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Stretching over the former Vapor Lake territory as well as a piece of what used to be the Bonefire, Clouded Tears is certainly the most mysterious of the four packlands. The territory is constantly covered in an eerie mist, which is thickest in proximity of the large lake in the center. Around the outer edges of the territory, the mist is nearly imperceptible, and in the scorching heat of summer it can only be found within a small radius of the lake itself. The underbrush within the thickly-wooded territory is lush and punctured with many deciduous trees. The Yawrah River feeds into Vapor Lake and two large tributaries depart the territory leading into the Bonefire.

Just as mysterious as its territory, Clouded Tears has had its share of interesting history. It is said that a curse sits on alpha position as all alphas in its long history have met their end by violent means. Nevertheless, each new alpha accepts the position and leads the pack on.

Founded On: 8th March, 2002
Founded By: Nirupama Rashmi and Argent Noirci
Colors: Grey (CCCCCC) and Light Blue (9BCDE1)
Theme Song: "Will The Future Blame Us?" - Our Lady Peace


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