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The willowy alabaster legs carried that handsome bi-colored creature at an almost painstakingly eased pace. While the Russo male found that, at the time, there was nothing for his mind to mull over, his chest swelled at the simplistic sights around him. The beauty that fell upon the lands that he had wandered seemed to overtake his intellect and leave him a near dumbfounded fool, but alas he was not. Instead, there were times when Janos was cursed with his bright thoughts and overly-imaginative imagination, and yet he was positive that he would have never given away such talent. Being the thoughtful and creative creature that he was, the charmer still longed for that familiar company. The times that he spent alone were some of his greatest and most treasured, but Janos found that the thought-provoking conversations that were held with his comrades were equally important to his growth in character. He had wandered for a substantial amount of time and had come to the conclusion that without his family, he was simply a creature of no past, present, or future and that was altogether troubling.

Janos paused in his steps, casting his cobalt gaze at the waves that crashed before him and breathed an airy sigh, faintly curling the ebony lips that adorned his features into a soft grin. It was pleasant, he noted with an uplifting of his shaggy head to sniff the salty air and draw into his body all of the senses that followed it. If only the male could have been troubled by the sight of a familiar shape, or even a stranger's presence... his life would have been found much more complete.

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It was a rather blustery sort of day; the silver-furred werewolf was quite ready for the plunge into winter the lands had seemed to take some weeks ago, and now the cold season was in full swing. Rurik was raised practically on top of the world; the winters were long and harsh, the summers short and very beautiful. It was an understatement to say he was used to cold temperatures. He was made for them—his winter coat was quite thick and extravagant, though he'd never been one to take notice. Perhaps it was the husky's blood that gave him this extra padding, but it seemed everyone in Sobirat'sya was this way, and not just their family. Then again, perhaps it might be said that the local dogs had integrated very, very well with the wolf populations of Arkhangel'sk.

The tawny werewolf meandered along the narrow strip of beach, enjoying the afternoon's walk. There was a lightness to his step today; the recent return of Anatoliy and the arrival of Raskolnikov and his lovely mate had set his spirits high, and there was nothing serving to inflict quietus on his good spirits. He was singing as he walked, and though it was not beautiful singing, it was passable. He wasn't tinny or completely out of key, and his songs were simple tunes. His brothers had sang them very often when they worked the ships, and they had stuck with the cloud-furred werewolf these long years. Up ahead of him, there was a figure of another canine, and immediately his singing stopped, though it was no indication of a changing mood. Instead, he offered a smile and a wave to the stranger, completely ignorant of his own relation to the canine—after all, how could he know? Zaets was practically a mystery to him. “Hello there!” he said as he drew nearer, friendly smile on his muzzle as always.

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In Character

At long last, the male thought as he noticed the fellow just out of reach, company. His lips curled to twist his features into a fine line at the sight of this male, and when the friendly tones erupted through the air, his teeth flashed in a brighter show of companionship. Oh, it was quite good to see a friendly face out there in those strange lands. Janos tossed his head upward and a shaggy hand rose to wave a simple gesture of greeting before he parted his lips to speak. “Why, hello there,” he offered, twinkling blue orbs danced with happiness that could not quite be expressed through anything but the handsome features of the Russo male. The creature before him was rather rugged looking – not exactly nice on the eyes, but he had a certain quality about him that some would find attractive. He did not fit the appearance of Janos, however, who was lean and fit, with a dashing ivory grin and his swarthy and alabaster coat that appeared to belong more to a husky than to a wolf. Janos was not one to discriminate according to appearance, and simply allowed the moment to pass as it was. He was blissfully unaware that he had a relation to this male, and it was evident that his companion was the same way.

Janos extended his shaggy hand forward and lowered a single ear to his head, flashing his new found company a charming and perfectly characteristic half-grin. “Janos Russo,” he introduced in that familiar gruff baritone of his. Perhaps by some chance he would find himself with pleasant companionship for a short while and he would not have to continue his trek through the strange lands without having met someone worth his time. His voice was lacking use as of late, and so was his intellectual side, which was something that needed to be exercised regularly. While he wanted nothing more than to find someone that was just as interested in a good thoughtful conversation, he was just thankful that he had stumbled across a beast who appeared to be genial and welcoming. People like that were hard to come by as of late, or so he could note through his travels.

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Sadly, Rurik had little knowledge of his very own sons—it was all one big mess, compounded by his own idiocy. If only he hadn't thought the worst of Kiska, if only he'd trusted her more, things could be vastly different for the silver-furred werewolf. Syemv might still be around, Rurik might even still be leading it, even—it was a vague possibility, but the thought had occurred to the cloud-colored Russian that perhaps his brief successes as a leader had all come as a direct result of his steadfast and sturdy crew—certainly it helped to have brilliant London, practical and cunning Empathy, ever-supportive and loving Kiska by his side. He could hardly consider the brief time spent as alpha a success. Rather, it had served to cement in Rurik's head that such a position was simply not viable for him. Being the captain of a boat was a far cry from being the leader of a pack; the extension in territory alone was enough to overwhelm Rurik.

It was not a huge surprise he wouldn't know Janos from any other wolf—though the telltale piercing over his brow had caught the blue-eyed gaze. Such a piercing, however, was hardly limited to those of his own kind—eyebrow piercings weren't limited strictly to Sobirat'sya. Still, that coupled with the sky-blue gaze was enough to send a tingle up Rurik's spine. The stranger reacted with pleasantry, and introduced himself as a Russo—which sealed the deal for Rurik. “Well, chyort, I was not expecting to find long lost cousin today,” he said, laughter rumbling from his pale-furred chest. ”Rurik Russo of Sobirat'sya. Where are you from, stranger?“ he asked, still unassuming, unsuspecting—it would not have surprised him to find he had a long-lost cousin or nephew. His brothers cavorted around enough, and despite his father's duplicity insisting otherwise, it wouldn't have surprised him in the least to find that both Vik and Robjik had engaged in similar behavior in their own youth.

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