behind her was a vision

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Word Count: 362

name × sage river lykoi
birthdate × august 8, 2009
luperci × yes
species × some hybrid mostly coyote-thing
gender × female
contact × aim (irrelevantxx)

In Character

There was a border, and it was marked not just by scent but by stakes. And on the stakes were strange white things that looked like faces, except they didn't move and didn't respond when she asked if they were alive. Of course, they could just be asleep, but their blank stare irritated her and so she had pressed forward. Across the border. Technically Sage knew that this was something she wasn't supposed to do, but she had been doing it for the past week.. few weeks? She had no idea how many days ago she had left. And it didn't really matter. What mattered most of all was that she was hungry, but that was a difficult problem to solve on her own. She knew theoretically how to hunt but her paws didn't go the places they were wanted them to, so she didn't really bother trying very hard. She had caught a few lazy bugs, which tasted gross and didn't actually fill her up very much. More substantially she had, a few days ago, stumbled upon a crow picking at the corpse of a rabbit and managed to scare away the bird, taking it's meal for it's own.

Oh, the other thing that was important was Daddy. That was why she had left, after all. She was tired of her siblings, and her mother, and she missed him. Sage also wanted to understand why he had left. It wasn't that she was mad at him, but it was strange that he had killed Storm Lily, and she wanted to know why. She just wanted things to make sense. She didn't even feel very upset or anything, it was just a distant curiosity that felt removed from her current situation. It was merely an excuse to take this adventure. But her paws were sore, and she was ready to have a consistent place to sleep again. And it smelled like Daddy was here. Could she find where he lived on her own, without having to howl, without having to ask anyone else? It was like a secret game, but only she knew about it so if she lost it wouldn't matter.

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Another day, another loop about the borders. Some sense of monotony had begun to settle back over the Centurion's life; she no longer spent most of her time contemplating Haku, trying to recover from him—she'd discovered that distracting herself from those bad memories was the best way of recovering. There was only so much alcohol could do to douse it out; waking up the following morning simply meant she felt worse than she had the prior night. She wished she could put a lacuna in her mind where that was and forget it all—there were still dreams to chase her, and spending too long a time alone with her own thoughts brought all the bad feelings back.

Her feet beat softly against the ground as she trotted quickly, intending to make this loop as quickly as possible. There was no need to pay much attention to the western border; the rest of the clan would have that part of the border on lockdown, and foreign coyotes would be lucky to navigate the traps and fake traps they'd set up along that part of their land. A strange scent entered her nose, and the coyote froze—this was almost certainly a foreign coyote, but by the smell of it they were already inside the border. She inhaled once more and made a noise in her throat, a low growl. The somewhat distant sounds of movement caught her ears and the hybrid had the foreigner targeted in a moment. As she approached and the sound grew stronger, the alarm disappeared.

As the younger canine came into view the hybrid woman issued a short bark, clearly annoyed but not yet angry, her tail swinging in the air. There was some strange familiarity on the other canine's youthful face, but she ignored it for the meantime. "You look like you're old enough to know better than to step across borders," she stated. It was impossible for the hybrid woman to be truly angry with the child; some of them truly didn't know better. They were not adults, they were not subject to exactly the same rules and regulations as an adult coyote. Certainly this youth was no danger—her face showed a high percentage of coyote, though clearly tinged with some amount of hybrid blood. There was an almost exotic blend to her youthful visage, telltale signs of a few generations of mixing.

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Word Count: 321
XDDD -cleans up pieces of exploded sie-

In Character

Her first thought on the stranger approaching was mild annoyance that her game was ruined. Especially given the old coyote's words, Sage would probably have to talk about her dad and this lady would probably tell her something about where to find him, so she wouldn't be able to do it all by herself. Her father's straw colored eyes stared impassively at the newer figure, sizing up the other female before deciding what to say. "What are the things on the sticks on the borders? They aren't alive, are they? They didn't say anything but they look like they have eyes." Thinking about the borders caused the white things to drift back across her consciousness. She sat down and scratched idly at a dying chain of daisies around her neck. Mommy had made it for her the day before Sage River had wandered off, and she hadn't really seen a reason yet to get rid of it. The flowers were wilting some, but they still smelled interesting and the petals were soft and pretty.

The other female was very scarred, which wasn't very pretty, but might be very interesting if she could get the older hybrid to talk about those instead of trivialities like border crossing. But the bark had sounded annoyed, and she really didn't want to be put back on the other side of the border with those white dead things on sticks. Especially not when she was this close to having a home again. So Sage decided it would probably be a good idea to explain herself a little, too. "Daddy lives here." She said patiently. "I just wanna find him, an' after I do I'm gonna stay with him, maybe." At least, Sage wanted to for a while. Whether she stuck around or not depended entirely on how enjoyable this place was to live at. She had high hopes that it would be better than back home.

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GLUE, STAT D: 326.

The younger canine's question brought something like a smirk to the hybrid's face, and she took a few steps forward, closing the lacuna between the pair of canines. The girl's bright yellowy eyes peered at her, and the hybrid replied, quite simply: "Bones. They were alive once, they are not alive any longer. Their eyes don't see anymore." There was a strange sort of necklace on the youth's neck, wilted flowers of some sort—the silvery coyote didn't quite know what to make of this youth. She hadn't responded to the attempt at chastizing her; instead the other canine now inquired on her father, something that didn't strike Kaena as terribly odd. Inferni was populated by a majority of men; there were perhaps fifteen or more coyotes who might have been the child's father within the clan at this moment. Only a few of them were her sons, true—there was Gabriel, Razekiel, Vitium, Samael... hell, this could even be a wayward child of Enigma or Jael. They were just about reproducing age, anyway.

