Anathema's Arachnids

There are various Spider Catacombs that your character can earn and display on their profile or Wiki! Listed below are the available catacombs Anathema currently has, and to get permission to display them, you MUST post your evidence on the maintenance board.

Also, if you have any questions about them or have suggestions for new ones - please PM the Anathema account (:

Dark IC Caracombs:
Image:How to earn:
Hesperus: Sinner
Commit three (3) major crimes and get away with all of them!
Ex: kidnapping someone from a non-allied pack or a loner and justifiable murder of a non-allied pack member or loner.
  • If your character is caught, the act does not count towards this catacomb.
Mactans: Addicted
Have your character take some form of substance in a large quantity OR give a large quantity of a substance to another.
Ex; Alcohol, drugs, poison
  • Puppies are prohibited from taking substances by pack law, keep this in mind.
Variolus: Black Mail & Bribery
Extortion of a valuable 'item' from a canine by threatening to expose criminal acts or discreditable information, and giving or offering a bribe in return.
  • Note: Frowned upon, but not punishable within pack lands; preferred to be done on outsiders.
Antheratus: Punishment
Have your character commit a crime that is against pack laws and have them get caught, resulting in them having to submit to punishment for the crime.
  • Regardless of the crime, your character must receive and experience the punishment to earn this catacomb
Apicalus: Polygamy
Be apart of an official polygamous relationship! This means that your character is officially mated to more than one member.
Pure IC Catacombs:
Image:How to earn:
Artonis: Contributor
There are many storages within Anathema; tools, weapons, food, furs, spices, craft, etc. Why not have your character acquire or make something to add to these pack stores?
Colphepeira: Savior
Receive five (5) or more serious injuries while defending the pack. Injuries can be spread out in as many threads as needed.
Ex: forcing a large predator out of pack lands, receiving multiple deep lacerations.
Enacrosoma: Educator
Teach another pack member a new skill or trade!
Melychiopharis: Alliance Builder
Complete two (2) threads where your character either befriends, trades with, or generally shows a foreign pack good will and helps form a friendship between both packs.
Sedasta: Shield
Defend the pack's territory, whether from trespassers or lost predators.
Participation IC Catacombs:
Image:How to earn:
Artoria: Specialization
Complete the threads to claim a Co-Rank/Specialization in Anathema!
Lycosella: Master
Reach the top of your rank tier.
Notocosa: Mateship Ceremony
Acquire a mate and have the leaders throw a Mateship Ceremony for you!
Evippinae: Meetings
Attend five (5) pack meetings or events. Can me mix-matched!
Stygnidae: Pack-wide Plot
Participate in a pack-wide plot!
Membership Catacombs:
Image:How to earn:
Cyphophthalmi: 6 Months
Your character has been an Anathema pack member for 6 consecutive months.
Stylocelloidea: 1 Year
Your character has been an Anathema pack member for 1 year.
Pettalidae: 2 Years
Your character has been an Anathema pack member for 2 consecutive years.
Troglosironidae: 3 Years
Your character has been an Anathema pack member for 3 consecutive years.
Eotrogulidae: Concil
Currently holds or have held a Council rank.