Ranks are determined both by posting activity as well as IC actions.

Cursus Honorum


The Consul is the highest ranked wolf of the pack and has the power to implement policies and veto any policies proposed that they do not find appropriate. They are the head both civilly and militarily, though they hold the right to defer military leadership to the member who holds the Centurio co-rank. The Consul works closely with the Praetor and the Quaestor. One must have held both the Quaestor and Praetor rank before becoming a Consul.


The Praetor is the Consul’s right hand and helps the Consul with all their duties. In the event of an emergency, they may take over the Consul’s duties if the Consul is unable to perform them. The Praetor’s particular concern is justice and fairness in the pack, hearing pack member’s concerns and conflicts perhaps in conjunction with the pack’s Conciliator. One must have held the Quaestor rank before becoming a Praetor.


The Quaestor is the member of the Cursus Honorum that is in charge of keeping track of the pack’s belongings and supplies. They work closely with the pack’s Mancipium, or they may even hold that co-rank themselves. Being able to keep clear and concise records to help oversee the whole pack is an essential skill for this position.



The Censor is the most highly esteemed non-Cursus Honorum member of the pack, and works closely with the wolves of the Cursus Honorum. They are in charge of helping keep track of all of the pack’s members and positions, as well as keeping the morality of the pack sound. This position is always held by a respected, long-standing member of the pack.


The Tribune’s main concern is the welfare of the lower members of the pack, particularly the Plebeians. They are the first to hear any complaints that the lower members have and then they intercede to the leadership on their behalf. They have the power to veto measures proposed by those magistrates that are lower ranked than themselves, or even higher ranked if they believe them to be harmful to their charges.


The Praefectus’ job can take on many areas, anywhere from the pack’s defenses to the maintenance of the pack’s lands and favored territories. They often help wherever they are needed and take charge in areas where there is no clear cut leader, or the wolf in charge is absent or unable to perform their duties.


The Aedile is in charge of pack gatherings and festivals as well as making sure that the pack’s buildings are all kept in maintained and safe order, especially Haven Manor. They work closely with the pack’s Lignarius to keep the buildings maintained and in perfect working order. They also work in close combination with the pack’s entertainment-based co-rank holders in the event of planning and putting together a festival or celebration.


The Lictor’s main charge is to guard and assist the pack’s higher magistrates, especially the members of the Cursus Honorum and in particular the pack’s Consul. They can often be seen with the higher magistrates and it is in good conscience for a member of the pack to consult a Lictor before seeking audience with the Consul or Praetor.



Patricians are the most esteemed and powerful members of the pack that are not magistrates. They have likely been around for some time and have gained a good deal of respect and clout within the pack. Patricians are the first members of the Publica that are considered for promotion into the Senatus ranks.


The pack’s Eques are only a step below the Patricians in respect and sway. They are often wolves that are more experienced in defense and fighting, being the “knights” of the pack, as well as taking care of the pack’s few horses. They often help with improvements to the lands and buildings of the pack. The Centurio often works closely with the Eques, if it is not an Eques that holds that co-rank.


The Veles are the less experienced members of the pack that still have some experience in defense and fighting. They are often trained by the Centurio. The Veles often help with construction and general maintenance and upkeep of the lands while also working to fine-tune their own special skills and to prepare to take a co-rank of their own.


The Plebeians (or Plebs) of the pack are newer members who have yet to prove themselves and find a higher station. It is their job to help all the other members of the pack in whatever tasks need to be done as well as the general grunt work of the pack (hunting, construction, defense, upkeep).


Proletarius are the lowest members of the pack who have no standing or influence in the pack whatsoever. They must do whatever it is they are told to do by any member higher than themselves, even the Plebeians. The Proletarius rank may be given as a punishment for severe offense, or simply to a wolf that has shown no effort in the pack.



The Seniors of the pack are members that are older and have retired from the general running and/or management of the pack. They are highly respected within the pack due to their age, wisdom, and experience and will often by consulted by the magistrates for their advice. Their one duty is to help pass on their knowledge to the pack’s young.


Iuvenis are the adolescents of the pack that are no longer Infans, but are still too young to take on adult duties. They are between 6 and 9 months of age and it is their job to start learning how to contribute to the pack as well as to develop any special skills they may have. If an Iuvenis shows great promise and work ethic, they may be promoted higher than Plebeian once they reach 10 months of age.



Pusio are the boy pups of the pack, up to 5 months of age. They are cared for by the entire pack, but in particular their parents and the Providor of the pack.


Puella are the girl pups of the pack, up to 5 months of age. They are cared for by the entire pack, but in particular their parents and the Providor of the pack.