reborn of the five

POSTED: Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:55 am

Spirit quest length 13 days.

Oceane had been gone for quite some time. She'd taken her fire nestlings in the basket of sand to explore the lands further past the tribe's territory where she'd learned that no groups of wolves or coyotes was known to live. There seemed to be miles of land to explore but it didn't bother her. She had her fire and she was beginning to be able to catch small game for herself. If she was desperate she could climb in the stream and catch fish or find the pinching multi-legged bottom crawlers. They were always an easy meal if she didn't manage to much up all the water.

The young girl had made her fire for the night along the white sandy beach and had been watching the lightning playing far in the distance the growl of the thunder making her smile as she knew that the bright brilliant flashes were just as dangerous as her small firelings. The warmth from her fire made her more relaxed as she stifled a yawn before stretching out to warm her belly alongside the flickering flames.

Her eyes had barely been closed when she heard the shifting in the sands, her ears pricking forward before she actually opened her eyes to catch the source of the sound. Her eyes catch the shadowy figure on the opposite side of the fire placing sticks into the flames as Oceane suddenly stood upright, her heckles rising at the strangely marked beast beside her fire, yet the feline didn't move.

Confused Oceane stepped backwards and watched the quiet cat as she tended to the fire. Oceane had never seen any other creature besides the tribe tend to find and it made her wonder just what this feline was that it could control the beast that most feared. She was quiet as the beast shifted and stacked the limbs in the flames with great craft, even better than Oceane had done, she was slightly jealous but what the long legged feline did next surprised her like no other.

She watched as the cat took one of the lit limbs from the fire and began to prance around on her side of the fire with the bright flare, the light swaying back and forth as the flames rippled and hissed in the air. Oceane's eyes lit up as she quickly snagged a branch from the pile and joined the other in the intricate dance around their nest of fire changlings, not realizing just who it was that had paired themselves with her that night but not caring either..

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