Ranks are determined by both posting activity and IC circumstances.


Alpha Female/Male

The highest ranking wolf, this rank is filled by someone who had not only been in the pack for a long period of time but has shown complete devotion to the pack as well. The holder of this rank makes all final decisions; their word on all matters is law within the pack. Normally this is the wolf who calls for and leads pack meetings. This wolf is the only one who can banish another member from the pack.

Beta Female/Male

The Alpha’s right hand, this wolf can be trusted to act in the pack's best interest if the Alpha is unable to. Wolves that hold this rank have proven to be loyal to the pack and to the Alpha. Often calls pack hunts or meetings instead of the Alpha.


The devil's advocate, this wolf is expected to see all sides of difficult decisions to help the Alpha come to the best conclusion.. The Gamma is expected to know all members of the pack and pay special attention to new joiners in order to access their contribution to the pack.



The Delta is the pack diplomat and deals with pack to pack relations. They may assist the leaders on excursions to other packs and are often consulted by the Zeta and Alpha during wartime. The Delta is expected to know the leaders or diplomats of the neighboring packs. With enemies the Delta is expected to keep tabs of their actions and with friends the Delta keeps track of trading, alliance and other activities.


The wolf holding this rank is expected to have vast knowledge on the pack's history and traditions as well as the individual members of the pack. The Epsilon acts as both a record keeper and a spiritual/personal councilor. This is often the first wolf a member goes to when information is needed or a problem arises. One duty for the Epsilon is to organize and conduct pack ceremonies and celebrations.


The Zeta acts as head warrior and works closely with the Alpha in times of war. This rank is normally filled by a cunning and witty wolf, and is expected to keep the lower ranked members in line. Allowed to suggest punishment or banishment to the alpha if a severe problem arises, they are also encouraged to discipline unruly pups.


These wolves are next in line for the council. They have been with the pack for a long time and are trusted by leaders and council members alike. Should know the in and outs of the pack and often assists new subordinates and the young in learning the pack’s customs.


These wolves cooperate closely with several of the higher ranked wolves in order to assign Subordinates and Graduierters to various tasks depending on the pack’s immediate needs; such as assisting the Jagers and Spahers in their duties and similar.

Jager Fuhrer

The most experienced of the hunters, this wolf has the privilege of organizing pack hunts along with the leaders of the pack. Keeps tally of the pack's food supply and organizes the Jagers of the pack to obtain more if the supply is running low.


The Jagers are the wolves who keep the pack well supplied with food for those who don't have time or strength to hunt for themselves. They report to the Jager Fuhrer to know when and how much to hunt.


Organizes the Spahers of the pack, as well as performing scouting duties itself. When alerted to enemies in the pack the Wahrer should be the first to report to the leaders. Collaborates with the Head Hunter to keep track of large prey that moves through the pack lands. Also, the wahrer, along with all above ranks, has the power to accept newcomers into the pack without the need to consult a leader.


Spahers are expected to patrol the borders in order to keep enemies out and greet allies in a timely manner. They are also responsible in watching out for predators such as bears and cougars. They report directly to the Wahren.


The rank given to returning members of the pack, or in special cases wolves joining from other packs. They already know some members of the pack from previous encounters and are not completely unknowledgeable about Dahlian traditions and policies. For a wolf promoted to this rank, they are still fine tuning their knowledge of the ways of pack life.


The general rank for all newcomers. This is the rank that one holds while learning the ropes of the pack. A wolf who has been in the pack longer might hold this rank if they do not spend much time in the packlands.


This wolf serves as the pack’s scapegoat. This rank is reserved for wolves that the leaders have lost trust for. It may be used as a punishment to be sitting at this rank, where even the puppies are not expected to respect the wolf. One who sits in this rank too long without regaining the trust of the pack may eventually be exiled from the pack.



Transitional rank to adulthood. Given to pups who have reached adolescence at 6 months.


Their duties are to grow up and be cute while doing it.


To obtain a co-rank, you will need three completed in character threads where your wolf takes on the duties of the desired co-rank, as well as a final thread with a leader where the co-rank is officially offered and accepted.


The Puppysitter is in charge of the pack's puppy population. For pack adopted puppies they often act as a guardian, for puppies blessed with parents they act as a pup sitter. Puppysitters are also expected to assist the Apothecary if required to tend to ill or old wolves.


This wolf is the entertainer of the pack. Is expected to play at certain ceremonies and pack meetings, the Baird has the gift of storytelling and playing music. Often a singer as well.


The head medic rank. This wolf is more experienced than the herbalist and is called first during emergencies. This wolf is given access to the medical clinic found in Wolfville. Should be knowledgeable in common treatments for illnesses, know how to stick up wounds and set a bone.

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