How to Earn a Co-Rank

Co-Ranks are IC recognitions of a character's talents. If a character excels at one thing, they may be encouraged by another member to seek a co-rank

Medicus (2)

It is the Medicus's job to aid wounded and sick creatures within the packlands. Their job does not need to extend into other lands, but may. Other packs may depend on the Medicus to help them if they are in need. Medicus can work with herbs or use other techniques for healing.

Fabulator (1)

The Fabulator is one of the creative wolves of the pack. They tell stories to pups and adults of lands far away. These stories can be made up or read from books found in the library in Halifax.

Lignarius (2)

If anything were to go wrong with Haven Manor or one of the other buildings, the Lignarius would be quick to fix it. They have knowledge of how things work, and a desire to figure out and fix things that are broken. They may also construct new buildings.

Pontifex (1)

The Pontifex is the wolf who handles the religion and spiritual aspects of the pack's day to day life. They might help a packmember who is grieving over the loss of a loved one and teach pups about life and death.

Coquus (3)

Coquus are wolves who enjoy experimenting with food. They use the kitchen in Haven Manor to make meals for the pack or for themselves, and try different ingredients out to see what will make some foods taste better. They might also focus on nutrition and keeping the packmembers in good, healthy condition.

Tutor (3)

It is the Tutor's main job to show pack members, (especially new members and pups) how to do things that they would not normally learn. The Tutor might teach Lowspeech, Reading, or Math, for example.

Ioculator (2)

The Ioculators are the lighthearted, fun members of the pack. It is their job to think of ways to entertain and amuse the members. They might hold parties, painting or art classes, or tell jokes to bring up the other members' spirits.

Vates (2)

For a packmember to become a Vates, they must have first mastered a musical instrument. The Vates and Ioculator may occasionally work hand in hand, with the Vates playing rousing music that the pack might dance or sing to.

Conciliator (2)

The Conciliators have the job of keeping fights or arguments under control. They get in between the members who are having problems and try to help them talk it out.

Centurio (1)

The Centurio of the pack is a wolf interested in teaching the other members how to fight and fight well. They protect the pack from outsiders and aim to help lower members of the pack, especially new members and pups, with their fighting skills.

Horticulturist (2)

Tends to the landscapes, the gardens and grounds of the Manor and the surrounding lands. Has knowledge of the of plants for various uses.

Providor (2)

Cares for and watches over the young of the pack. Works with the practitioner during births and has a great understanding of the raising and nurturing of puppies.

Venator (3)

A skilled hunter, works with the Mancipium and provides food for the pack. Tracks the movements of herds with in the territory and protects them from other predators.

Mancipium (2)

Tracks the pack's storage of food, and other supplies. The Mancipium must be able to read, and may keep logs of provisions. It is their responsibility to ensure that there is a sufficient food supply for winter.

Naturalist (3)

The pack’s Naturalist has an extreme appreciation for the world around them. It could be deep knowledge of the biology of the natural world, the inner workings of plants, mammals, reptiles, or a passion for other animals and the circle of life. All Naturalists may choose a specialty, a particular species or family of animals, if their knowledge and interest is specific.

Legatus (2)

Relationships between packs are extremely important and sensitive, and something that Crimson Dreams finds extremely vital to its continued tranquility. The Legatus is responsible for keeping the relations between Crimson Dreams and all it’s neighbors alive and peaceful. They must be knowledgeable in the workings of their pack, and up to date with the happenings of other packs. They should be well spoken, respectful, and approachable.