Letter of Hope?
Ayasha had come to the stables to send the message to Cour des Miracles warning them what was going on. She hadn’t written it yet and she now needed to. She had debated whether or not to come at night but it would be less suspicious if she went during the day. Though she was likely to run into a Guardian or even Maska himself. And what would they do to her if they found out that she was sending an unapproved letter out.

She didn’t really want to think about that. She knew that she would have to be quick about writing the letter and sending it out. She had been training the pigeons and taking care of them. So she knew that they were used to her by now. She grabbed a pen and some paper. She was glad that her mother taught her to write.

”To the leaders of Cour des Miracles,
The AniWayans are no longer under Dawali’s leadership. The new leader, Maska, has been terrorizing those who support Dawali as our true leader. Maska has gone to war against Crimson Dreams and has taken some of their members prisoners. He also has one of our own as prisoner, Foxglove Monroe. He hates any hybrid or non-wolf, so as many of your members are dogs and hybrids, warn them to keep away from our borders. But any form of help would be appreciated.

She looked over the letter and felt it said what she needed it to say. She then looked over her shoulder and listened to see if anyone was approaching. She nothing and gently took a pigeon and attached the letter on it and released it, whispering it to go to Cour des Miracles.

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