Activity Checks

Activity checks are made periodically (generally once a month) and are based both on post logs and the number of in character posts you've made since the previous check (this is so players with a low thread count, but very active threads are not penalized). Very low or non-existant activity will usually result in a demotion or removal depending on the character's place in ranks. Generally, subordinates with low activity will simply be removed - there is no warning email, so make sure you're keeping an eye out! Characters on the absentee list are excused from activity checks unless they have been on the absentee list for three weeks or more.

Greeting Joiners

All adults and lehrlings are allowed to greet joiners. However, if there is currently a character filling the spaher and/or wahren ranks, please wait twenty-four (24) hours before replying to the thread (exceptions include any leaders, who can reply at any time, and private joining threads with prior planned plots). When a joining thread gets to the point where a leader is needed, ask the joinee to edit "leader needed" into the title of the thread.

Requesting a Second Character

Email me with additional character requests - ezmail is limited, often unreliable, and messages are deleted quickly. Permission will usually be granted pending the following requirements:

1. Have been a member of the pack for an absolute minimum of ONE (1) month, though at least two months membership is recommended.
2. Have had good and consistent activity for the most recent month of membership.

Note that permission will not be granted more than two weeks in advance, so those planning to pick up puppy characters should make sure their activity is up to par for the month prior to the puppy becoming playable.

Permission for additional characters after the second one are up to the SA. Requests should be posted in Roleplay Related.

Seeking a Co-Rank

Co-ranks can be sought in addition to a standard rank based on certain gifts and abilities a wolf has. In order to obtain a co-rank, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Have at least TWO (2) threads pertaining to the specific co-rank.
2. Have a thread with the alpha formally requesting the co-rank.

Co-ranks can be challenged for. The challenger must first meet the above two requirements. The defender will be given a chance to argue or prove his or her ability. The alpha has the final word.

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