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Welcome to the wild side of 'Souls

New Dawn is located near the northern tip of the Halycon Mountain range and boasts of four different types of terrain; the virgin forest of Glen Eyrie which serves as the bread basket for the pack, the beautiful expanse of the Sunrise Meadow and its many species of wild flowers, the harsh yet fertile Aelcrest Shore, and the ethereal Avalon, a hidden valley.

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New Dawn is a wolf pack -- hybrid canines must be at least 33% wolf and no more than 25% coyote!


New Dawn is extremely strict in IC hierarchy; members are expected to show proper submission and dominance. Those who do not risk being punished or even banished. Those who contribute to the well-being of the pack are regarded highly, favored by the all members of New Dawn.


New Dawn was formed of one wolf's desire to return to his animalistic roots. Many of New Dawn's members joined to remove themselves from human environments.

Social Structure

The pack values social structure and respect for authority above all else. Obedience and loyalty are expected and relationships are to be pack oriented. Relationships with outsides are discouraged, though not forbidden.

New Dawn pack lands


New Dawn is situated in the northern territories of 'Souls lands. It is a rich, but relatively uneven landscape, most of it occupied by the western tip of the Halycon Mountains. The pack enjoys a virgin forest fed by the fertile earth at the end of the Pictou River, a beautiful shoreline on its eastern edge, and a large lava created cave that the pack calls home.


New Dawn has many IC expectations/etiquettes/etc., and characters are expected to adhere to them! IC consequences are heavily enforced. Do note that characters can be rejected or ejected from the pack for failing to adhere to the cultural norms.

If you have ideas for a plot, thread, or anything else and you're afraid of disrupting the pack or receiving IC consequences, let us know! We will work something out where you can have your plot and we can remain true to New Dawns cultural expectations and social norms.