What breeds of horses/ponies might be found WILD in the 'Souls territory?

I was thinking it would be SO COOL if there was a small herd of Shetland Pony type equines wandering around. Though they can't really be ridden effectively, they are extremely strong and hardy little guys and can live off the land like any Mustang o other wild horse can. It would be totally awesome if I could have my character befriend one and then she can get her NPC...

Think this is possible?
Check it outttt.

Though that island is about 300km off the coast of 'Souls, I would think that a similar breed of pony would be found in 'Souls -- it says on the horse guide:

Quote:Your character could find some of the wild horses that live in Nova Scotia -- though please do note, these horses are relatively rare, generally found only on the islands in the Bay of Fundy and along the northern coast of Nova Scotia. They are also smaller horses, in general -- hardly larger than ponies. Because horses travel in bands (which make up much larger herds) it will take a great deal of stalking and patience to even get near the group.

So I would imagine that the wild horses would be quite similar to the Sable Island Pony... and I should probably update the horse guide to include a link to the Sable Island Pony, eh? o_O
Yay! Big Grin

I kinda wish there was a random herd roaming around in the middle of 'Souls. xD All mixes of horses and ponies together living as one...yeah...that would be badass.

Anyhoo...she will be getting her wittle pony in the near future! Yay!

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