabbits—but theys too fast for me," and then she giggled. Maybe chasing a prey animal wasn’t as fun as playing tag or hide and seek, but it was still fun. One day she would be fast enough, and then she would be so proud! "An’ sometimes I’s likes to jus’ run around..." The creamy pup smiled sheepishly.

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