Lenape River [created by Alli]

The thin river snakes its twists and turns through the southern portion of the territory. The quickly moving water digs deep into the earth, but is hidden well by the surrounding forest and its shores are nothing just steep banks. One must be mindful not to run out of the wood and right off the bank.

Highrocks [created by Alli]

Towering 200 feet over the river, the cliffs of Highrocks display the southern landscape of Crimson Dreams. If the powerful winds aren’t whipping across the rocks, the limestone and shale boulders create a wide and comfortable lookout.

Haven Manor [created originally by Amber]

Haven Manor is a large and towering structure made of bricks and cement that sits in the far eastern part of the territory. There are different sections of the mansion, including the foyer, front porch, kitchen, living room, and a large amount of upstairs bedrooms. There is also a secret passage that runs beneath it, but few know about this dark, dusty underground tunnel.

Cottontail Valley [created by Alli]

Tucked in the forest behind the Crimson Dreams Mansion is the spacious but intimate Cottontail Valley. The narrow valley is littered with green grasses and wildflowers, a pleasant retreat for any beast. Prey frequent the nutritious grazing, and is cut down the middle by an old stonewall.

McNamara's Landing [created by James]

In the Northwestern portion of the territory lays an old, rust-covered military cargo jet. The jet appears to have crashed; the front portion of it is crushed like an accordion, and there are large gashes in the metal of its sides. The jet carried many different kinds of supplies, and some boxes are scattered around it.

Skip Caves [created by James]

The Skip Cave system lies to the Southwest of Haven Manor. There are a few smaller caves on the outside, but most of the caves are connected; those could be used for hiding in or as protection from the rain.

Silver Showers [created by James]

Silver Showers is the name of a series of small waterfalls that spring from the Lenape River. The riv runs up for a short time along the Highrocks before tumbling down over a couple of drops of about ten feet each.

Riunione Beach [created by Erin]

Where Crimson Dreams reaches to the Atlantic is where one will find Riunione Beach. Though much of the coastline in the Trenches is steep and craggy rocks, there is a natural path leading down to a secluded, beautiful, and peaceful sand beach. It is a perfect place to play in the surf or even have a nice little picnic. If one is a fan of spending a quiet day on the beach observing the ocean, there is no better place than Riunione Beach.

Koender Windmill [created by Alli]

South of Haven Manor and west of Rabbit lake sits a quiet and gentle giant. Settled in a forgotten field whose grain was taken over by more native flora stands an ancient windmill. Constructed from river stones, it sits on a wide circular base. It was once the center of the Koender farmstead. Hollowed by time and decay, the inside holds only remnants of the inner workings that made the mill function. Only three out of the original four sails remain, though their shutters have been stripped from years of wind and weather. Though it looks docile the Koender Windmill still holds a few mysteries, its pieces rickety and old… How long it will stand is any beast’s guess.

Cinlia Hollow [created by Sarah-Joe]

A large, beautiful forest of trees has grown over the remains of a military base. Some buildings are here and there but many have been overcome and hidden in the thick forest. The underground tunnels are still in great condition and spread throughout the forest like the small creaks and streams from the falls.

Tallermein's Cottage [created by Alli]

To replace the old, dilapidated barn that had been fondly known as Old Red, a small house and fence were created. Gated, the area encompasses all that Old Red’s walls once own, and then some. The wooden rung fence, constructed from old barn doors and walls of the Old Red, protect those that call Tallermein’s Cottage home. The house of sorts looks much like a small barn, but it’s construction is completely made of old recycled wood, and if looked at from a certain angle the building owns a slight tilt to its foundation. Weather worn and a dulled red color the cottage’s purpose was the breeding and harvesting of fowl. But its residents are not the normal folk that call the Dreaming lands home, or the feathered creatures that the pack had intended it for. They own bitty hooves, small horns and a throaty ornery call. Goats, wanders and wild from the years without reinforced domestication found their way into the small paddock and now call it home. Now it’s not uncommon to find one or two of these sure-hoofed creatures traipsing on the cottage’s subtle slopping roof, staring out into the beautiful landscape of Crimson Dreams.

Apple Blossom Orchard [created by Zero]

The sweet smell of apple blossoms lingers about this thirty acre orchard in early spring. Throughout the summer and autumn months, falling apples attract all sorts of large grazers, including deer, elk, and moose. The apples have grown wild for years and most are no longer the rich, sugary, plump fruits humans might have enjoyed--instead they are smaller, more bitter, and reminiscent of the apples traditionally used to brew cider.

Firefly Marsh [created by Noelle]

South of Rabbit Lake lies its thinner body of water, the vegetation getting thiker it the farther down one travels. Long shoots of marsh grass, from cattails to fanwort, envelop a good portion of the lake's surface. Some places are thicker than others, making one able to practically walk upon the water and over to the other side. This soft-stemmed vegetation is often used by wolves as a natural net to catch stray fish that wander there. Though the underwater growth here is thick, the water is remarkaby clean. The roots of the trees that border this marsh are thick; they rise, fall, and twist to make for small archways and hidden little places. In early spring, bordering the lake are marsh marigolds, beautiful butter-yellow flowers that add to the peaceful scenery.

Surrounding the southern part of the lake is an open field, seemingly untouched by man or wolf. The grasses here are lush, and can reach up to three or four feet in some places, complimented by small rolling hills. Fog will roll in occasionally in the early mornings, making the fields look like they are dotted with small patches of clouds close to the earth. A myriad of wild flowers dot the plains, mirroring the very colors of the sky: Blue irises and white bindweeds are entwined together here, only a few of the wildflowers that decorate this field. This field makes for an ideal spot to look up into the heavens and daydream.

What gives this place its name, however, is when nighttime bathes this portion of land. While the only sound is of the crickets chirping serenely among the fields, the stars themselves seem to rise up from the earth and litter the place in a soft, golden glow. These floating stars are the plentiful fireflies in the area, their light bathing every part of this land, making the place visible even on the darkest of nights. Colors seem to come alive at night in Firefly Marsh, as the glowing bugs move and illuminate the colors of the world. Soft pinks, greens, yellows, and blues play off the lake's surface and illuminate the fungi-lined trees, make this place a beautiful spot by day and by night.

Piccolo Village [created by Melissa]

At the south-eastern boarder of Crimson Dreams lays a small village where humans with basic needs lived. There is very little signs of technology however, there is a large library full of old books in the town square. The houses, made out of a off white stone, are all unique in shape and size, though the roofs are almost all a dull blue or red. Many of the houses are covered in vines with beautiful flowers blossoming and the hilly surroundings and many wild flowers make for beautiful green scenery. This is a simpler alternative for Luperci wanting to have a more private and personal living space.