Anatheman Culture

Anathema has become one of the darker packs of Nova Scotia. Many members come from histories that most places would turn away, while some come to Anathema for family ties or the pack's views and culture. Built from the ground up, the group of misfits consider themselves family above all else. Many members would much rather start a fight or play some tricks on the other packs than play nice. Due to this, Anathema has a bit of a bad reputation with other packs.

During Anathema's current time span there has been many changes within the pack. Anathema was created with the central theme of Voodoo - but this has been mostly dropped. Members are still free to practice Voodoo - but pack events and parties are no longer based from it. Anathema has recently shifted its culture to Pagan and dark magick. Panda Behr, Anathema's Malpas, brings good vibes and performs good rituals for the pack. However, there is always an underlying darkness within Anathema - and this is especially felt through rituals regarding dark magick.

Founding Principals


Family bonds are important to most Anathemans, and is portrayed through the Rite of Agares. The Rite of Agares provides the opportunity for those who are not related to pack members to get connected by combining the blood between a member and an outsider. Former members are always welcomed back to Anathema despite whatever reason they had for leaving, as long as they were not banished or chased out for committing a major crime or breaking cultural norms. While Anathema considers all of its members to be family - its a different kind of family. While family, to some, means brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers; family in Anathema means blood-brother or blood-sister, which doesn't bar members from shacking up with another member. While unity is the main key, there are canines who remain enemies within the pack.

Safe Haven

Anathema has developed into a safe haven for those who do not belong anywhere, or cannot go anywhere else. Many members have committed numerous crimes involving murder or violence or are just downright crazy, there is a common bond between the dark canines of Anathema. While crime is not exactly recommended in Anathema, it is not condemned. It is not to be preformed upon fellow members, but violence and trickery is open to those who are not exactly friendly with Anathema. Members are generally free to do as they please as long as it doesn't hurt their own and it doesn't hurt Anathema's pack relations either.