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OOC- I'd already made another one for Oceane trespassing into CD again.. so I decide to just make it for you.

Oceane had not left the tribe's lands since she'd returned with the shadow cat in tow. She liked the strange feline that danced with the fire and so she didn't chase him off like she would have any other time. The creature had in time given her a name to call him. The voice always seemed an echo in her mind and though she had told no one of the shadowy feline she knew he came and went as he pleased. Ethador never troubled her and when she did question the feline he was frank and yet there always seemed to be a hint of amusement in his voice. She had yet to realize just who he was to her and he had yet to inform her of the truth but it didn't matter, she liked his company and the approval and teachings he gave her in her ways of the fire.

Oceane had decided today though that she needed to go explore the lands past AniWaya's once more and she'd even thought that perhaps she'd visit Amata and maybe she'd get lucky and meet her siblings as well. There was a bounce in her step at she grew excited at the idea, her tail wagging happily as she cleared the distance quite quickly, not stopping to watch the world about her, instead keeping a steady pace towards the other's territory.

Once she'd reached the edge of their lands she quietly walked along their border just to see how far the lands went. When she came to the beach she almost forgot about the reason she'd come to the lands, instead she was lost by the crash of the waves and the ocean before her for which shared her name.

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Gotham had done just a bit of exploring. He preferred to stay with his siblings because it was always more fun when he had them to play with. Today was a nice day, and even after begging the girls to go outside with him, they had refused. So he was forced to leave the house alone. The gangling boy moved at a quick trot, his ropy tail high behind him. He imagined that he had his pack behind him; there were monsters in the woods and he was leading them to safety. C'mon! he called to them over his shoulder, moving a little faster lest the "monsters" had heard him. He felt amazingly comfortable in the outer area of Crimson Dreams; there was limited or no fear in his iridescent eyes.

The dark child didn't realize how much time had passed, or how far he'd gone, until he reached the seashore. His imaginary pack disappeared instantly. Momma and Dad had told Gotham and his sisters that the beach was special to them. Maybe they'd be happy to know that he'd seen it himself. Dad had taken Cambria to the beach not too long ago, and she'd told them all how neat it was. The child saw now that she hadn't merely been boasting. The sand she'd talked of was softer than grass or dirt; it felt wonderful between his toes. And the crashing waves of the endless ocean whispered to him in a language he wished he could understand.

He plodded across the beach, and out of the corner of his eye spotted a small figure several yards to his left. He wondered why he hadn't seen it before. Gotham jogged toward the other child, a small smile on his face. "Hey... whas you doin' here?" he asked, his voice full more of curiosity than accusation. The girl was really pretty, with her soft coat and bright eyes. He sat down in the sand, watching her.

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Oceane had no idea that another had come to the beach while she'd been watching the sea before her. The small voice that came to her ears made her turn quickly, surprised that she'd been found out but when her eyes met the smaller male she realized that this was possibly one of Amata's sibling. She gave a wag of her tail as she smiled. "I'm watching the waves.. I was hoping Amata might be close by.." she said as she glanced back behind the boy, wondering if maybe his siblings were following him, if this was indeed one of Amata's littermates.

Flicking her tail back and forth in the sands she asked. "Who are you, I'm Oceane!" forgetting that she was on the pack's land and that he probably had no clue about the tribe where she came from. She couldn't help but try and sneak another look at the boy though she heard the chuckling of Ethador behind her as the spirit guide pawed at a crab in the sand. She quickly turned towards the feline and frowned, confused as to why he was laughing at their meeting.

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The girl glanced behind him; what was she looking for? He began to wonder if one of his sisters was playing a joke on him and had followed him. He turned to look over his own shoulder, but saw no one. The boy furrowed his brow as he turned back to face the girl, who was explaining herself. Watching waves? That sounded like fun! But it would be even more fun to play in them. Even though they did look a little bit frightening, like a beast was chomping down every time a wave crashed upon the shore. "Amata's my sister. She din't want to come out t'day," he informed her, nodding once.

He simply watched the girl, noticing how she was a bit bigger than him. That made him want to impress her, somehow. "I'll play wiff you!" he offered, his tail beginning to wag behind him. Maybe she would investigate the waves with him. He hadn't spent time with any puppies other tan his siblings, and Nani's kids, but they were much older than he. Gotham reached and bumped her shoulder with his snout, smiling sheepishly as he pulled away, his ears upright.

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