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I'm roleplaying this as if the pups and a few others who said they would participate are already here, so as to avoid spending the majority of our time posting about people arriving. If you did not PM me to announce your participation you are still more than welcome to join us, and you can feel free to roleplay as if you too were already there, or if you arrive during the thread. This thread is open to all, and a part of the AniWaya Season Game.

You can choose whether your character "herds" or damages the prey in the actual hunt, depending on what fits better for your character. You can roleplay as if these groups have been divided by Dawali prior to this post. Pups - do whatever you want!

The male looked around him, making sure they had what they needed and that the children were not up to no good. Strapped to Bela's back were a few bows and spears, as well as blowtubes and a little case of darts for them. He wanted to show the kids how to hunt in the Aniwayan style, although he was also glad that the pack had many representatives who could show them (and himself included) how to hunt on four legs. He'd never experienced a hunt where all members were in the four-legged form, but there had been plenty of times where some in the hunting party were on four and some on two. With four legs one was in a way more agile, and they had better sprinting abilities as well, with muscles in four legs to use, instead of merely two. Thus, the four-legged had managed the crowd of prey, herded them if you will, whilst the ones wielding weapons on two legs had either attempted to take them down with darts or arrows, or more hand-to-hand with spears. A proper tribe hunt, with many members in the party, was a thrill worth seeking, and more food could never hurt.

His gaze rolled over those present, and especially the smallest. He wondered whether all of them had realized that the meat they ate had been killed, murdered - so that they may live. It would be a lesson they would have to learn someday, and no wolf could live without it, unless he chose to live solely on fish. Such a life would be weak, however, and to make sure one stayed healthy there was a need for bloodshed. Clearing his throat to crave their attention, he motioned towards his weapons as he spoke, wishing to bring some enthusiasm to his members. Everyone! Here is a set of weapons that you may choose from if you would like, or you can stay on your four legs if you wish. I have spotted a pack of deer with several younger members to the west, not too far across the working fields. We shall attempt to encircle them, to have our runners chase the best suitable individuals towards those of us who will wield weapons. His hand held his longbow, which rested with one of its ends on the ground, as if to support the male. He would stand in front of those who wished to try the weapons, and he was certain that there would be more than enough to feast on tonight, if all of this went well. Tied to the top of his bow was a piece of cloth dyed bright red, a signal and a point of focus for the rest of the party. I will stand in front, easily visible by the signal on my bow. Once you see me attacking, you - too - may start your attack, different as they may be. Motioning slowly with his hand, the male fastened the bow on his back again and started moving westward. It wouldn't be far to walk, and hopefully those who needed it could think about the tactics while they headed over there.

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........ She had known well that this would happen sooner or later. It should be no surprise, but it had been. The Aston girl was trying so hard to disguise her distress, but she was unsure how successful she was at this. Poor Baby Duck had been trapped inside his duck house because it was a duck and not a creature that enjoyed hunting (or so she assumed). Babies were not supposed to hunt anyway. She felt a bit .. she felt weird without the duckling by her side. For a little while now, it had been with her almost every single awake moment. The child did absolutely not think this, but taking in a live critter had been a bad thing. Ducks were tasty. Ducks were food. She loved her baby. Her attitude towards her predatory nature and hunting had been affected.

Noir looked up at Dawali, then the weapons. The girl had yet to go through her first transform, so she had not choice but to stay on all four. She was jealous of those who could shift, although she was sure that she too would be able to do so sooner. When she did, she would look so cute and adorable and prettiest of them all. The thought was selfish, and she knew it, but she liked the thought of being pretty just like her mommy. Golden eyes left Dawali’s form to gaze upon the rest of the individuals that were gathered. The sub-leader was done talking and started to move forwards. It would happen soon. She was not ready. Not. Ready. For. This. Noir’s eyes stuck to the ground before her. Her tail traced her hind legs.

She followed obediently, because she was good girl, but there was doubt in her heart. She knew that her food was hunted down and killed first, but it did not change her feelings about actually going through with this. She did not want to kill them, not yet. She wanted to go home. Despite the opposing feelings in her soft heart, she forced herself forwards, following behind Dawali.

