Species in Souls
Was looking at some old stuff and grew curious. What percentages are currently in 'Souls? If you can please vote for each character so I get a clear count.
There is no way to vote for each character.

Dixie: wolf/dog
Octa: wolf
Tawny: wolf
You'd have to log in from each of your accounts to vote as each character.
Hot damn, see how stupid I am when I'm tired?

I feel ashamed. XD
Kota: Wolf Tongue
Does anyone know what the other is?
One of the others is Ezequiel for Dog/Jackal hybrid.
You did forget Jackals and Dingos and combinations of them Smile
Alright, making a note of that.

One dog/jackal, now I have another mystery creature.
Question: don't we have any coyotes?
Bwahaha. There's only one pure-coyote I can think of (Symera), others have wolf or dog blood in them; Kaena has red wolf and dog blood in 'er so that contributes to most of those hybrids. xD

Also gonna take forever to log in and out of accounts to vote... x3
Aeron is 100% Coyote Raze
Derp. There's another one. xD I should have known that; I did earlier. >___> I only remember because Symera's player corrected me about it before. xD

I guess it goes to show there are almost no coyote-coyotes. ;__;
Hmm I am tempted to say Wraith is 100% coyote since her 5% coyote seems so negligible. :> But I will put her in coyote-wolf. >_>

Sidenote: it might be easier to get full stats for the whole board by trolling through everyone's profiles and compiling a comprehensive list. :] Everyone states their character's species upon joining, so the information is available. ^_^

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