[AW] Hurricane information!
Anatole can dig him out! Big Grin Omg that's exactly what he would do. Then we can do a hero-reversal and a tree or something can fall on Anatole and Claudius can drag him to the Village.
OOH I like it. Big Grin On their way back, Claudius can pull Anatole from a tree and they can drag themselves back to the Village.

Maybe when they're healing up, Anatole can give that present/thing you mentioned in our Tayui/Anatole thread to Claudius?

Ooh then we could both get the "Rescue someone" catacomb! [html]Rescue someone[/html]
Awww yes. Would you mind starting? I have to go run a bunch of errands today and won't be back home for a bit, but then I plan to post like crazy. :3
so. I was reading that the hurricane should be on them ON the 21st not the 23rd come up from north america. So I'm slightly confused.
@Mel: Sure! Also, Libri says that Aurèle has Toefur, but she's okay with us using it. But since Aurèle is wandering around Canada at the moment, I don't know how Claudius would have gotten it, so I can use some sort of other trinket!

Thread is here: http://soulsrpg.com/ipb/viewtopic.php?t=31502

@Shaw: Good catch! I updated the dates so they make sense. We'll just have to backdate all of the threads to fit in the timeline. :p
i'm having trouble starting the reenforcing thread lol, because saqui is new and doesn't know what the heck to do when a hurricane hits XDD
Jiya can help Gemma with the fire Smile

@ Melissa

That's awesome! She can help or she can keep an eye on Gemma's children since Gemma will keep them close.
Jac can be present for helping repair, and if it's okay with Vida...He can help with looking for Kuba of course. I also sort of plan that he ends up falling and cutting his upper arm (a bit more than a minor injury, yet not too restricting of his duties) As well as a bit of a cold xD

If that's alright of course!
Looking for Kuba is awesome. He can take Jaro with him if wants??
Sure! Jaro can probably help...And likely drag Jacinto back when he gets injured...But of course, it won't bother him tooooo greatly
Gemma will charge out too looking for Kuba!


One of her own children falls into the flood waters and is carried away, anybody want to be the hero and help Gemma find her missing child?
Updated the thread and tweeted some info! Keep it coming! Big Grin

-- Tammi
QUOTE (Vesper @ Sep 22 2012, 07:32 AM)
Unatsi can help Saqui, either with the town hall or the animals or whenever her arm will get broken. I wanna see him flip out. xD Oh, and if Becca is still going for Aranck having memory loss I'd love for Una to help him there, too, since he knew him from the Great Tribe. x3

And I'll probably be putting up all welcome threads during this time for the hurricane -- want me to link them here whenever I do? [/quote]
Sure Big Grin Thanks Raze. I'll get it up as soon as I can.
Light sustains a bite wound to his arm

Gemma is bruised and battered as well as developing mild hypothermia from jumping into the river to save her son.

Save the ceremonial fire!

hey look there is a hole in the stable's ceiling, it's superficial, but it could harm the animals, Help out with getting them to the other side and securing them They will be crammed in with other animals but it's better than sick horses and cows and dead animals!!
I've added the thread prompt for securing the animals and saving the ceremonial fire to the timeline. Since it's a prompt and not a main thread, I've tried to distinguish them. Bolded threads in the timeline are main threads and are worth +5 points, while thread prompts are worth +3 points.

Also added Light and Gemma's injuries to the table.

Remember, you can start threads for any prompt at any point! Big Grin

Have fun!

-- Tammi

Gemma's house is destroyed by the Adagio river and Nate is taken by the current, Gemma too whilst trying to save him.

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