Adoption Contract

This is Anathema's Adoption Contract. If you're interested in adopting a pNPC character from Anathema, please take a look at the rules below, and then of course, at the perks below that :)

If you haven't already, please take a peek at our current adoptables on Anathema's Wiki Page and PM the Anathema account if you find one you like! :)

The Contract

"All adopted Anathema pNPCs must stay within Anathema unless otherwise discussed with Leadership. If an adoptable is dropped unexpectedly, the player has 6 months to pick the character back up or it will be reclaimed and adopted out again. Other arrangements can be made based on plots and real world circumstances for picking up dropped character again (see Adoption Rules). Death or severely maiming to the point that the character is useless is not allowed unless discussed with Anathema leadership. Thank you AT Leadership"


Anyone and everyone can adopt one of Anathema's pNPC adoptables, regardless of activity, posting speed, etc. However, we do generally prefer those with stable activity, who are consistent with characters and posts. Do not be intimidated by this, however. We normally accept all who are interested!

General Terms

In most cases, pNPCs adopted in Anathema are expected to stay in Anathema, unless otherwise discussed with leadership. pNPCs adopted out to players usually have some kind of standing within the pack and usually hold a rank higher than Zepar. Their rank is not necessarily set in stone, and the adopter may switch it up in the pack if they want to! :)


pNPC Adoptables that are dropped or otherwise NPC'd for long periods of time with only brief roleplay (0-6 months, 0-100 posts) will be reclaimed and adopted out again. The only exception to this is if a player contacts Leadership about an absence and expresses interest in picking the character back up again as soon as possible. Only then will we be lenient; however, if the player does not return around their expected return date, we will reclaim the adoptable. Other instances where the character may be re-adopted are:
  • Player disappeared and is unreachable through means of provided contact (if any)
  • Player has been banned from 'Souls
  • A specific term, either stated here or otherwise agreed upon when character was adopted, has been broken. (ex. pNPC Adoptable is taken from Anathema to join Casa di Cavalieri without Leadership consent)

Help Us Promote Our Adoptables!

Since we have upgraded to RandImg, there's only one button and it shows every single adoptable we have a button for, and it links to the adoptables section on the Wiki! From the Wiki, you can click on each character's profile to learn more about them!

It's really simple - there's one button and one code. Just copy and paste the code into your signature, profile, website, etc.

Check out Anathema's Adoptables!
Check out Anathema's Adoptables!

Wanna get featured?

Did your character recently have puppies or do you have an NPC in or intended for Anathema that you'd like to promote? Just provide us with a 88x30 adoptable button (like the ones above) or request one on the maintenance thread, and we'll promote your adoptable for you!

The Fun Stuff


Adopting a pNPC character from Anathema will get you 75 starting points for the pack game (or 75 more if you already belong to Anathema with another character)! In addition, some of these characters come with an interesting background, a couple of friends, enemies, plots, and even some graphics to get you started!

Picking up one of Anathema's pNPCs will earn you:

  • Instant standing within Anathema
  • Instant friends, enemies, frenemies, plots, and a rank (and in most cases, a co-rank too!)
  • 75 game points, as mentioned above
  • Two graphical tables from Sammiie (she requires a nudge, so PM her with some info about what you'd like!)