Anathema Foundation

Founding Threads

Founding Members

Leaders: Naniko D'Angelo, Azalea

Members: Selene D'Angelo, Juju D'Angelo [npc], Eris Eternity, Itachi Lykoi, Theodore Stone, Harlowe D'Angelo, Grace Revlis , Attila Aston, Demi D'Angelo, Scorpius D'Angelo

Pack Meetings

  1. I don't want to change the world [February 2011] Theodore Stone was promoted to Rakeeb, Azelea's disappearance was announced and mention of the upcoming snowstorm and relevant precautions were discussed.
  2. What have we done to you? [October 2011] The pack gather for a Halloween party all dressed up and Alaki's promotion to Rakeeb was announced. Upon hearing of his promotion, one member promptly leaves whilst everyone else goes about partying!
  3. Dug my way out of blood and fire [March 2012] Alaki announces his promotion to Angelo, along with Aeron's promotion to Atheed and mention of the garden and workshop projects that need to be started. Naniko later emphasise on hierarchy and the fact that Suts are the lowest of rank within the pack.
  4. This road we walk, we walk together [August 2012] Alaki and Naniko leave suddenly, leaving Aeron to take care of things. She holds a pack meeting to announce that Anathema wasn't going anywhere under her watch.
  5. Tis the season for demons [October 2012] Aeron calls everyone together for a Halloween party.
  6. We said we'd stand together [April 2013] Aeron announces that she wants the pack to spend some time together. She provided a feast and allowed everyone to mingle for a while.
  7. So this is it. I sold my soul for this? [February 2013] Aeron announces Axelle's promotion - as well as the pack's issues with trespassers recently.
  8. I can't wait to rip my eyes out and look at you [February 2013] After the announcement that trespassers have been coming into Anathema unannounced - Axelle decides to hold a 'warrior meeting'.
  9. We said we'd stand together [April 2013] Aeron calls everyone together just to spend some time because she feels that the pack is not getting along. There is a feast, and some time for the Anathemans to mingle. Tension between some is still high.
  10. Welcome to the Ball [December 2013] Despite Aeron's missing sons, she attempts to throw a Yule party for the pack. It ends in a flop.
  11. The end is where we begin [February 2014] Kentaro forces Aeron to surrender the crown, and this is the meeting where he tells everyone. Members are not too happy with this.
  12. My Rule is final [May 2014] After finding that a coup led by Catrin, Viper, Pythius, Sixx & Lucias, Kentaro beheads Catrin to show that he means business and will not tolerate treason.
  13. Is it worth the journey or do I let my heart settle here? [November 2014] Kentaro announces his decision to move the pack's territory to the south. Not everyone is pleased with this decision.

Pack Hunts

  1. blood on my mind [January 2011] Our first pack hunt, which was lead by Theodore Stone. Four other members; Alaki, Liev, Nyx and Larkspur assisted him.
  2. the inner beast [February 2012] Larger pack hunt lead by Aeron Ganesa. Seven other members; Alaki, Alexander, Liam, Ayasha, Leon, Anon and Mido assisted her.
  3. Amongst the Shadows [November 2012] Pack hunt led by Mido. Six other members; Elody, Itzal, Pride, Axelle, Malakai, and Ayasha assisted him.
  4. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to breathe [June 2013] Pack hunt led by Axelle and Mido. Eleven other members; Aurora, Malakai, Kentaro, Lukos, Kohaku, Charm, Mido, Isolde, Nero, Elissa, & Toshiro assisted him.
  5. Pieces were made of flesh and of blood [June 2014] Pack hunt led by Kentaro Lykoi. Five other members; Vepar, Mido, Amorette, Lukos, & Axelle assisted him.


  1. M. The beginning [June 2011] Theodore & Demi's Mateship Ceremony.
  2. Will lightning strike our fears away? [July 2011] Matteo & Alaki's Mateship Ceremony.
  3. One heart [November 2011] Samantha Jarret & Rain Marks' Mateship Ceremony.
  4. Little boys don't stay little boys, for long [March 2012] Octavius, Judas & Severus' Coming of Age Ceremony.
  5. Box After Box and You're Still By My Side [May 2012] Aeron & Charm's Mateship Ceremony.
  6. And the one poor child that saved this world [July 2012] Lillith's Coming of Age Ceremony.
  7. Blend my heart and soul [January 2013] Axelle & Itzal's Mateship Ceremony.
  8. This is not the end [July 2013] Isolde's, Kentaro's and Toshiro's Coming of Age Ceremony.
  9. Dawn of the Snake [March 2014] Viper & Pythius's Coming of Age Ceremony.
  10. Apple and Cinnamon [June 2014] Fenrir & Laurel's Mateship Ceremony.
  11. We will forge our own legacy [September 2014] Kentaro, Isolde & Amorette's Mateship Ceremony.
  12. Cast away your flowers, for Sickle and Scythe [October 2014] A Wiccan Ceremony to honor the Dark Mother.


These are important threads that just don't fit anywhere else! These will most likely be mini-meetings, small ceremonies, or other small pack gatherings within Anathema.

  1. I want to watch you come through the fog [February 2014] Axelle leads a small Warrior meeting to touch base with the warriors of the pack, and offer training to those who want it. Her true defiance against Kentaro is shown here, awkwardly.