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Pack History


Dahlia de Mai, founded on April 21 2008, was one of the first few packs that emerged following the massive fire of March 2008. The two original Roseas of the pack, Colibri Soul and Cercelee, met while fleeing over Halcyon Mountain. Both females wandering alone and unable to find any familiar faces the two decided to stick together. After stumbling upon Overgrowth Sunrise, the pair decided that they would stick close to the two towns, Wolfville and Berwick. Shortly after arriving in the new territories they met up with a lone male, Slaying the Dreamer, and Colibri was reunited with her sister Susquehanna, both who agreed to stick with the pair of females. In the days following Cercelee admitted a female, Mew Sadira, and now five members strong the pack Dahlia de Mai was formed.

As more lone wolves arrived seeking a home the pack grew in number and soon a male, Haku Soul, arrived in June bringing with him large changes for the pack. Haku Soul had heard that his sister, Mew Sadira, had been beaten up by a coyote of the neighboring clan, Inferni, causing her to loose her unborn pups. Taking matters into his own hands, Haku avenged his sister and took the life to two Inferni clan members in. In retaliation Inferni came to the borders of Dahlia de Mai and took the lives of two of their members, thus starting a war between the two packs. Tension between Colibri Soul and Haku Soul, as well as an underlaying depression, caused Colibri Soul to leave the pack she had helped to found.

Ruling alone for only a short time, Cercelee knew that Inferni was too strong for Dahlia de Mai to face with it's few members and one female leader. As Cercelee did not wish to fight the war, but knowing Inferni would not back down, she had to find a leader who could handle the war and dealings with Inferni and so she accepted Haku into the Lilium position.

While not actively fighting in the Dahlian War, as it had come to be known, Cercelee was attacked by a member of Inferni and abandoned her pack for a short time to recover in the safety of Twilight Vale. The war was ended with an exchange of hostages, Dahlai de Mai's Firefly Sadira for Inferni's Talitha Lykoi. Shortly after the end of the war Cercelee was escorted back to the Dahlia de Mai pack lands in August of 2008, taking back up her position as Rosea.

The last months of 2008 were spent rebuilding relations with the packs and clans of the area. Cercelee held a private meeting with Inferni's Gabriel, in which a shaky peace treaty was agreed upon. Dahlia de Mai watched the fall of many packs during the year, Insieme, Labyrinth Glen, Shadowed Sun, and Twilight Vale, as well as the rise of numerous new packs and clans, Phoenix Valley, Crimson Dreams and Aniwaya. Still Dahlia de Mai persisted.


January of 2009 brought an influx of members to Dahlia de Mai, bringing the pack total higher than it had even been the previous year. Finally the pack was feeling stable, brimming with activity and loyal members. In January the pack was also able to welcome their first litter, born to Haku Soul and Firefly Sadira.

Discord within the leadership quickly followed, disrupting the stability the pack had achieved. A daughter of Haku's, Colibri Haki, the cousin Cercelee had grown up with, arrived on the borders and tensions quickly grew between the Lilium, the Rosea, and the newcomer. Admitting a dark secret, the rape and abandonment Haku had committed upon his own child, Cercelee flew into a rage. Attacking Haku one night, the Lilium allowed his Rosea to work out her anger and disgust, leaving several wounds on his body with no retaliation. Realizing that the growing number of members in the pack meant more stress and that the relationship between herself and her Lilium was strained Cercelee looked to admit another member into the leadership of Dahlia de Mai.

In Febuary Cwmfen nic Graine, a female who had worked her way up into a council position alongside long time members Mew and Firefly, was promoted to Adonis. Cwmfen's self control and level head made, as well as her stable relations with both Haku and Cercelee, made her a perfect candidate for the position. The promotion was announced at a pack meeting and wasn't the only bit of news to change Dahlia de Mai. The mateship of Cercelee and Slay, as well as that of Mew Sadira and Lubomir Varg, was announced, as well as several promotions. Near the end of the meeting, Firefly Sadira arrived covered in blood, frantic and searching for her two missing sons, Conor and Emwe, blaming their father for not watching the pair.

A pack wide search yielded little results on the whereabouts of the pups, and slowly, one by one as the days dragged on, members gave up looking as they became preoccupied with other issues. Discord within the pack continued to grow and the Rosea and Dahlia de Mai's council banned a member from their ranks for the first time ever. Sabeen Thames, a drug addicted mother to the smart-mouthed Svara Thames, had arrived and quickly had shown her true colors. In an attack that left Svara partially blind, Sabeen Thames had committed one of Dahlia de Mai's gravest sins: harming another member. The female had refused to leave, locking herself in a cabin that Firefly Sadira burned to the ground, and she chased the women out of the pack.

