Joining Crimson Dreams may be done either ICly or OOCly.

Ranks & Co-Ranks

Please see the Ranks or Co-Ranks pages respectively for our descriptions and policies.

Borders & Greeting Newcomers

Wolves ranked Veles and above may greet newcomers at the borders. However, please keep in mind that we want to get new members accepted as quickly as possible, so if you are unable to consistently reply quickly to joiner threads, please do not reply to them. If someone has already replied to a joiner, refrain from having your character hop in too unless previously plotted; having too many participants can be confusing for new players. Wolves in the Cursus Honorum ranks are the only members who can accept newcomers into the pack.

Inter-Pack Drama

Since Crimson Dreams is a peaceful pack, we want to keep our relations with all the other packs amiable. If a plot of yours has the potential to cause drama between Crimson Dreams and another pack, contact the leadership to discuss it! We do not want to hinder your creativity, but we also do not want to get dragged into an unwanted conflict with another pack.

Pack Activity Threads

If a pack activity thread is required, it will say "mandatory" in the title or inside of the OOC section of the first post in the thread and will also be announced via the pack Twitter. Failure to respond to a mandatory Pack Activity/Pack Meeting could result in demotion or expulsion from the pack.