The Anathema Game

The Anathema game is a fun way to encourage more posting and longer posts; plus its a great way to earn cool prizes like titles and icons! While posting is a great way to earn points, its not the only way. You can earn points many ways - check out the list below!

In order to submit points, you must submit your archived threads to the Maintenance thread. As per the Completion Guide, your threads must be archived first in order to claim points.

We do allow points to be transferred to this game from another character, but only with that leader's approval. All points must be submitted to our game within 2 WEEKS of your character leaving that pack for them to be transferable.

The current points tally for all members who are participating can be found on the Ranks Portal!

Posting Points

Points:Required Word Count:
3 points
300+ word post
5 points
500+ word post
7 points
700+ word post
10+ points
1000+ word post
  • NOTE: For any additional words beyond 1000: 100 words = 1 point. ex: 1500=15 points

In Character Points

5 points
  • Use your rank requirements in a thread (per thread)
  • Join an All Welcome Thread
  • Bring Anathema's Ravens and Crows a snack!
  • Have a thread in which your character is rude/verbally abusive. (once per thread, non-allied or non-Anathema members only)
  • Have a thread in which your character commits a major acceptable crime (per thread)
  • Have a thread in which your character commits a minor acceptable crime (per thread)
  • Have a thread in which your character commits a un-acceptable crime & faces the punishment (per thread)
10 points
  • Start a thread in Anathema (No Read-Onlys)
  • Join a pack thread or activity
  • Complete a task that a leader gives your character
  • Donate a creature to Anathema
  • Thread with someone from an allied pack
15 points
  • Earn a Specialization
  • Greet a joiner at the borders
  • Have on-board puppies
20 points
  • Organize your own pack thread and complete it
30 points
  • Move to the next rank in your tier

Out of Character Points

10 points
  • Submit an idea for a pack contest (20 bonus points if it is used!)
  • Suggest a pack-wide plot that is accepted
  • Make pack pride graphics (maximum of 5 per month)
20 points
  • Be Anathema's Top Poster for the month!
    • 15 points for the Second Place Top Poster of the month!
    • 10 points for the Third Place Top Poster of the month!
30 points
  • Win a pack contest!
40 points
  • OOCly recruit a LONER to Anathema
  • OOCly recruit another PACK MEMBER to Anathema
50 points


100 points
  • Request a graphical table to be made for you by one of our leaders!
  • Transfer a icon or title between accounts
  • Edit an existing icon or title
200 points
Custom three-word title, pack colors, three months
250 points
Custom icon, three months
350 points
Permanent custom title OR icon
450 points
Permanent custom title AND icon