Pack Procedures

These are Anathema's rules and policies. This is here to help you and your character understand what's going on in Anathema. Please adhere to the items listed below to avoid minor to major consequences for your character.



  • All fights and disputes between pack members must have a decided winner beforehand
  • Members should bring some kind of animal sacrifice or recent kill to pack meetings that occur during a full moon.


  • If a member chooses to end a mateship, whether IC or OOC, it must be discussed and agreed upon between both players first.
  • If a member has been inactive for 3+ weeks, they will be warned to post. If they fail to do so within the board-set time, they will be put on NPC status for one month. If they remain inactive when that month grace period ends, they will be removed.
  • Remember: Membership in AT is rather fluid; don't be afraid to drop or remove a character from the pack. You will always be welcomed back!
  • You MUST contact one of us if a plot that you wish to have will affect more than just the few characters participating or if it will affect the pack or pack relations with another pack.

Joining Anathema

While Anathema is said to be a home or sanctuary for many types of criminals, it welcomes canines of all shapes and sizes and even backgrounds (so long as they can hold their ground in Anathema!). Please visit our Joining page for complete information.

  • Please do not reply to joining threads unless you can reply at least once every two days.
  • If another member has already greeted the newcomer, it is strongly encouraged that you not to join the thread for the sake of faster completion.
  • When a new member joins the pack, they will receive a small cut on their hand/paw (palm). A member of leadership will also make a small cut on their hand/paw and the two will be pressed together, accepting the new Zepar in blood.
  • If a pack member leaves the pack for any reason other than exile, there is no need to rejoin at a future date. They are blood, and will be accepted back into the pack automatically without needing to rejoin. They need only alert the leadership of their return.
  • Any blood-related family of an active pack member will be readily accepted into the pack without requiring permission from the leadership. However, this is not to say sneaking family members over the borders is okay. While official permission is not needed, it is common courtesy to let a leader know ICly when a relative of your character joins the pack.

Rank Policies

Advancing in ranks is easy in Anathema! Just provide the necessary requirements for that rank, and submit them to the maintenance thread.

  • Members may fight for ranks within their tier; however, Zepars may not fight for ranks.
  • Members are not allowed to cause bodily harm, unless there is a dispute of respect between members of different ranks.


While Anathemans can live anywhere in the pack lands, most have congregated in either Thackery Village, Cantatrix Valley or the Howling Caverns. Our residence lists for Thackery Village and Cantatrix Valley are listed on the Wiki, and you can add yourself or ask a leader to do it for you.



In order for your character to obtain aNPC status, you must:

  • Adhere to board-wide aNPC procedures.
  • PM a leader for approval.
  • Please Note: Characters are generally not removed from Anathema if their players can be openly contacted; however, if a player is MIA and unreachable for more than three months, their characters may be removed from Anathema.

cNPC & yNPC Additions

If your character acquires a new companion (including slaves) or has puppies, you must let us know!


Anathema generally always has pNPCs for members to use freely in threads, and they usually specialize in some kind of rank (but not all the time). When using one of these guys:

  • Read over their profile (if they have one) carefully to make sure you will play them correctly.
  • Update their Wiki profile with the thread or post it to the Anathema maintenance thread to let us know about it.
  • Follow the board-wide pNPC procedures.
  • When interacting or referencing an NPC you must follow the pack procedures with the NPC's as well; this means that under no circumstances are they to be harmed or killed without leader consent.
  • Realism is key: pNPCS will hold the same view of your character as the pack overall does. If you are liked within the pack, the pNPCs will like your character, if your character is distrusted the pNPCs will distrust your character!
  • No abusing pNPCS for knowledge that your character would not normally have access to. Some pNPCs guard or work with specific areas upon leader's orders!
  • If seeking an item from a pNPC make sure you do a fair trade with them; wouldn't want to con them out of their goods and be rejected a trade next time
  • At all times you must stick to the general outlined personality and appearance of the pNPC; in short, if they are grumpy chances are they will be grumpy to your character and dislike them as they do everyone else!

Laws & Crime

  • Most crimes are not punishable in Anathema, but some major ones like unjustified murder, infidelity, betraying the pack, and rape of a pack member could have severe IC consequences if the players wish for it to be discovered.
  • If a pack member chooses to betray their pack (insubordination/treason), there can be harsh IC consequences. The member will most likely be forced to leave the pack and face death upon return.
  • Members MUST NOT cause interpack drama without discussing it with leaders OOCly. Plots that can affect interpack relations MUST be discussed with leaders, or else members risk expulsion from the pack AND In Character consequences.
  • Members may keep no more than 2 servants or slaves. (Whether NPC or played, a maximum of 2).

For more details on Anathema’s laws, please view the Crime page.

Activity Guidelines

  • Zepars who post less than five posts within a month will be given a warning about their activity. If their activity does not improve in the following month (5+ posts), they will be demoted to Sut and will remain at that rank until they can prove that they are active members of the pack.
  • Those who are in rank tiers who post less than five posts in one month will be warned, and if they do not post more than 5 posts in the following month, they will be demoted by one tier. If they are in their bottom tier, they will be demoted to Zepar.
    • Anyone demoted from a tier WILL have to re-do their rank requirement threads or 20 Zepar posts to regain their rank. Things like absences will be taken into account, however, and this can be appealed if the missed posts were legitimately due to an absence and not just general laziness.
  • On the other hand, if your character is particularly excelling that month - there is possible bonuses! The Top Poster of the month will receive 20 extra pack game points and a fun little monthly icon!

  • Ex 1:
      Wolf is an Iblis, the lowest rank in the Diplomat Tier. Wolf has only posted twice this month and receives a warning after the monthly rank check is done. If he does not improve next month, Wolf would then be demoted to Zepar and would be required to make 20 posts to regain his low spot in his rank tier.

    Ex 2:
      Coyote is an Oriax, the highest rank in the Diplomat Tier. Coyote posts once this month and receives a warning as well. He does not take the warning to heart and does not post at all, and is sent an official warning after the Boardwide Activity Sweep that happens in the middle of the month. Coyote would then be demoted to Andras, the second rank in that tier, and would have to re-do his rank requirement threads to regain his spot as the top Diplomat.

    Ex 3:
      Hybrid is an unproven one, a Zepar. He posts three posts this month. Hybrid will be automatically demoted to Sut, and will have to make more than 5 IC posts in the next month to be reinstated as a Zepar.

    EXCEPTION: Pups and newcomers who have joined during the month in question are exempt from these activity guidelines.