Former Leaders


Nirupama Rashmi (F) -- (8th March 2002 - 16th December 2002)
Argent Noirci (M) -- (8th March 2002 - 1st June 2002)
Darkling Owl (M) -- (16th December 2002 - 3rd February 2003)
Ashened (F) -- (16th December 2002 - April 2004)
Kiriska (F) -- (April 2004 - 30th July 2004)
Ceres Sadira (F) -- (30th July 2004 - 27th January 2006)

Krystine Dragmire (F) -- (8th March 2002 - 1st June 2002)
Ashened (F) -- (31st July 2002 - 16th December 2002)
Kiriska (F) -- (January 2003 - April 2004)
Ceres Sadira (F) -- (December 2004 - 30th July 2004)
Acid (M) -- (30th July 2004 - December 2004)
Colibri Soul (F) -- (Unknown - October 2005)
Laruku Tears (M) -- (12th November 2005 - 27th January 2006)

Ashened (F) -- (April 2002 - 31st July 2002)
Kiriska (F) -- (31st July 2002 - January 2003)
Ceres Sadira (F) -- (April 2003 - December 2004)
Acid (M) -- (Unknown - 30th July 2004)
Colibri Soul (F) -- (Unknown)
Piper (F) -- (20th January 2007 - June 2007)

The Past

Clouded Tears was founded on the eighth of March of the year two thousand two and was the first new pack to emerge in Bleeding Souls aside from the original three. Though only two founding members are credited, its origins actually involved three wolves, one from each of the original packs. Nirupama Rashmi left her beta position in Storm to become alpha female of Clouded Tears; Argent Noirci left his altester position in Silent Dawn to become alpha male, and Rashmi's mate, and Krystine Dragmire left her post in Shadowed Stars to become their beta.

The newly formed pack settled in lands south of the Storm and Silent Dawn territories and for a while, seemed to be doing pretty well. However, it was not long before tragedy struck. A female bear and her cub had wandered onto territories and the death one of Clouded Tears's new members, Mononoke, resulted. Following this death, the pack organized a bear hunt to destroy the offending creature. Unfortunately, this endeavor ended up being more than a little costly. The bear was killed, but so was the alpha, Argent Noirci. In a horrible twist of fate, Krystine also met her death the same night, by the fangs of a stray coyote that had wandered in on all the excitement. Krystine was buried by the aufpasser Kiriska somewhere on packlands while Rashmi took her mate's body to Tranquil Springs.

Two months after that, Rashmi gave birth to Noirci's children, a litter of three: one unnamed stillborn, one albino female named Argent Rashmi, and one black male named Nirupama Noirci. A wolfess named Ashened was promoted to beta, and Kiriska, to gamma. Sometime afterwards, Rashmi visited Silent Dawn to inform Noirci's former pack of his death. However, a misunderstanding with Silent Dawn's alpha, Alloran, led to a bit of bloodshed, and a "pack war" enticed. This feud led to more than one fight between members of both packs, including one right on Clouded Tears's borders.

While the war was still going on, Rashmi, by chance, met her half-brother Darkling Owl. After spending a few days with him, the alpha female of Clouded Tears decided she would go back to her birth pack, Serendipity, to make amends with her past. She left Owl in her alpha position and the pack. Back in Clouded Tears, members Freak Oriel and Ceres Sadira fought with some Silent Dawn members. The winner was inconclusive, but after the battle Ceres ran off, and Freak wandered back into packlands, severely injured, eventually collapsing where Owl found him.

Owl and several others tended briefly to Freak; then, the newly appointed alpha explained his position to the rest of the pack. Though he promoted Ashened to alpha female alongside him under Rashmi's departing orders, Owl was not readily accepted as a Clouded Tears's leader.

Two months later, Ceres returned to Clouded Tears to give birth to a litter, conceived by rape by a coyote named Mars. There were four puppies: one stillborn, Azzia Tao, a female, Scarlette Eve, and two males, Acid and Jipurah Naal. Having been absent since her fight with Silent Dawn, Ceres was unaware of the change in leadership and when Owl appeared at the pack den instead of Rashmi, maternal instincts kicked in. Ceres commanded Salvaged Eternity, a male from Jaded Shadows who had agreed to be her children's adoptive father, to chase Owl off. The two males fought. In the end, Darkling Owl left Clouded Tears, never to return. Ashened remained as the sole alpha with Kiriska as her beta.

