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So I wasn't quite sure were to put this so I just put it here, Admins can feel free to move it if they see fit.

I used to do all my posting from the computer. But between the move and being without a computer for awhile and also without internet for said computer I learned a few tricks for mobile posting that I thought I would share. Now I'd say almost 80% of my posting is done from my phone even though I do have computer access back now.

Now, I have an Android phone, so Apple users would probably have to find a different app, but I like Note Everything.

I started using it before the move at work, and I kept most of my tables saved in notepad and just transfered the files to my phone as I gained new tables. Obviously this wasn't going work once I lost pc access for an unknown amount of time. So I uploaded all my table files to

Which made life even easier, cause Note Everything came out with an add-on, NE Gdocs. Which lets your NE sync to your google docs account, and presto I have access to all my tables, anywhere, without having to go into a table dump and trying to select just the table I want on my phone.

I've also started writing my posts in g-docs. It saves automatically every so often and if hubby ninjas the computer away from me mid post I can just open it up on the other computer (or my phone!) without worrying if I saved or not (or asking hubby to save it).

So yea, Im not good at awesome tutorial things, but I thought there might be something in there that someone might find useful.
Eeeep, no one has replied to this?! I glanced at it the other day and thought it was awesum but I didn't have a whole lot to contribute as I don't even have a phone... >___> But I like this, and I think I will move it to Help and Questions so others can refer back to it, too. ^^

Actually, you know what would be cool? If this turns into a discussion with a bunch of tips, if we wanted to create a Wiki member guide for mobile phone posting. :O

Or even just general... hmm, "technical" posting tips as opposed to roleplaying-based or writing-based tips -- e.g., Lazarus extension for Firefox saves posts for you if you type them directly into Firefox window, or you can just use WordPad/Word/Open Office/whatever and save constantly to avoid losing your posts.
I have an Android phone, too, and sometimes post from my phone. I'll probably download that app because that sounds awesome. Writing posts on my break at work? Fuck yeah.

Thanks for the info. Smile
Uhm, yes? For the possible guide to technical things that could be used. I know I hear a lot that someone was typing a post and their Firefox crashes or freezes and they lose the entire thing. It might be benificial to have a list - as well as tips - on how to get the most out of your browser while you're RPing on 'Souls. Or any site, really. To be honest, I didn't even know things like Lazarus existed; it might just be me, but I bet there are other people who don't know about these neat things.
I couldn't survive without Lazarus. xD

I'd help with that guide... What info I could contribute, at least. Good idea :o
Bobbi, true facts, lazarus is god.

I use an Ipod to post while I'm at school, though have a hard time scrolling down in the input boxes for whatever reason; either it's the skin or safari for the ipod is unable to recognize the scrolling part. That and inability to... well move the cursor into the middle of the word makes it really really annoying as well.
I write all of my posts in MS Word and then later copy/paste them onto the forum. Smile Mostly because I don't have the internet at work, haha.
i write posts in class that i'm allowed to have laptops in >>;
QUOTE (Ezra Rosen @ Apr 21 2011, 10:15 PM)
i write posts in class that i'm allowed to have laptops in >>; [/quote] too...
I write in gmail drafts, because it auto saves. Big Grin And my phone doesn't do internet, but the guide sounds like a good idea anyway.
I check and lurk on my phone, but don't post anything, because..I cannot remember my password....XD
Sweet, I had no Idea you could do all that stuff. I didn't realize you could post mobiley *facepalm*

When I get my need phone, now that I know all this stuff, I can use it to post in class. What are those apps again? Maybe some people could list the ones that they think are good, and that they use to save post, write post in, get access to tables, etc.

I think this is really neat, and now it helps since people won't be as restricted to having access to a computer to post.
I am learning to use Google Docs, and may I just say -- holy hell this thing is awesome. o_o The collaboration thing is ridiculously useful and awesome, homg. Big Grin

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