Guest Visits

Guest admission to Anathema is subject to leadership discretion; please be realistic. If your character is not trusted by the Anathema leadership or has a bad history with the pack, then they are not considered a 'welcomed guest'.

Welcome Guests

  • Guests are welcomed in Anathema as long as they are always accompanied by a pack member and are not left alone to wander the lands.
  • Guests MAY NOT enter the pack lands unless they are accompanied by an adult pack member.
  • Guests can stay a total of 3 nights without notifying leadership as long as they ONLY visit once or twice per month. If your guest's stay will be longer than that, please check with a leader to be sure that you are adhering to realism in Anathema.
  • Guests seeking to visit the pack on a regular basis who wish to stay overnight OR in the pack for a longer period should seek permission from leadership.

Unwelcome Guests

  • Unwelcome guests are not welcome in Anathema AT ALL.
  • Anathema members, of any rank, are encouraged to chase off any unwelcome guests.
  • Members that are found helping or allowing unwelcome guests are subject to punishment.
    • Severity of punishment is based on the situation.