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     The Aston woman stood calmly in her lupus form, the preferred one, and watched the assembled troupe. It was peculiar, now, being so disconnected from what was supposed to be her pack. Such things were not uncommon though—she had existed as a loner for more years then not, and still was very much in that mindset. Yet, as she watched her sister’s children (and one she did not recognize, though this was not surprising) and the excitement they showed for this simple task, she smiled. Not for them, of course, but because she knew that the crow-wolf had given her that same gift.
     She had returned changed, but it was not anything that she could explain. The goal intended had been acquired. There was something else she had gained, though, something she did not understand. Since waking from that peculiar dream the pied-crow had been following her. Try as she did to ignore the presence, the crow simply would not leave her. He remained just out of reach but always there, and the presence of the bird was a peculiar thing. In all honesty, he felt almost unreal—the bird made no sound and had no smell, and she was only aware of his presence in the same way she was aware of a coming storm. Something in the air that crawled into her skin and made her hair stand on end.
     A breeze toyed with her coat, and touched the fresh scars on the back of her neck. Aurèle shuddered and shook her body. The scars were clean, but they could be explained away in many ways. Her coat was doing what it could to hide the wounds, and though they were red and angry, they were not as blantantly obvious as perhaps intended (or at least, so Aurèle told herself). With an exhale through her nose she advanced, sparing a glance to the children before picking up her pace and trotting after the group.

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Occ: I placed Cat in her attack position. She already have a hunting strategy, so I already placed in her in it^^ Hope that it doesn't have problem XP

W.C.: +600

Catherine heard Dawali making his speech, in the same time she payed attention to the little golden pup not far away from her. Poor Noir looked so... frigthened with all of that. She was sad for that, but she could do nothing. The woman saw the red male walk away, followed by Noir. It was time.

As usual, adrenaline flowed through her veins immediately. It was a normal reaction to a situation, but only since that terrible day, when she got the scar... and discovered her other self. She knew it was that horrible beast inside her, excited to see the bloodshed. The femme felt disgusted with herself with those feelings, but it really wasn't her fault. It was her father's. It was him that gave her that.

She had brought Bluma and Seymour. Unfortuantely, her limbless worm couldn't be inside their den-cave. Bluma was standing besides her, the legs' muscles trembling a bit, more than ready to run. the horse's free spirit in her haven't faded when she was tamed. It was good, at least for her rider. Seymour shoke and tilted his head all the time, excited as well. After living a lifetime with the grayish female, he knew what to expect, and knew it was exciting. The falcon was sitting in her glove-covered hand, shaking his tail and wings of expectation, holding himself to fly when she gave him the sign. Saw was in the ground, coiled in a circle, not so energetic as her other companions. Catherine's bow was in her back, as the other hand held the bridle's line that was set in the mare's head.

The stripped wolfess was in her two-legged form, the one she felt perfectly fine, although she had only shifted near her second birthday. The woman mounted the cream equine, which whinned a bit with the sudden weight. Now, bother bird and horse knew it had come the time, and couldn't stay still. Time to do our stuff, fellas!, she said to the pets, and waved the arm, the signal for the bird. It flew away and straight to where Dawali said the prey should be. The peregrine's job was to scan for the better prey. It had to be of an average size, but still weak in any way possible. Either hurt, old, young, or anything like that.

Now, it was Bluma's job, and the mare knew it. Before the horse could explode in a crazy race, she glanced to the weapons, and found other arrows. She examinated them for a while with her -only- trainned eye. They looked good. At least, better than hers. The mare stood in the hind legs, forcing Catherine to hold herself in the horse's bridle line. It then, ran to where the bird flew, passing near the weapons. The wolfess lifted her body sideways, and stretched an arm to get a handful of the arrows. She placed them in the case in her back.

The horse slowed down to a slow trotte, which meant that they were rather close to where they should be. The horse stood behind a tree. The femme climbed the tree swiftly, more like a cat than to a wolf. She found the perfect branch, and she just in it, preparing the bow to attack. Seymour flew from a tree next hers, and dived right in the head of the chosen prey, which was half hidden beind some trees. It did looked weak, but was rather big. Perfect spot with the perfect prey.

She waited for Dawali's sign, which wouldn't be easily saw by her, with that thick layer of leaves, hidden from the prey's glares, but with an empty "window" for her aim. That was another job for Seymour, which shouldn't be far away, but now was hidden as well. He would cry when he saw the red flag in the air, annoucing it was time. She could -hardly, but still could- see the chosen one, a young doe, with a skinny look. The poor deer was so concentrated in the food that wasn't aware of the imminent danger.