Sometime afterwards, a wolfess named Misty, from Storm, came calling at Clouded Tears. She requested that members Freak and Rayvn take up on her offer to become betas of a new pack being formed, Celestial Hollow. The pair accepted. Nirupama Noirci, who had looked to Rayvn as her parental figure since his mother's disappearance, went with them.

After discovering the truth about her conception, Ceres's daughter, Scarlette Eve, got into a fight with her mother and left the pack. She returned several months later, pregnant by her own twisted coyote father, and gave birth to a litter of four, only two lived: a male, Nereus, and a female, Mercury Tao. Unfortunately, the pair of them wandered off and Scarlette Eve disappeared to look for them.

On the twenty-first of July, two thousand three, a worn and ragged Nirupama Rashmi returned to Clouded Tears. Kiriska accepted her back. Unfortunately, Ashened and Ceres (who was now gamma) still felt wronged by Rashmi's former abandonment and while they did not kick her back out, made her feel unwelcomed. Eventually in December, Stormy, alphess of Storm, came to invite Rashmi back to her original pack within Clouded Tears. With apologies to the pack she had helped create, Rashmi accepted.

In February the following year, Ceres met a male named Daituki Nasphrite from Storm, who just happened to be Kiriska's brother. She told him of how things had gone badly with Salvaged Eternity, who had since become a serial rapist, and Daituki tried to avenge her; some time afterwards, Ceres gave birth to her second litter, five healthy puppies, by Daituki: three females, Iskata, Aiji, and Laika, and two males, Lisichka and Adrastos Morpheus. The latter moved to Storm with his father.

Ashened, who had been the lone alpha since Owl's departure, and who had been continually more scarce around packlands, decided to give up her position and leave the pack in Kiriska's hands. As she was leaving, however, Ashened was attacked, raped, and killed by Salvaged Eternity. Kiriska, not long after taking over the alpha position, was raped by the leader of the Inferni clan, Arlo Xyl.

Meanwhile, Ceres's son from her first litter, Acid, found love in a young femme from Chimera named Colibri Soul. He brought her to Clouded Tears against the wishes of Chimera's alpha, Damian de le Poer. The young couple soon produced Clouded Tears's fifth litter: one stillborn, three females, Acidica Lei, Colicidite Norwen, and Akeni Soul, and two males, Frodo Aci and Maluki Soul. Tragedy struck again when Syliat, Chimera's beta, ventured into Clouded Tears one night, killed two of puppies, Frodo and Colicidite, and took a third, Acidica, back to Chimera with her where she was renamed Fawn and raised away from her remaining siblings.

Kiriska gave birth to a litter of five: four stillborns and one struggling survivor, a male named Laruku Tears. The alphess died not long after giving birth, leaving Ceres, the beta, as alpha in her place, and Acid to take on the beta position after his mother. Acid and Colibri adopted Laruku and raised him as a littermate to their own litter, which was only a few weeks older. Ceres sought revenge for her friend and alpha and killed Arlo Xyl, leaving Inferni leaderless. She later fought and killed Zarah Yasu, Arlo's adoptive mother, who had come to avenge her son. Elsewhere in Storm, Rashmi gave birth to another litter, conceived by rape by Salvaged Eternity. She died shortly afterwards as well.

Without notice, Acid disappeared from Clouded Tears, taking a young Laruku with him. Colibri, while devastated, took over his abandoned beta position. Eventually, Colibri took on a new mate - Acid's half brother, Lisichka. And they had a new litter: one stillborn, two females, Melisande and Mew Sadira, and a male, Haku Soul. One night, a coyote named Cinnamon Flower trespassed onto Tears territory looking for a snack. She went for Haku. Colibri defended her child and fought the coyote. Lisichka soon came to aid in chasing Cinnamon off, but not before Colibri hit her head against a rock and lost consciousness. When she awoke, she couldn't remember Lisichka, or her children, or anything else.