Kaena was not one to make assumptions, but a hope that this might be some unknown grandchild of her own leapt to her heart—there were a few of her own sons within Inferni, and they had traveled quite far in their time. She looked at the other canine more closely, tilting her head to the side. "Who's your father?" There was certainly some curiosity in her voice; she was eager to discover the identity of this young canine. If she wanted to stay, she could stay, regardless of whether her father was here or not—Inferni would not turn children away, though this certainly wasn't a safe time for her. Better she remain in Inferni than wander near Dahlia and end up getting killed. "You can stay, either way," she offered, thinking it would be practically inhumane to allow the pup to continue to wander about, wilting flowers around her neck.

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Word Count: 362 o sry out of glue all i have is scotch tape. -attempts to use-

In Character

Dead bones, dead faces. Did Storm Lily turn out.. like that? Turn into one of those? She would only have been a tiny one. Mommy had looked for the body, but no one could find it and it was simply accepted that Daddy had taken it away somewhere. How could something have eyes that didn't see? Sage didn't understand it. That was what eyes did.. That was the whole point of them. It could be sort of like sleep, but sometimes while sleeping she would wake up and remember having seen pictures even then. Which must logically happen through eyes, nothing else would make sense.

Sage chose to respond backwards, nodding her head at Kaena's offer to stay. "Okay thank you." Of course, if Daddy wasn't here, she probably wouldn't stay. But since she had the option, maybe for just a little bit. A day, or two, a week, or something. It seemed like an interesting place, but her feet itched to wander and roam. Did Daddy really leave their home to just tie himself down elsewhere? There must be something special, here, something to make it worth it. That was her new goal for herself: to figure out the allure of the area. It seemed pretty average to Sage River after having trekked across so many similar territories on the way out here. Maybe it was a little bit prettier, a little bit more populated. But she had learned recently that she enjoyed solitude. Except for the hunger, it was so pleasant to be able to do what she wanted whenever she wanted without being held accountable to anyone. Other canines were just pressure, pressure to be good and do things right and say things right and learn how to do this and that and blah blah blah..

"Daddy's name is Raz..Razzy-keee-l." The word was obviously unfamiliar and difficult on her lips. Sage didn't even know why he bothered with such a funny word to identify himself at all, "Daddy" was quite sufficient. "I am Sage-River-Lykoi." She said in the rushed and practiced sing-song voice of a child that has had to repeat a certain set of syllables time and time again.

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OH NOEZESZ. Kaena is going to spoil the crap out of miss Sage, btw. :| 367.

The hybrid woman looked forward to adding another pup to the clan—maybe it was too little, too late, but Mason would have a playmate for at least the last two weeks of his childhood. And, well, the way Kaena figured, since he didn't have anyone his own age to play with for the whole first seven months he'd been in Inferni, there wouldn't be any problems with letting Mason play around with this puppy, if he so chose. Kaena could not stifle her love of puppies—even if this one was a little more than a pup. At five months she was edging closer to grown, her speech almost fully formulated. Her thanks was quick, and the answer to the hybrid's second question brought a grin to her face, the fire in her yellow-gold eye lighting up once more.

Razekiel had said he'd had children—she had no idea they were so young! Almost immediately spurred to action, the coyote took a few more steps toward the younger canine, twisting her head this way and that to catch the best view of her. She did have Razekiel's eyes. Was that the ghost of her own face in this child's? Her tail perked upward with happiness, wavering in the air, and she rasped out a laugh, quite pleased with the circumstances. "Sage River Lykoi?" It was a strange name to the hybrid, stranger than Razekiel or Samael or Molochai, but she could hardly blame the girl for her name, or Razekiel for possibly giving it to her—maybe with that name, she would be destined for things beyond the violence of Inferni.

"Well, welcome to Inferni, princess Lykoi," she said, still grinning, her yellowed canines showing off in something that was almost fierce. "I expect Razekiel is around here somewhere. I'm your grandmother, Kaena," she said, almost matter-of-factly, though they was clear excitement dancing across her face. The lacuna in her heart seemed to close just a little bit, encouraged by the appearance of more family. The hybrid seemed fascinated with her own progeny; her single eye did not leave the other canine's face, looking expectantly for the other canine's reaction to this news of added family.

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In Character

Kaena reacted surprisingly to Sage's announcement of her father's name. She came closer, studied the fidgeting child, then.. laughed! The child blinked owlishly, trying to understand. At first she bristled slightly, thinking that she was making fun of her name, but when the older woman continued speaking she calmed down and even broke into a grin. She liked the idea of being a princess Lykoi, and now on top of it she seemed to have acquired a grandmother somehow. Razekiel's mother. He must have left home for the same reason Sage did - to trace down a missing parent. Puzzle pieces clicked into place, and she was proud of her ability to figure things out, to discover secret things she hadn't been told by examining the things that she knew.

"You are Daddy's Mommy?" Sage queried, desiring confirmation for the definition of grandmother. "Are there other family here, too?" Excitement crept into her tone. Maybe there was more here for her than she initially expected. Family! People related to her, people with her blood in their veins, people that shared the Lykoi name. It was as if her world had exploded with possibilities. Lykoi had been a word tied to such a small subset of people: Daddy and then her sisters and brother. But now.. It was baffling. Her straw colored eyes surely reflected the wonder she felt at this news. "Inferni is a pack, like Juniper Peace?" Sage tilted her head, trying to get a real grasp on her new situation.

Idleness tickled her paws, and so she moved them, pushing forward to examine closely this new canine who now belonged to her in part. Sage hadn't grown up with much of a concept of personal space, but especially if Kaena was her grandmother, then it was okay for her to nose the older female's fur and curiously study some of the scars that were within reach. "What does the word 'Kaena' mean?" She persisted with her barrage of questions. Names were always words that meant things, but she'd never encountered this word before.

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