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Attila's turn XP I'll post as if his first shit thread had already happened
Attila felt that tention from when he was about to spring at somebody rush into his veins. He was more than ready for that. And more than ready to make his first attack in a two-legged form. The pale boy have'nt got any experience at those, but he could give it his best shot. At least, that was what he expected to be able to do. The newly shifted had just got usual at using his two legs and two arms. Even learned how to retract his claws. He felt so powerful, even more when his other siblings hadn't shifted yet.

He wasn't paying full attention at Dawali, but got the escence of his speech. Weapons, there. Red flag, attack and kill. Simple. Noir looked very tense. In his mind, the sister was way too weak minded to be able to hurt a fly, even more harm a deer. She would more likely hug them rather than biting. But, in the very deep of his mind, he knew she would, sooner or later, succumb to her predator instincts. She couldn't sink them for much longer. At least, if she wants to eat.

The red leader walked away, and Attila made a grimace at his back, but quick enough to anyone see it. Then, the bully kid went to where the weapons were. So many to choose between... He decided to choose the spear. After all, he could either throw it or just face the deers. A multiple weapon; yes, it was.

He then faced the others. He was planning to just hide in a big bush -as he usually did- and attack when the prey was close to him. Simple and effecient, as it always worked before. His claws sinked into the wood pole of the spear. His paws were shaking with the expectaion. And what expectation: his first real hunt. From now on, he could stop playing with mices and bugs and Claudius. He wasn't just a pup anymore. He was now mature enough to hunt bigger things. Now, he was a grown-up.

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Oceane had grown excited at the idea of a hunt and now that they were actually going to get the chance to she'd pranced around the adults happily. She'd been leery to leave behind her nest of embers but she'd made certain that they were nice and settled in the sands before she'd left to follow the others to the gathering. Her eyes shown as she watched the others silently. While her leg had finally healed she still limped slightly when overexerting herself. She hated the reminded of that day but it didn't bother her as much knowing that her sister was still alive.

When Dawalli began to speak Oceane listened though annoyed, she watched as other choose weapons and yet she knew that she couldn't do the same. She had yet to shift like her sister and so there was no point in gathering a weapon to use, all she had was her teeth and claws. She frowned slightly but decided that perhaps her teeth were the best for hunting the deer they were searching out. They were after all wolves when it came down to it.

The dark chocolate girl turned towards her aunt as she caught the bright furious color of the woman's scars when she turned slightly. They had begun to move and she made to follow them, her path trailing after Aurele as she tried to catch up with the long legged woman. Once she'd finally reached the same pace as the woman she asked in a soft whisper. "What happened Auntie?" She knew soon that she'd have to be quiet but she was still curious as to what sort of trouble her creamy hued aunt had been into.

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Hemming had shifted to his lupus form, which was rather unfamiliar but not uncomfortable. In any form, the male was long and lanky, more built for speed than strength. With this in consideration, he had decided to be part of the group that would chase their prey rather than the group that would mount the direct attack. Also, this way he would be able to see how the various weapons were used, and perhaps be able to use them next time. He felt a little overwhelmed by all the activity, and this was the first time he had been surrounded by so much of the tribe, but the presence of Dawali and Catherine eased any nervousness. He also noticed Attila, up on two legs, and wasn't sure how he felt about that.

He listened intently to their leader's plan, imagining how the hunt would look from above in order to more fully understand it. The anticipation of seeing the tribe in action made his blood pump faster and harder. Dawali was a sight to behold, with his giant bow and his feathers, and many of the other wolves were similarly decorated. Hemming still felt plain, and he still hadn't done anything about it. Soon, he told himself. In the mean time, he would try to learn and understand the hunting rituals of the tribe.

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If it was anything to look forward to in the red she-wolf's return, it simply had to be the seasonal games and festivals of the tribes. Here was where the tribe was fully strong with one another, where their bond and closeness would be evident among each and every individual. The daughter of the Bone Bearer had rode in a little late to the meeting (granted that she was located at an entirely different area of the tribe lands, melding her wooden spear she had been working on), but not late enough as if to miss the speech of Dawali entirely. She had come by ways of Aidan, in which she patted the equine for making a hasty journey to this point as she hopped right off his back. From her hide knapsack her hand disappeared, returning with a few vegetable treats she would give to Aidan for either making a tedious or fast trip from one place to another. Aidan eagerly took the collection of vegetables from her grasp, and was content with his reward, as Asha stood by with folded arms to listen acutely to what her Agidoda told their tribe about the current events that were taking place today.

