Pack Map

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The edges of this map are not the definite borders of Clouded Tears - they stretch on for a little bit more on all sides and isn't a perfect rectangle. The brown in the south is the parts of the Bonefire that Clouded Tears took over - there are a large number of caves in the area covered with growth.

Territorial Landmarks

Alpha's Rock - A large, flat grey rock established by Ashened as the rock on which the alpha stands during pack meetings.

Best Fishing Spot - Self explanatory. :D

Ceres & Kiriska's Graves - The small clearing where Ceres buried Kiriska and her stillborn children. A large, colorful rock with Kiriska's name carved in is erected over the site. Later, Ceres herself was buried across from Kiriska's grave with a similar rock over her resting place.

Krystine's Grave - The site of the pack's first beta's grave. It's a small stone marker set against a large oak tree.

Haunted Hills - A particularly foggy area of the packlands, it is said that it is easier to communicate with ghosts in this area and that they appear more often there.

Hidden Island - A small island in Vapor Lake. Because it almost always shroud by fog, regardless of weather or season, few know of its existence, including many Tears members.

Pack Den - A large, roomy den accepted as the official pack den. It was created and first used by Rashmi for her first litter by Noirci. Later, Ceres used the den for both of her litters and Scarlette Eve for her first.

Rabbit Warrens - A rather large system of rabbit warrens that Laruku had been keeping track of since around fall 2005. The area is particularly lush and the animals are generally well fed and plump. It is considered good practice to go after the aged or very young animals, leaving the rest to continue breeding.

Note that the den locations of current characters can be found on the CT Bulletin.

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