Character Residency
Are there any rules regarding where a character can live? Such as having a character with a home in a non pack territory, like Blackmoor Castle or Des Reveurs. I did look through the site for an answer, but pardon me for asking if I overlooked one.
Nope, no rules as far as I know. (Staff may jump in here to correct me!) 8D Loner characters can live wherever they want, as long as it is not within a pack's territory. When you're in a pack, though, it'd be courteous and sensible for a wolf to make their residence within the packlands.

Edit: Also, I would like to add that if you're character chooses to live in an area that is a key location, for example the Blackmoor Castle, I think editing the Wiki page of the territory of that specific place and adding the tidbit that s/he is living there would be suffice. O:
Thank you for the quick response ^^ Now to figure out the wiki Big Grin
If you need any help with editing the Wiki, you can always shoot a PM my way. ^^ I won't mind to help out!

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