While listening, her amber gaze also surveyed the rest of the gathering that formed. There were plenty of individuals Asha had not become acquainted with, and was quite interested to see that there were many new faces among the tribe. Puppies, and they were adorable! There would have to be times where she would find the right time of day to become acquainted with the rest. Out of those she did know, Hemming and Ember stood out, in which if they happened to look her way at her arrival, she would give a brief flash of a smile to them. Observing the weapons that Dawali brought along for the party who was supposed to hunt, Asha skipped over to his collection once he was done talking and observed what he had. Bows, arrows, spears, blow darts? Tilting her head to the side in interest, Asha had not recognized such a weapon before, and decided to further observe by taking the long weapon in her grasp with a couple of darts. "Hm. Peculiar." She said aloud, observing her contents closely. She had planned to use her wooden stick for close range combat, but thought that maybe it would be in her best interest to try something a little different today with what she held. Blow darts, she could test how reliable they truly were.

Asha had considered hunting on four legs, but to work for her status in combat, it was best that she remained on two. Choosing the blow dart as her unique weapon, she then toddled along to follow the group that was responsible for bringing their chosen prey down. "I've got my weapon of choice; let's test this sucker out, shall we?" Asha said with a wide grin to her group that was responsible for hunting, as she followed them on their proper formations and locations of the prey.

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Ember + Asha = Team? ^^ + anyone else too :o

She listened quietly as always to what Dawali said. He was good at explaining things to groups of wolves without getting flustered, something that she was still working on a little. Ember was good at one-on-one talking, pretty friendly and outgoing. But she wasn't too good with crowds of people. When she had been younger she had been one for the spotlight; she'd been her daddy's girl, the star of Storm as the alpha's most favored daughter. She had almost always been around a large group of people in their big, family den. But as she had grown she had acquired that one insecurity. She didn't want to be laughed at, perhaps, or not taken seriously.

The female was staying in her preferred optime form, a stone-tipped spear already in her hand. She had really liked the ones that Hemming had made and was now using them on a regular basis for hunting. Swords were good and all, but there were some things that spears were good for too. She still carried her blade on her belt, for both luck and balance. If she didn't have it on, she would feel like a weight was missing from her left side.

Emerald eyes watched as some of her unshifted packmembers went ahead, looking to Dawali for any further orders that he had to offer. She had become a better hunter over her time in Aniwaya, and she definitely didn't want to mess up in front of one of her closest friends...not at something as simple as hunting. It was a basic task. She was sure that if she did, though, he wouldn't laugh at her.

The girl had tied her hair back into some sort of a bun, taking many of the longer feathers out of it and wrapping it tightly so that it wouldn't make any noise as they walked toward the herd. She had decorated herself slowly over her time in Aniwaya, but did not look nearly as grand as Dawali or Asha. She went to walk by Dawali's daughter as they approached the herd, aligning herself with the other girl. She had a lot of interest in seeing how the blow-gun worked...and if the creature didn't go down by dart, Ember would take it down with her spear.

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I'm mildly PP'ing that the group of runners (whose members are so far not defined) are starting to chase the prey towards the group. Not naming any names, this should then be all right - let me know if you think it is not!

After his talk was finished the male lingered for a moment, letting those who wished to wield weapons choose which ones that might be. He was pleased to see that most seemed to understand the plan and what it meant, and also that his daughter hastily arrived onto the scene. It would be handy to have her there, as during a normal hunt, the one in charge would signal the others by means of hand motions. Now, only Asha knew these signals, and so it was good to know that she might interpret them correctly, and that others might then follow her example. As the young woman picked the blow-darts as her weapon, he winked at her comment on them, before leaning close to speak to her semi-privately. Be careful when you touch them, Asha. I've poisoned their tips. His medical skill could be used for malicious purposes as well. Soon everyone were finished choosing their weapons, and the group walked quietly in the direction of their prey.

