Who are we?

Crimson Dreams is a well established pack that is focused on respect and living together with a heavy emphasis on family. It is a pack founded upon peace and tranquility, values that it always strives to maintain. Its simple ranking system is based upon the Roman Republic, a representation of the fact that there is a hierarchy in the pack but it is still more of a communal rule than a strict dictatorship or monarchy. Members are encouraged to come to leadership with ideas or concerns, in character and out. Co-ranks are diverse, and allow for individuals to enhance particular talents while giving back to the pack.

A second generation has been born into the Dreaming way of life, and hold onto the same principles that the pack was founded on. Newcomers are given a second chance at a fulfilling life and to grow as an individual, and given a safe haven for rearing pups. Focusing on the group as a whole, members are encouraged to reside within Haven Manor and connect with and create bonds with pack members. The claimed territory is vast, and hold many different landscapes. Ancient human dwellings, fine sanded beaches, cliffs and forests full of prey make for plentiful hunting grounds.

Peace • Family • Honor • Truth

The basic principles in which Dreamers are to live and coexist with one another and the packs beyond. Not every beast that comes seeking a home in the pack lands and a place amongst the ranks must prove their dedication to each of those words, but they are something to strive for and work towards as Crimson Dreamers.

A place for you?

Crimson Dreams is always welcoming to those that are looking for a home. There are many constructive avenues for your character to take, may it be protecting pack members, studying the art of healing, establishing relationships with the neighboring packs or perusing an artistic talent. Crimson Dreams has been the home of many different characters over the years, and personal plots and character development has always been encouraged. Simple principles to keep relations with members as well as neighbors peaceful are all that we ask be taken into consideration.

News & Updates

April 30 2012
In Character Events
Spring Blossoms
The Spring has been a time of recovery for the pack, a time to repair from within. The pack took on the task of repairing the old Koender Windmill, so that after a harvest of wheat and corn they could mill the grain and trade it to other packs. In late April three new faces joined the Dreaming ranks. A pair looking for a home to settle down in and create a family, Selene Vansenza and Fritz Earl. While Cassia Calidus sought refuge from a long and tiresome trip from overseas.