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Game information

Game Information

Want to know what you're getting into? Peruse our basic premise, rules, and joining information to get started!

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Newcomer's guide

Newcomer's Guide

We've been around for a long time, which means we have a lot of information to take in, but we try to make it as simple for you as possible!

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RP guide

Roleplay Guide

New to roleplay? New to writing? Or just new to 'Souls? Our super comprehensive RP Guide covers all of above and more!

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No ongoing plot, but plenty of options

'Souls has no central, ongoing plot, which means players are free to write the stories that appeal most to them. That doesn't mean we're all hands-off though! Leaders and staff stir up various optional plots and events every year if you need some inspiration!

No ongoing plot

A lifelong community

Other forum RPGs may come and go, but 'Souls is here for the long haul, and we've proven it. Many of our players have grown up with the game and have joined and rejoined dozens of times over the years. Life happens, but we're always here for you to come back to. ♥

A lifelong community


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Join us on Discord! Our members would love to say hi and answer whatever questions you have.

Additionally, our Questions & Help forum and Tumblr Archive have hundreds of previously-asked questions, if you really like reading!

You can also contact staff directly below, though responses may be a little slower!