The group had not moved much, and as they reached them Gvihita took off, scanning the area from above. She made no sound except for the beats of her wings, probably not to startle the prey. These days he did not know her mind like he had used to. His two groups easily moved into position, and the man crouched in the grass and scanned their surroundings as he waited for them. A movement in the side of his line of view made him turn that way, spotting Attila crouching in the grass, shifted and obviously intending to participate on a deeper level than merely learning. Slowly, so as not to draw attention (although they were in reality not that close to the prey), the male got up and snook his way to where the pup sat. He was welcome to participate, although as tribe leader and a father figure for the children, he saw it as his responsibility to also ensure his safety. The male leaned close to the boy's ear and whispered words to him, hoping he would heed them, before his legs carried him to his original position. Attila, remember that you are smaller. Their hooves are very deadly, and I don't want to hold a burial ceremony for you just yet, ok?

Back in his original position, the male sat waiting for a few moments, feeling adrenaline jump around in his veins. After some moments he saw movement from where the other group was positioned, and he slowly put an arrow into position and started stretching the line on his longbow. He was ready to shoot, but his position made it very clear that this was not yet the time to attack for the others. His arm was steady, waiting, as the group of runners singled out a few suitable individuals amongst the rest and successfully herded them towards the armed group, barking and howling as they ran. Waiting until some of them were close enough, the male then suddenly sent the arrow flying, causing the bow to extend violently into the air, and his red signal flash upwards. They should easily understand what it meant, and if they did not - Asha would. The hunt had started.

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She followed, only slightly behind the others. Not too far so that it was an obvious fact that she was slacking behind, but not too close either. Her light paws were forced to take step after step. The Aston child was not about to cry, but she was very unhappy about it all. Her face sang a laconic tale. Once upon a time she had actually believed she would jump into this with a wagging tail and a strong, courageous heart. Deer was more normal to eat than ducks, for example, but it was still the same thing. The deer were cute and she liked the way they looked and their black, innocent eyes. They were innocent just like her beloved Baby Duck. They had not done anything wrong. Noir was too aware of how foolish such arguments would sound. Wolves were designed to eat meat, and that was why they hunted. She loved the taste of meat, she did, but she knew they were already dead by then. She would not be the one to cause the light to leave the prey’s lovely, innocent eyes.

She felt so horrible for feeling this way, but she could not push it away. The groups closed in on the prey, and the blonde girl knew that it would soon explode into action. Now she saw the figures in the distance, being herded by the other group of Aniwaya hunters. She did not want to do this. The hunt was in progress, and the girl stood frozen in her track. Her golden eyes ran over to every member in a formidable speed. When it was clear that everyone had their main focus on the hunt, the girl turned around and ran for it, running away from the whole scene. Her heart was already beating heavily in her chest, and adrenaline was present to give her that proper speed boost she so sorely needed to get as far away as she could as fast as she could. Perhaps she would not get another meal today for what she now was doing, but the tan girl saw that as a small price to pay.

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     The unfamiliar faces meant nothing. Aurèle had what she needed. It was not until her niece spoke that the woman even noticed her presence. She turned her head and felt the scars on her neck, but they did not perturb her as they had that first night. As with all things, they would fade. “Nothing for you to worry over,” she said, faking that pleasant demeanor, faking the smile. Did she need to tell the child she had achieved immortality? No, she did not. As with Tayui, Aurèle had asked nothing. She had demanded. She had provoked. She had gained from the devil at the cost of vanity.
     On her face, the smile turned vicious, thinking of that night. A motion was made and the alabaster woman began to stalk quietly. Her shoulder brushed against her niece, explaining without speaking that she was to follow suit. Though the girl did not stay as quiet as her elder, it was not enough to spook the deer. When they were close enough—to the point that the musk of droppings and shedding fur, to the point that she could see the brown-black eyes and read each ones fate—Aurèle took the lead and let out a ferocious bark. All of the tension that had coiled in her muscles released and she rushed forward, snapping wildly, though keeping a set distance between herself and the animals running ahead.

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ooc- I know I'm out of order but I probably would have forgotten if I hadn't done this with the rest, I'll put her back in place next round.

When her aunt had answered her Oceane flipped her ears back, doubtful that the answer she'd received was the best but she just nodded quietly and turned to lope off and join the runners. She would try and pester her aunt later about how she'd received such markings. Oceane never wanted to have anymore marks on her pelt. The ones from the horrible wolf that had tried to eat Noir had been bad enough. When Aurele had brushed against her and silently informed her to follow Oceane moved to gather with the other runners.

Oceane knew that she was best at running the herd, her long legs growing in quite fine and the time she spent exploring the lands had begun to slim her figure and tone her muscles. She did know that she had to watch her hindleg since if she overextended the scartissue that she would be stuck limping the rest of the night. She quietly slipped into the group and followed them along down to the herd. She glanced to the leader and waited for the signal to began trailing the beasts and running them towards the trap. When the signal came a soft yet lovely voice rose from her throat as she signaled to the others that she was off.

