• Any canine of any species is welcome to join Anathema; we do not restrict membership based upon species.
  • All canines who join will be placed at the Zepar rank. To move up into a rank tier, the new member must make 20 In Character posts, then let us know via the maintenance thread! :)
  • Anathema accepts canines with all sorts of histories. We are a pack of misfits who are not welcomed in any other place for whatever reasons!
  • Canines wishing to join Anathema are advised not to trespass until invited across the border by a pack member. Canines here can be quite territorial, and it is disrespectful for strangers to cross uninvited into pack territory.
  • If your character is not blood-related to another Anathema member, they will need to go through the blood-sharing ritual known as the Rite of Agares. A small cut will be made on your character's paw and one on the leader's paw, and then pressed together, binding them by blood and welcoming them into the family.
  • Canines who were once accepted to Anathema, but left the pack, do not need go through the Rite of Agares again. They are considered part of the family already and are welcomed back regardless (of course, not including those who were banished previously). Even though your character may not need to go through the process of getting re-accepted into the pack, an In Character joining thread is still required! Please refer to OOC Joining information below.

Joining Form

Please post the Joining Form when posting your joining thread! If you don't know which Tier you want your character to go in, you can simply let us know on the Maintenance thread at a later time, after you've researched the ranks!

IC Joining Only

Anathema does not accept OOC joiners. All potential joiners must make an In Character joining thread following one of 2 methods below, whichever best matches your character's situation:

  • If the character is new to the pack, make an IC thread in which they approach the border and seek acceptance from a leader.
  • If they are already a family member who is returning to the pack, simply post a short "return" thread in which your character comes back to the pack. Please post your return thread and joining form to the maintenance thread so that we can title you properly!


The only exception to this rule is if someone joins with a character that is already in Anathema; ex. a Pack NPC or Youth NPC. All they need to do is post to the Joining forum and wait for the acceptance notice from Anathema. Afterwards, they are free to post!

Greeting and Accepting Joiners

  • Any member ranked Zepar or higher may greet a joiner.
  • Please keep in mind that if you post to joiner threads, you are expected to post frequently; if you do not think you can post at least once a day to the joiner's thread, then please do not reply to it.
  • Only Leaders may accept joiners.
  • If a leader or another member is already in a thread with a joiner, PLEASE DO NOT JOIN. This just makes the joining process smoother. Additional participants will only slow the thread down. If you want a thread with the new member, PM them to have your own.