Although the Rosea was determined to recover the lost Dahlian children, she was quickly distracted by a litter of children left on her and Slay's doorstep: five puppies bearing the last name of de Sadira. Left by a cousin of Cercelee's, the pack now had five more young mouths to feed. Throwing herself into the role of motherhood the Rosea had given up on the Lilium's children returning until one day suddenly news of them surfaced.

Alexey Koios, the pack's caregiver in charge of puppies, had never given up hope of finding the puppies she had helped birth and raise. Stumbling upon Emwe locked within a cabin belonging to a member of Phoenix Valley, Alexey Koios uncovered the truth of their disappearance. Driven by jealousy at having Deuce Rhiannon, an ex-lover of Haku and mother to a child of his, admitted to the pack, Firefly Sadira had left her children with her brother's pack in order to paint Haku as a bad father. Alexey returned to Dahlia de Mai with Emwe in tow, Conor still missing.

Disgusted at the betrayal of trust of the whole pack Cercelee demoted Firefly on the spot, knocking her from a council position to Solum, "the dirt of the pack". With Cwmfen's promotion and Firefly's demotion only Mew Sadira remained as a council member, although the female would soon begin to become more elusive and isolated and soon lose her position on the council as well.

On April 21 the pack celebrated its first birthday with food, drink and general merry making. Having found both Conor and Emwe, as well as the addition of the de Sadira puppies and the new mateship of Alexey Koios and Dreyrugr, there was much to celebrate. It seemed for the time peace had once again washed over Dahlia de Mai.

The short interlude of calm would not last for long as several more banning of members would take place. The banning of Svara Thames on ground of disobedience and lack of respect was executed by Haku Soul, the very wolf with whom she had lived for most of her time in Dahlia de Mai. Siding with Svara, Firefly Sadira quickly found herself, too, out of a home, a decision of Cercelee that was upheld by the leadership and the council. Newly reappointed in the council was Alexey, Slay and later to follow would be Alexey's brother Sankor Koios.

The first outside threat since the Dahlian War presented itself soon thereafter, resulting in attacks on several of Dahlia de Mai's members, including Slay and Toyko Chance, a newer member to the pack. Corvus Vendetta, father to Cwmfen appeared, hell bent on retrieving Cwmfen to fulfill his wishes to continue the bloodline of the Caledonian with his own daughter. When the attack and sequential death of Ril'o Kulina resulted as an attempt at threatening Cwmfen nic Graine, the Adonis decided to end Corvus' torment of Dahlian wolves. On May 30 Ril'o was given proper Dahlian burial rites, the first ever funeral performed in Dahlia de Mai.

Cwmfen, having been wounded by the pup-eater Brennt, traveled into Halifax City to seek shelter from the rain. She found an empty hotel in which she could rest from her wounds and lessen the blood loss, but Corvus had been lying in wait. Unable to fight him off, she eventually succumbed to weakness and endured a long night of rape before her lover, Jet Onus, found her. In a rage, Onus defeated and killed Corvus, ending the attacks upon the Dahlian members. Onus took the dying Cwmfen and tending to her in his apartment. It was discovered, however, that she was pregnant. Because of this, Onus asked Cercelee for permission to cross the boarders in order to visit Cwmfen, and permission, despite Haku's past declaration that Onus was not welcomed in Dahlia de Mai, was granted. Cwmfen was able to return to Dahlia de Mai two weeks later. It was soon discovered that she was pregnant, and a few months later she gave birth to twins.

Meanwhile, Haku Soulís intentions grew darker with every passing day. Fearing for her children, Cwmfen resigned from her position as the Adonis and left with the rest of her family in tow. With one less leader to protect the pack, Dahlia de Maiís numbers began to dwindle. An unknown villain emerged, setting steel bear traps across the lands, leaving nothing but the slightest trace of lavender near the devices. Fear became a noticeable factor in their everyday lives, and the Lilium took it upon himself to investigate further. But alas, his efforts were in vain. Hakuís hostility and impatience grew exponentially overtime, forcing Cercelee (the Rosea) to intervene. Pregnant at the time, she was unable to carry out her plans and things took an unexpected turn. By threatening to murder her unborn children, Haku forcibly took possession of the Dahlian crown, consequently ascending to the rank of Rosen.

After having driven both Cwmfen nic Graine and Cercelee and from their ranks and Dahlia itself, he found his current situation unsatisfying. Amongst his many sins was raping Inferni's sub-leader Kaena Lykoi. Of course this female also happened to be Gabriel de le Poer's own mother, and January 3, 2010 the Second Dahlian War had begun.

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