The young girl crashed through the underbrush, nimbly leaping over debri and fallen limbs as she drew closer to the herd. Her sharp teeth snapping at the heels of the beasts as she called back and forth to the others, her voice strong and fierce, letting the animals know that she was in control and in charge over them. If she showed fear she knew that the males of the herd might seek to challenge her dominance over them. She snarled and leaped, nipping at the flank of one of the creatures before the signal came for them to back off. Oceane felt it was too soon but she slowly began to ease back and see what the weapons of the tribe could do. Barely panting as a smile broke out across her maw.

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ooc: We, now I should put Cath's and Attila's round, aye?
Catherine felt a whimp forming in her throath. Not of fear, but of extreme excitement. A pack hunt, even more when there was others but herself and Dawali, was certainly rousing.

With great effort she waited, hearing as the chaising had already started, the red flag wouldn't take long as well. And then, Seymour's cry filled the air and her ears, and the adrenaline rush was intense in her veins. She let go, and the arrow flew, straight and blinding fast, hitting hard on a tree's trunk behind the weak dove. She snarled with the missed attack, but didn't care for long. Her prey runned away with skinny legs along with the moving herd, startled with the arrow. Catherine's gaze on it hadn't take long. She slowly went towrad the ground, jumping from branch to branch, closening to the waiting mare. When she was in the closest branch from the horse, only two meters from them, she jumped and landed softly on Bluma's back, that snorted with the impact and then fastened in a crazy gallope behind the leaded herd. The woman then found, in the corner of her emerald eye, Oce's brownish fur as she darted with the other runners. Then, Catherine grabbed another arrow and tryed to send it to the same dove that started to slow behind the others. She couldn't get a good aim with the shaking Bluma's race was making, her limbs trembling, but making the best effort, and sent the arrow into the air. It missed again, but landed in the haunch of the deer in front of the dove. At least it wasn't worthless.

Catherine noticed they were getting too close from the herd and the other runners, and she pushed the halter's rope, the mare slowing the pace to a normal gallope, a trotte and a normal walk, breathing quickly with the effort. The wolfess remembered of Dawali's strategy, and she wasn't really sure what role she was performing. In one hand, she had half-heartedly leaded the herd to the trap, but in the other hand, had attacked. It rather thrilled her, so she decided to stay behind. With one hand, she rubbed the horse's neck, in soothing movement, just waiting to watch the show about to succeed with the attackers, hidding somewhere around there.

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ooc: --
Attila felt Dawali reach to him, whispering a warning into his ear. The bully boy chuckled and turned to face the male with a disbelief expression, the hard grayish eyes arrogant. "Sure thing... boss." The pale boy said, with a somewhat grateful tone in his voice. Not sure when that boss thing started, but it had. It was somehow respectful and ironic at the same time. It felt nice to say it.

He turned away to watch from the holes of the leaves-filled bush to the prey. There, the light cream boy felt the adrenaline rush stronger, the butterflies in his stomach flying excited as he was. His evil grin was almost psycho-like, a maniac laughter came out of his throath, husky and snarled. Anyone could hear it as a breaking growl.

The herd got nearer, the runners bringing them to where he stood, and he knew -somehow- it was time. He got up, half crouched and held the spear in one hand, the other strecthed forward. He had already seen how to throw a spear; he could do it.

The herd passed by and the arm holding the spear went forward, exchanging with the other, the weapon hitting to one of the deer's belly, not sure if in the ribs or in the unprotected stomach; it had flashed away awkwardly with the herd after kicking a while with the pain. His smile got more evident, as his eyes locked on the spear, hanging on the side of their massive frames. He waited there, weaponless, trying to stay away from their range, while he watched his prey slow into a walk.

He went to it -stil avoiding their hooves' range- and looked aggressively to the deer. He waited there, watching the brownish-black eyes deadly scared, like it pleaded for its life. In that moment, he recalled of Noir, not sure why. Maybe because hse'd be crying by watching that scene. Besides, where were she? The pale Aston boy glanced around in the strategic confusion around, but didn't found his sister. He frowned, confused, and then just let og of that. She must be somewhere else. Then, he just sat, patient, watching the deers strungle to keep standing.

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