After half a year's absence, Laruku returned to Clouded Tears without Acid in June, two thousand five. Colibri met him at the borders but had no memory of him. Angry and betrayed, Laruku got into a verbal argument with the wolfess he believed to be his mother and turned to leave. Ceres, however, stepped in just in time and convinced him to stay. Not long afterwards, Colibri was threatened by Ahren, Damian de le Poer's son, and vanished from Clouded Tears.

On Laruku's first birthday, Ceres told him the truth about his parents. Though bitter and angry at first, Laruku eventually accepted these facts. Later, Ceres took him to visit his real mother's gravesite where they named his stillborn siblings: Ceres Tears, Mauli Tears, Soraiku Tears, and Caliban Tears. Meanwhile, in Colibri's absence, Lisichka took on a new mate, a femme named Konane. Colibri soon returned, her memory mostly restored; ironically, it was Laruku that met her at the borders. Still furious with his adoptive mother, he refused to give her an acceptance decision, but Ceres granted reacceptance to her in the end. Despite his youth, Laruku was promoted to beta some time afterwards.

In late January, two thousand six, Ceres Sadira was killed by a large herd animal - a moose or a caribou. Laruku buried her next to Kiriska's grave and ascended to the alpha position. Directly after the funeral, one of Colibri's younger sons, Haku Soul, left Clouded Tears. Additionally, Lisichka, who had continually had disagreements with Colibri's older son, Maluki Soul, faked a suicide and left the pack along with Konane, his new mate. Some time afterwards, Maluki himself disappeared.

Afterwards, a few relatively uneventful (and peaceful?) months followed for the pack until mid-June, when the not-so-new-anymore alpha, Laruku, accidentally kills an Inferni coyote, Janus, in a drunken stuper. This sets off a new period of aminosity between Clouded Tears and Inferni and there are a few small skirmishes before a sudden death on both sides, Hatsu Xiruk from 'Tears and Chain from Inferni (a second death for coyotes). These deaths force Laruku and Segodi, the then-leader of Inferni, to confront each other, but while both simply wanted the other to keep his people away from their pack and clan, it seemed that simple avoidance would not solve the conflict.

More fights follow, including one between Nirupama Tsunami of Clouded Tears and Karloff of Inferni, another between Laruku and Karloff, and another between Tainted Fears of Clouded Tears and Gabriel de le Poer of Inferni, the latter of which resulted in Clouded Tears's second fatality. The hostile relations also invited the rape of Tainted Fears's widowed mate, Iskata Sadira, by Inferni's Voltaire Cavil.

On Halloween, Iskata gave birth to a litter of two: a daughter, Magdalena, whose father was Tainted, and DaVinci, whose father was Voltaire. Although violence gradually wanes between Clouded Tears and Inferni, Voltaire continued to trespass and torment Iskata. Laruku formally confronts Segodi with his intentions to kill Voltaire and the two kind of settle the "war" with the agreement that the rapist coyote deserved punishment. On New Year's Eve, Voltaire kidnaps both of Iskata's children and brings them to Inferni; Iskata pursues him, followed by Laruku. Laruku manages to kill Voltaire, but not between the coyote throws both Iskata and Magdalena off a cliff. Assuming his cousin and her daughter dead, Laruku takes the remaining child, DaVinci, home.

The year two thousand seven opens on that melancholic note and the following months are filled with general uneasiness and unrest although Piper, a long-time member, is promoted to gamma. Iskata resurfaces, not dead, but without her memories. After an attempt to kill her own son, Laruku banishes her from returning and the wolfess fled to neighboring Storm. On the pack's fifth birthday in March, Laruku calls a meeting; though they gathered, the pack was scattered and quiet, signally a general lack of concern and unity.

Into the spring and summer months, not much improves. Magdalena also resurfaces, revealing herself as not dead, but disappears not soon after her return, prompting her brother to take off after her. Adrastos, a son of the long dead Ceres Sadira, returns briefly to drop off his daughter, but she disappears not long afterwards. To bring some productivity into the silent pack, Laruku initiates a bridge building project to cross the river in the southwest portion of the territories. This project is successfully completely a few months later.

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