Pack policies

Ranks and co-ranks

Ranks are determined by posting activity and IC events and personality. Each rank has corresponding tasks that the wolf is required to perform. Take a look at our rank page for a more detailed look at the rank policy.

Borders & greeting newcomers

While any wolf or any rank is welcome to reply to joining post, only those of the rank of Wahren and above can accept newcomers with OOC leader permission. While we encourage players to reply to joining post, we ask that you only reply if you can reply in a timely fashion. If you can not reply to a joiner's post within 1-2 days please reconsidered joining the thread. We like joiners to be ushered in as quickly as possible so that they may start RPing with right away!


All types of canines are welcome in Dahlia de Mai. You may join OOC'ily or IC'ily. To join simply post a thread with the word joining or a big, fat letter "j" somewhere in your title. Remember, you can try more than once to join, but be respectful at the borders and impress us so we only have to go through the process once!
If you haven't already joined 'Souls please include the following information in your joining post.

1. Character Name:
2. Character Birthdate (including year):
3. Whether s/he is a regular wolf or a Luperci :
4. Gender:
5. Your e-mail:
6. A secondary form of contact (AIM, MSN, Y!M): Voluntary
7. How did you learn/hear about 'Souls?:
8. If joining OOCly, 3 examples of Role Play:

Second Characters

As per the rules of 'Souls, second characters are only permitted granted that the second character is directly related to one or more of the characters in Dahlia de Mai. Only one character per player in Dahlia de Mai may rise above the rank of Jager, you will have to pick one to be considered over the other for promotions so keep in mind the character's personalities and plots when choosing.

IC Pack Laws

Accepting Newcomers

Wolf ranked Wahren or higher have the privilege of welcoming newcomers into the pack. Wolves greeting newcomers are expected to assess their skills and flaws and what the wolf will contribute to the pack. Shady characters or those whom the greeter deems to intend harm upon the pack or any of its members are not to be accepted. Dahlia de Mai has a policy of not turning away puppies or injured wolves in need.

Rape, Murder, and Harmful Acts

Acts of violence are strictly prohibited from being committed by one Dahlia de Mai onto another. Any wolf guilty of committing such a crime will be exiled with no chance of return. Repeated offenses of a prior member on current members may be punishable by death. Acts of violence committed by a Dahlian wolf against those not of Dahlia origin will be frowned upon and dealt with on a case by case basis depending on the severity and repercussion of such acts.

Mates and Puppies

Mates do not have to request permission from leaders but multiple mates are not permitted. Leaders should be made aware of all occurring pregnancies and pregnancy should be avoid in times of famine or high population within the pack. While it is expected that puppies are only born to mated pairs, accidents happen and exceptions are made.

Contribution and Goodwill Within the Pack

All wolves of Dahlia de Mai are expected to perform the duties assigned to their ranks and co-ranks. Although a wolf does not have to pick up a co-rank it is looked down upon if they do not. Respect and loyalty are required to be given to all members of the pack. If a wolf is not pulling their weight or is continually disrespecting other members they will be warned. Multiple infractions of this law may result in demotions or even exile of the wolf.

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