Thackary Village

Training Grounds


Within the Village at the northern most point lies the indoor training grounds. Once an abandoned sawmill, the building was restored by various pack members and is now a spacious and weather tight area for the warriors of Anathema to hone the skills. Upon entering one would see the various wall mounted weapons of varying condition, weight and size; all of which are free for members to practice with if they see fit.


To the side of the indoor training grounds lies the fenced off area used for outside training. With a variety of landscapes, the outdoor training starts off as open grassland, gradually becoming rockier and densely filled with trees as one moves further and further away from the picket fence that encloses the area.

Village Houses

How to claim a house or a room

Don't think living in the caves quite suits your character? Then you can have them move into one of the village houses or they may claim a room within the Storm Tree Villa. To claim a room or a house all you have to do is post to Anathema's Maintenance thread, stating what you would like to claim.

Things to keep in mind when claiming a house or room:

  • Firstly, check the relevant map to see if the room or house has already been claimed!
  • Houses are small, typically they are 2 bedrooms, two story houses
  • Houses are in poor conditions and unfurnished; they will need a fair bit of work before they would be any inhabitable
  • The second floor in the houses is weak and may potentially be dangerous; this would need to be checked and reinforced if you character wishes to use the second story.

Storm Tree Villa

On the far North West side of Thackery village lie an old Villa on an acre of land. The Storm Tree Villa gets its name from the large willow tree in front of the villa, over the years the tree has taken on a large amount of damage from several storms resulting in many branches having fallen off, and what once was a garden under and around the tree is now a complete disaster. As you move closer to the Villa you can tell that it too has seen its fair share of storms and somehow managed to survive.

The villa is rather large and in an odd U like shape allowing for many people to stay as guests or to live permanently. The building is mainly brick and mortar which is showing its age, repairs have been minimal. The one thing that has been completed is the front porch, stepping onto that oddly fixed porch large French doors with stained glass windows greet you. The interior of the building is weathered and seen little repairs.

Currently the East wing of the villa is unoccupied and part of it has been condemned from structural damage. There is enough room in the west wing for a few members to make a home outside of the caves. The west wing however is home to Aeron Ganesa the pack’s Atheed and her family.


Anathema has many different storage areas, within the caves and within the village. Currently the village is used to store gardening stock, food, general storage and tools. This is because both the training facilities and pack gardens are located within the village itself.

To View what is currently in storage and where, check out the Stable and Garden pages!

Human relics


Once a rusted, falling apart, human playground sat at the lower part of the village near the broken angel statue. When the comet struck the earth parted open and a few of fissures opened up beneath the playground, causing it to sink into the earth. The crater created is rather deep and members are warned to not play around in it due to all the broken metal.

Broken Angel Statue

Just away from the old human park lays the fallen angel statue. Only the base of the one beautiful statue remains in reasonable condition, whilst over the ages the angel had fallen the the ground, shattering into many pieces, her wings lay a distance away from where the body fell, vines and the natural foliage have began to eat away and wrap themselves around the remains of the stone angel. Scattered off to the side and by the statue are three stone benches; only one looks remotely stable, the others have rotted away and fallen apart as time took them.